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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Appreciates You?


Guys say a lot of things to us. Sometimes they are are great things, other times they are supremely negative and once in awhile we aren’t quite sure which way the statements roll. Are they good or are they bad? We might think he means one thing, but we come to find out eventually that he meant something totally and completely different!

Take for example when a guy says something like, “I appreciate you.”

what does it mean if a guy says he really appreciates you

What could that possibly mean? We might look at it positively because appreciation is nothing but positive. However, if we are looking to be more than just friends with this guy or have a feeling it is heading in that direction, we might get confused because in that case it could be a little more negative. Because you want more than just appreciation. You want the whole cake from him… Not just a single piece, right?! Right.

But wipe that sweat from your brow, because girl we are about to tell you everything he could possibly mean when he tells you that he appreciates you. There is no longer a need to be worried. Just relax and trust us!

What He Means By, “I Appreciate You.”

You Did Something Special: The number one reason that people tend to appreciate others is because they did something extremely special to earn that appreciation. What do we mean by special? You could have went out of your way to do an errand for him that he could not complete himself. You could have talked to a person for him about something important. You could have helped him finish a work or school project when time was running out. All we mean is that you did something that most people would not do for him last minute. And that could be what led him to tell you that he truly appreciates you. It means he appreciates the effort you put in just for him.

You Got Him A Gift: The second most common reason that a guy would say he appreciates you is if you got him a present of some sort. Maybe it was something he was really looking forward to getting and you saved him the trouble by getting it for him. Even if it was on a special occasion, such as his birthday, he still might be appreciative because not everyone else put as much thought into their gifts as you did. You could have gotten him something that he really needed, too. Either way this is a very common reason why someone would say they appreciate you. As in they appreciate the gift that you have given them.

does i appreciate you mean i love you

You Were There For Him: What else could he mean when he says he appreciates you? It could mean that you were there for him in a time of need. He might have been feeling really bummed, depressed or angry about something in his life. You might have been there to talk with him and hang out with him through these tough times when no one else was. You could have been there to give him a hug when he needed one. Being there for someone always guarantees a slight appreciation from their end.

He’s Falling For You: Less commonly he might tell you that he appreciates you because he is developing feelings for you. Yes, you read that right. A simple statement like, “I appreciate you,” can actually mean he is head over heels for you. Why would he say something like that to express such a thing? Well, because he’s a bit of a chicken we reckon. He might be too scared to tell you how he really feels and so instead he says something endearing, but not too endearing. Appreciation is a form of love, but in this case it’s a deeper love. You just have to look out for others signs that he likes you to find out if this is what he means!

He Wants To Take Things To The Next Level: Or he could like you, but he wants to take things to the next level and once again he just doesn’t know how to say the right words. So he might tell you that he appreciates you over and over again hoping that someday you will get the hints that he has been dropping. He might say he appreciates you in hopes you realize he wants you to be take things up a notch.

He Doesn’t Want To Lose You: And the last reason that we can think of for why he would say he appreciates you is that he is scared of losing you. Maybe you have wanted to take things to the next level for a while, but he has not stepped up to the plate so far. So now you want to take a step back. He might sense that from you and it will make him desperate. Now he is going to tell you that he appreciates you because he wants you to know he doesn’t want you to disappear from his life. This one isn’t the most common meaning behind the statement, but it happens more often than not.


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