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What Does It Mean When A Guy Quickly Looks Away?


There is nothing more awkward than accidentally making eye contact with a guy just for him to quickly dart his eyes away. Does that mean that he was previously looking at you, or that it was an accident? Was he thinking you’re gross and didn’t want to make eye contact, or was he embarrassed for checking you out? There’s really no way of knowing, right?

Since minefield of possibilities can get pretty dangerous fairly quickly to you, I felt like it was important to figure out, once and for all, exactly what guys are thinking when they look away quickly after making eye contact. Unsurprisingly, the answers were just as numerous as the questions. Here are the replies that I got from all of my guy contacts:

1. Your eyes just happened to meet at the same time and that made him feel weird just like it would for anyone. He just looked away to let you know that it was an accident and that he wasn’t starring your way. Being fairly shy myself, I am always the first to look away so I can attest to this one!

2. He was noticing your bright or odd clothes and wasn’t actually looking at you, but when you looked at him, he politely looked away to tell you he wasn’t interested. If you are walking around in a Big Bird suit, then he was just noticing it. The same goes for if you were wearing some oddly-designed cutout dress. Everyone notices eye-catching clothes, so you can’t fault him for looking at it.

3. He was thinking that he knows you from somewhere and trying to place you, but when you looked at him, he realized he didn’t. This happens to all of us occasionally. We run into a person that looks just like someone we know and we can’t help but take in the similarities. He wasn’t checking you out, just trying to figure out if you were her or even related to her.

4. He was checking out your body and felt uncomfortable when you caught him, so he looked away. This doesn’t have to be a sexual thing, just that he thought you were attractive, or that you looked classy and was looking at you observationally. His appeasing eye is a compliment as it means that you are eye-catching. It’s the ones that continue staring after you catch them that are thinking sexually. You’ll know that because it will give you creepy shivers.

5. He knows that his looking at you makes you feel uncomfortable, so he turned his eyes away. He is being respectful even if he was just ogling you from across the room. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this guy as he could have just kept staring rudely after you caught him. If he’s considering other people’s feelings, then he’s a good guy.

6. He likes you and was looking at you in an adoring way, but doesn’t know how to approach you about it, so he looked away. He is typically a shy guy and someone that you already know, or have associated with. If you’re in the same classes, then he could be admiring you from afar without having built up the courage to say anything yet. His darting eyes are generally accompanied by an embarrassed look or blushing cheeks.

7. He was staring while in his “nothing box” and didn’t even realize he was looking at you until you looked his way and broke him out of his thoughts. Unlike females, guy can actually be staring at a person and thinking absolutely nothing. Women can’t do that because their brain is always functioning and connecting dots, but men have an area of the brain that is quiet and they retreat there frequently. It’s like when you ask your boyfriend what he was thinking about and he says “nothing.” He actually means nothing unlike us who just don’t want to talk about it or don’t find it worth talking about.

The next time you make eye contact with a guy and he quickly darts his eyes away, you’ll have a better idea of what is going on inside his head. It always about the aftermath of the eye contact. Did he blush, smile, or turn away? Did you catch him doing it again a few minutes later? Girls typically start wondering if they sat in something, or if their hair is messy, but stop. His looking at you does not mean something is wrong with you, but just the opposite. He was noticing something good about you so feel more confident.

Always remember that you don’t have to put up with any behavior that makes you feel creeped out. If a guy keeps staring at you and isn’t polite about it, say something, or have someone else say something for you. Your intuition is normally spot-on if you’ll just listen to it.


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