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What Does It Mean When A Guy Pats You On The Head?


Guys do so many weird things that it can be hard to keep track of all of the ones that we don’t understand. However, it’s important to keep our patience with them, because honestly we, as women, are probably just as (if not more) confusing! So just keep it cool why we dig deep down into some of these actions with you. Like when a guy pats you on the head. It leaves you with a full on feeling of confusion as he does it. Why would he make this gesture? It almost makes you feel as if you are a dog or something, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry, because no matter how many times he pats you on the head, he is not treating you like a dog at all! So put that worry out of your head for good.

Actually put all of the worries concerning this out of your head and throw them straight in the trash! A guy patting you on the head, fortunately, doesn’t usually have any negative meaning behind it. In fact it is totally harmless and can even be taken most times as a compliment. But to really figure out why he is doing it, it’s important to understand the context that it is done in. What were the two of you doing when he did it? What did the atmosphere feel like? These are important things to consider before jumping to any conclusions at all. However, once you go over those then you can take a look at the few reasons a guy might pat you on your head!

he patted me on the head

He’s Very Fond Of You:

 Most of the time when a guy goes to pat you on the head, it is because he had an overwhelming urge to do so. Why would he feel that way? Well, at that time he was feeling especially found of you. He just wanted to initiate some physical contact with you to show you that he likes you. Most likely as just a friend, because this is a very platonic gesture to be made. There is probably very little chance that when a guy is patting you on the head that he has romantic feelings for you. This is a very friendly motion usually done by people who are, and always will be, just friends. This could also be done because he is trying to show you friendly support and this is the only way he could think of doing so.

He’s Proud Of Something You’ve Done:

 Like we said he might be going out of his way to show you support when he is patting you on your head. However, it could not only be that he is trying to show you the utmost support, but he is also trying to show you that he is extremely proud of you. This could be because you have accomplished a very difficult task. He could also be doing it because he is proud of you for doing something scary. You could have faced your biggest fears and that is why he decided to make this gesture towards you! He might also just be doing this to give you moral support through an event, a project or your career. The possibilities are endless as to why he might be proud of you!

guy patting a girl's head

He’s In A Good Mood:

 Sometimes when we, as humans, are in a good mood we want to express it by showing intimacy to another human. This means that he might have patted you on your head because he was simply in a good mood at the time and he wanted to share it with another person. That other person just so happened to be you in the heat of the moment.

He’s Teasing You- Then there are the times that a guy might go ahead and pat you on your head because he is trying to tease you in one way or another. Some guys do this as a way of flirting with you, but most likely this will be done in a more platonic manner. However, it could be flirting if you have seen other signs of him liking you. But mostly he might just be trying to rile you up by patting you on the head. He might think that it will make you a little irritated. This might be funny to him! He might think that a little teasing can go a long way between two friends.

He’s Showing You Off:

You might be a really good friend to him and it might be your first time going out to be around his friends. When he goes to introduce you to his friends he might also pat you on the head at the exact same time. This would be the case that he is doing this gesture because he is showing you off to the people that you are around! It just means he is trying to tell everyone who you are and that he is super proud to have you with him.


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