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What Does It Mean When a Guy Reads Your Message, But Doesn’t Respond?


This is by far one of the most annoying things. You have a guy that you like, and you want to get to know him better. After debating it for a while, you send him a message to see how he is doing. Instead of texting back, he does nothing. Since the site shows when someone reads the message, you know that he has actually seen it. What does it mean when a guy reads your message, but doesn’t respond?

There are different answers depending on the situation. For example, if this is your first message ever and he didn’t respond, it might be because he is not interested. If he normally responds and you normally talk to each other, then he might just be busy. If you recently got into an argument, then he might not be responding because he is angry at you.

when someone doesn't reply to your text

In general, someone who genuinely cares about someone else will not ignore them. At the same time, there are many common reasons why a single message might get lost in the shuffle. While you always respond to messages, this is not true for everyone. For example, I forget to respond all the time. I genuinely care about my family and friends, but I am terrible at paying attention to messages. Normally, Facebook is running in the background while I do something else. I might check the message quickly, but I will return to the article that I am reading before I respond. In a depressing number of cases, I’ll forget to respond entirely.

Is He a Friend Or Crush?

If he is a friend, then he might have just forgotten to respond. This is especially true if you normally message back and forth during the day. Between the moment he got the message and the moment he intended to respond, something distracted him. If this is the case, just wait a couple of days before you send another message.

If this is your crush, it might be a different story. Unless you normally talk back and forth, this is the one message you sent to see if you could get him talking with you. If he sees the message and does not respond, he may be trying to hint that he is not interested. Of course, he could have gotten distracted, so don’t lose hope just yet. At the same time, it is entirely possible that he is not sure how to respond because he realizes you like him and does not feel the same way.

If the guy is someone you have slept with (but not officially dated), he might not be interested in having a relationship or ongoing conversation. If no other options pop up, he will probably get back in touch with you when he wants another night together.

If you are actually dating the guy, then he might just be busy. Guys might be a little oblivious at times, but they are not stupid. He knows that he should respond to his girlfriend, but he probably just forgot. Ask any happily married woman—even the best husbands easily forget the important things that they are supposed to do each day. Unless you recently had an argument or have a reason to think that he is upset with you, responding to the message just slipped his mind.

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He Doesn’t Know What to Say

Your message’s content may also clue you in to why there was no respond. There is a decent chance that your friend or crush just does not know what to say. Since he can’t figure out a response, he chose not to answer. If you ask a different, easier question, then he might actually respond.

He Hates Texting

While it seems like everything is online these days, there are a number of people who are still committed to talking in person. Something is lost when you switch your conversations to an online format. If he is generally not a big texter, then the lack of response might not be a problem at all. Try talking to him in person instead, and you may get a better response.

His Friend, Ex or Sibling Hijacked His Account

Everyone knows that you should not stay logged into your accounts, but it is very easy to forget. His friend or sibling could be checking out all the messages on his account. If he has a girlfriend or an ex-girlfriend, she may even have the password to his accounts. Just because it is his name and face on the profile does not mean that he is the one actually using it.

Your best bet is to wait a couple of days and see what happens. If he is interested in you, he will get in touch with you again and most likely apologize for not responding. If he does not respond, you can always send a message in a couple days because he may have just forgotten. If he still isn’t responding, then he might not be interested after all.