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What Does It Mean When A Guy Mimics You?


Back in kindergarten, guys had simple ways of letting you if they were interested; they just picked on you. Never mind that it does not make any sense, it is just what they did. Anyhow, as they grew up, they tried to be slightly more mature about their flirting techniques. Yes, I know that they are still a bit juvenile and try using cheesy pickup lines frequently, but there are some things they have gotten better at. Yeah, when I think of one, I’ll let you know.

Some guys have come farther than others, that’s for sure. With the others, it is really hard to know when they are flirting and when they aren’t because of their chosen methods. One of those methods, is mimicry. Yup, you read that right. When a guy mimics you, and that happens more than some people want to admit, it leaves you wondering if they are making fun of you, joking around, or being flirtatious.

Because there has to be some kind of method to their madness, I decided to get the methods straight from the source. That’s right, I did something crazy and asked guys, themselves, why they would mimic a girl. Even crazier, I listened to their answers. Oh wait, I always do that. It’s them that don’t listen. Sorry. Anyway, I even documented those answers to help other women everywhere decode the guys around them. Here were their answers:

1. He is making fun of you because he does not like you. This typically involves him rolling his eyes or flipping his hand around in odd movements behind your back and it is something you can normally pick up on anyway because he will have a terrible attitude when you are around and talk to you like you are the slime on his shoes. Do not expect anything from him but rudeness.

2. He could have a mental condition that makes him copy your movements. If you don’t know him well, this could definitely be true. Some people with disorders automatically mimic those around them. This doesn’t mean anything regarding you at all, just that you are there.

3. He is manipulating you into wanting him because it makes you think about him. You subconsciously pick up on mimicking behavior without realizing it most of the time and that causes you to become attracted to him. It is also known as mirroring. If you noticed though, he is pretty inexperienced at it.

4. He is letting you know that he is actively listening to you. If you lean in a little to tell him something quieter, he will copy that movement because he is actually hearing what you are saying and not just hearing the sounds of your voice while his mind wanders. This is rare and generally signifies a deeper relationship.

5. He is joking around with you because you are friends and joke regularly. You already know if that’s how y’all roll. Unless he makes any bigger, grander flirting movements, then he is just having fun and you should too. You’ll know if things change because his eye contact will start to linger.

6. He is flirting with you and trying to make you laugh because he likes you. Everyone flirts; that is just a fact of life. You should know by know what is flirting and what isn’t. If he seems a little bashful around you, smiles a whole lot, or tries to keep up conversations with you, then he is flirting.

7. He is copying your movements because he really likes you and it is natural. People copy those around them that they like without realizing they are doing it. It’s well-known that you can discover a psychopath by having someone they like yawn in front of them; if they don’t yawn too, they are a psychopath. The same goes with crushes. If he doesn’t copy you, then he doesn’t like you.

Now that you have got some baseline possibilities to work with, you should be able to figure out why he’s mimicking you pretty easily if you just stop and think about it for a little bit. The important thing is to know where you stand on the possibilities that could lead to. If you’re liking the idea, the flirt back, if you are not, then let him know it so he doesn’t make things awkward between the two of you.

If you are unsure, then just enjoy the moment. They don’t come around as often as you would like because life can get you down sometimes. In my opinion, a guy that knows how to make you laugh is a keeper because you can never laugh too much! Unless it is at inappropriate times, then it is too much. Either way, just enjoy life, girl!


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