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What Does It Mean When A Guy Ruffles Your Hair?


Whether or not you like it when you get your hair ruffled, you might still be sitting there questioning why a guy would do such a thing to you! What are all of the reasons he might make this gesture towards you? Does it mean he likes you? Or is he just being friendly? It really could go either way. Especially if you are not well versed in guys and you haven’t started reading their minds. Which is highly unlikely unless you have superpowers. If that’s the case, then we are totally jealous, because we know how difficult and confusing men can be! But since we know that isn’t possible we can help you figure out why a guy does these silly things. Go ahead and find out all the different reasons as to what it means when a guy ruffles your hair below!

man ruffles your hair

He is Excited About Something

One thing about guys is they do a lot of weird crap when they are excited. They bang on their chest like gorillas or chest bump other dudes. Sometimes they even get you involved with their excitement. They might pick you up and twirl you around when they are feeling ecstatic. Or they might do something as miniscule as ruffle the hair on your pretty little head. Why? Because they just need to do something, anything to express the way that they feel. When will you know that this is the reasoning behind the gesture? Well, simple, something exciting will have happened. Maybe his favorite sports team just scored a goal or maybe he was winning at a game! You will know that he is celebrating something because something worth celebrating will have happened before he made the motion.

He Is Happy For You

Or he could be ruffling your hair because he is celebrating something on your behalf, not his. This is a common reason for a guy to make this type of move on you. Does it mean that he likes you as more than just a friend? Not necessarily. However, he is probably teetering between platonic and romantic because strictly platonic would warrant something much more innocent. Such as a pat on the back. Touching someone’s hair is a little more personal than that. Especially if the two of you do not know each other that well at this point. However, if you  have been friends for a very long time then it might just be that he is close enough to you to feel comfortable to ruffle your hair.

he ruffled my hair

He Likes You As More Than A Friend

Then again he might really like you. But how will you know the difference? When does the line get crossed here? You have to pay attention to other things going on with the two you to understand whether or not it is as innocent of a gesture as it seems. Does he make any other efforts to flirt with you? Pay attention closely to his body language before and after he does this to you! It’s very important, because his body language is going to be what gives away how he is feeling towards you. Has he made any other moves towards you? Because if so then this is definitely a more flirty movement. Guys don’t tend to touch a girls hair unless they feel very comfortable with the girl.

He Is Showing You Off

Was he introducing you to friends or family when he went and ruffled the hair on your head? That might mean he was simply doing it to highlight who you were and that you were the one that he was introducing. This is definitely nothing of the romantic sort. He might also just pat you on your head to do this. Ruffling your hair is just another way of letting people know that you are with them.

He Just Wants To Touch You

Were the two of you alone when he ruffled your hair? Were you already sitting pretty close to each other? Was there anything romantic going on? These are important factors to consider when trying to get to the bottom of all of this.  He might have just done it because he likes you and was looking for a reason to touch you. Touching your hair is less drastic than touching other areas on your body. He might be testing his boundaries with you. Seeing if you are comfortable with him like he is with you at this point. He most likely doesn’t want to dive right into a kiss or handholding. It might scare you away and make you nervous. Especially if he isn’t sure whether or not you like him back.

He Is Teasing You

The last reason that he might ruffle your hair unexpectedly is because he is trying to tease you. He might know that ruffling your hair actually ruffles your feathers a little bit. And we all know when a guy likes a girl he loves to ruffle her feathers. He might think that seeing you annoyed is cute!


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