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What Does It Mean When A Guy Rubs His Chin?


There seriously needs to be a how-to manual on understanding guys. A lot of miscommunication happens because girls assume they are thinking or meaning more than they actually are. If we have a nice translation service on our phones, like Alexa or Siri, then we wouldn’t always feel so lost when it comes to men and their first language, which is craziness.

When you are talking to a guy, it seems nearly impossible to figure out what is going on in his head. There are certain movements and cues that we understand, like smiling and leaning in, but what about more subtle clues? For instance, when a guy reaches up and rubs his chin while you are talking, does that mean anything, or just that he was itchy?

Could it be a signal that he is uncomfortable, or pruning? It turns out, that it is actually fairly simple once you know a little bit about body language.

When a guy touches his chin, or face frequently while you are chatting, it means that he is pruning himself. Why? I’ve asked a few guys, and researched behavioral body language, and this is what I have found for you to help you translate him next time:

1. His chin literally itched

If this is the case, he will scratch it and go on about his business without smiling extra, or attempting to continue the conversation past it’s original topic. He might even look away frequently, or seem to only be half involved in the conversation.

2. He is attracted to you and is wanting to make sure there is nothing on his face

This typically means that he just met you and is trying to make sure he is presentable because he is interested in talking to you for a little bit. This could be totally causal, romantic, or work-related. Nobody wants to carry on a conversation with someone while there is something on their face.

3. He thinks you are attractive and is wanting you to notice that he is too

Touching his face draws your attention to it which he is hoping will pull you in. This is normally a guy you have never talked to before who is interested in your looks. He doesn’t know anything else about you and is looking for a good time with no future goals.

4. He likes you and is touching his face because it is more sensitive

A person’s skin becomes more sensitive when they are around someone they like so his touch feels good on his face. If you have known each other for a little while, and he is touching his face frequently, then he likes you. He may be a little too shy to make a move, or waiting to figure out if you are interested, but he definitely is.

5. He is falling for you big time and is constantly touching his face, taking sips of his drink, or licking his lips

He is also smiling a lot, being cheerful around you, and maintaining eye contact when you talk. This guy is hoping you will pick up all of his signs and fall for him too. If he hasn’t asked you out yet, he most likely will as soon as you give him a clue that you are interested in dating.

The next time you find yourself talking to a guy who is constantly touching his face you will know that he is hooked. Despite his cool, calm, and collected demeanor, he just wants you to notice him. If you are interested, let him know because he is definitely interested in you. If you aren’t let him know that too so he doesn’t waste his time, or yours pining after you.

If he only touches his face once, and doesn’t keep focused on you, the he is not interested and it was just coincidence. If he maintains eye contact and touches his face a couple of times after just having met you, then he finds you attractive, but doesn’t actually know you. If you are thinking he is attractive too, smile and flirt a little to see where it goes.

Remember that you don’t have to talk to him if you aren’t interested and can dismiss him quickly without feeling bad. There is no need in wasting anyone’s time. You don’t have to be rude, just say something like “I’m not looking for a relationship right now, thanks.” He will get that and move on. Most guys are actually decent and just trying to find someone to spend their time with.

Besides, you didn’t ask him to be attracted to you, did you? So, you do not owe him anything. Be yourself and have fun; everything else will fall into place after that.


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