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What Does It Mean When A Guy Picks You Up While Hugging?


Guys do a lot of weird things that leave us scratching our heads and going, “Huh?”

Especially when we are not sure where we stand with them. Are we friends? Are we more than that? What on Earth is going on between the two of us? Surely, you know exactly how confusing that can be. Even more so when he is doing things that borders on romantic, but seems friendly all at the same time.

guy hugged me and picked me up

Then again most of us aren’t really sure where the line is drawn that separates those two. We definitely find ourselves questioning their motives when they do this type of stuff to us.

‘What did it mean when he winked at me last night?

Did he hold my hand because he was scared or because he likes me?

What could it mean now that he has picked me up while hugging me?

All good questions, because these things could be heat of the moment friendly things, but they could also signify so much more! Obviously you are here reading this right now because you want to know what it means when a guy picks you up while the two of you are hugging one another.

Don’t feel silly for asking, because it can be difficult to tell what is going on when someone does that.

But what is important is to think carefully about when and how. These are the two things that are going to lead you to the whole why of the situation that will bring total clarity to his actions.

We hate to break this to you, but there could actually be a few different reasons why a guy picks you up off of the ground while the two of you are hugging.

Frustrating, right? Wrong. It is actually really, very easy to distinguish which one it would be. All you have to do is, as we said previously, think of when and how! What was going on when he did this to you? What were you doing prior? What was he doing as well?

Where were you? What was going on around both of you?

These are important questions to ask when you are trying to get to the bottom of the meaning of this type of hug.

The Situation

What is going on at the time of this kind of hug is of the utmost importance to think about. It is what is going to tell you why he is doing what he is doing.

Here are some different situations that he might give you this kind of hug in and what it means if he does.

You were in danger/unsafe: Although this is not an everyday situation, it definitely does happen. You may have been in an unsafe place. This often happens when someone goes to war or has been kidnapped. Yes, we know they are extreme, but things like this happen on a daily basis. So if you were in an extreme, unsafe or dangerous situation like this and you are finally reunited with him, he might lift you up and twirl you around to express how grateful he is that you are safe. You may also have just been on a long journey that presented risks and he might do this as well. Does it mean he has romantic feelings for you? Not necessarily.

The answer to that all depends on the relationship that the two of you already share. Are you very close with each other? If so, he might just be hugging you to show that he cares.

However, if you have shared some romantic moments in the past it could mean he is harboring some deeper feelings for you.

You were gone for a long time: When you haven’t seen someone that you care about in a long period of time you might get a little crazy when you see them again. Were you on a trip for an extended length of time and just returned? Was he there to greet you when you came back and gave you one of these types of hugs? He might have romantic intentions if that is the case. Why would we say that? Because friends tend to give each other long hugs, but they don’t tend to lift each other off the ground after returning from a trip. If he does hug you like this it means that he missed you in a great way. Greater than a normal friend would. Also consider how long the hug went on for. Was it over a minute? He might be excited to be having physical contact with you once again. This is definitely more romantic than not.

He works out a lot: Yes, some guys will do this type of hug just because they simply want to show off how muscular they are. How can you tell this is the reason that he is doing it? Well, he will give you this hug out of nowhere for no specific reason. It will be a short hug and there will be no twirling involved. He might laugh and set you down immediately. You may also see him flex or mention something about how he has been working out lately. Does this mean he is romantic towards you? Not at all. He is just trying to show off.

You won something: And lastly, a guy might give you this type of hug because you have been successful in something. You might have made a deadline or won a prize. You could have even won a fight of some sort. This then would be a victory hug. He might twirl you around. This doesn’t always mean he likes you as more than a friend. It could mean he is just super happy for you and is being a supportive friend. Again, to answer that you will have to evaluate your bond.


  1. So I have a crush on a guy and we are friends so we see each other a lot. One time I entered a room he was in and the second I got my bag and stuff out of my hands he was already running at me and hugged me really tight (I literally couldn’t breathe). And it lasted a while. Then he picks me up and twirls me twice before setting me down lightly on the ground. After it he was just like hey awkwardly while scratching the back of his neck while looking down. I had seen him the day before. What does this mean?

  2. One of my guy friends I seen a day before I asked if they wanted a hug and he usually is just a normal hug no tight hug or anything. But when he did it this time he picked me up and spun me around. What does it mean?

    • He might have just been really happy to see you, or he may have had an exceptionally awesome day today. Since he normally sees you and hugs you, I wouldn’t assume he suddenly woke up with a crush on you this morning, although it is certainly possible that he likes you. The more important question is how you feel about him. Do you like him or want to be more than just friends?

  3. My close guy friend had poked me in the sides teasingly and walked away, I ran after him and held his arm back when he asked me what, I asked for a hug bc I didn’t know what else to say. He picked me up and my friend said he smiled big, not sure if this is friendly or more

    • Your interaction with your friend seems to be an indication that the two of you share a strong social and emotional relationship. His behaviors may be signs that he is interested in nourishing a relationship with you. Make a decision about what you want for your future. Nourish this relationship by spending additional time with him in person. Have a great day, Alice!


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