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What Does It Mean When A Guy Looks Into Your Eyes


When a guy looks into our eyes it might make us feel all types of ways! However, we might not be sure how to really feel if we don’t understand why he is gazing into our peepers. Good thing for you we have all the different kinds of eye contact and reasons he would be doing it right below! All you have to do is keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

he looks into my eyes when he talks to me

Different Levels Of Eye Contact

Level 1: A Simple Glance Without Meaning

This is not usually done purposely. It is definitely more accidental than anything. A stranger may do this without trying as they walk past you. Or a person that you know, but you don’t really speak with might glance at you when the two of you are in the same area together. This has no meaning behind it whatsoever and lasts less than a few seconds.

Level 2: A Glance With Meaning

Now, this is still only 30 seconds or under usually, but it is intentional. You will know it is this one if it lasts for more than 10 seconds altogether. Whether the person knows you or not does not matter.

Level 3: Gaze

A gaze is a look that last for a minute or more. Usually done when someone is talking with you or staring at you from afar.

Level 4: Strong Eye Contact/Stare

Done when having a conversation. The eye contact will stay strong throughout the whole thing. They will not look away from you.

Different Meanings Behind Eye Contact

He’s Nervous: We all get nervous at one time or another in our lives. But there could be many different reasons as to why we feel this way in the first place. We could be overly excited, we could be ashamed or we could be intimidated. There will be times when a guy stares into your eyes for a split second because he feels nervous around you. You may not think this to be possible, but there is a good chance he might feel sincerely intimidated by you. Whether it’s because you are intelligent or because he thinks you’re smokin’ hot depends on how he feels about you. So we can’t really give you an answer as to why he would be nervous around you. More than likely it’s for a good reason!

He Really Likes You: While he may get nervous around you because he likes you, there will be times where a guy looks into your eyes without getting nervous. He might just have enough confidence to push him through this conversation without being nervous. However, he still wants to maintain eye contact with you anyways. Why? To make a good impression of course! One thing about eye contact is that it is absolutely necessary to make impressions on people. Especially good impressions. You’re not going to get off on the right foot with someone when  you are constantly looking away from them, are you? Probably not. They are going to assume you are hiding something or being insincere. It will give the appearance of being the wrong kind of nervous. The sketchy kind. But when a guy really likes you he will do his best to always maintain strong eye contact with you. He might also really just think you have pretty eyes and have a hard time looking away from them! Who really knows?

He Simply Finds You Attractive: Like we said previously, he might really think that  you have the prettiest eyes he has ever seen. He may also try to keep eye contact to prevent himself from staring at other parts of your body, because he does not want to come off as perverted or rude. In other words: He might think you are really good looking! This is another reason why guys tend to make eye contact with women. This could is usually a gaze that lasts quite a bit of time.

He Has Something Important To Say: A lot of the time the reason that anyone makes eye contact and maintains it with someone else it is because they have something crucial to tell you. If this is the case, they may keep the eye contact fairly intense without looking away. The eye contact will end when their statement or question is done with. That is how you will know if this is why a guy is looking into your eyes.

Or He’s Just Trying To Have A Conversation: Sometimes people make eye contact simply because they are trying to have a discussion with someone else. There may be no other reason for it besides that. How can you tell if this is the case? Well, he will not make any other moves on you nor will he look nervous.


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