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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says That You’re “Off Limits”?


When a guy says that you are off limits it can mean a plethora of things. That is why it can be confusing to you when he says it! What could he possibly mean by it? What is his reasoning? Well, to help you figure it out we have compiled a list of eight different things he could mean by telling you that you are “off limits”.

Reasons He Said It:

He thinks the two of you would be a bad idea: When he says that you are “off limits” he might simply mean that the two of you being together would be a bad idea. We cannot tell you why he would think that. Maybe he thinks that your personalities would not match up or that you are not his type of person that he can see himself being with. Whatever, the reason, he just knows the two of you would never work out if you were to take a step towards being in a relationship with each other.

He is afraid of messing up his chance with you: There may be a chance that he is saying that you are “off limits” because he is not ready to try a relationship with you at this time. He might be concerned that if he were to try anything that he would blow it up right away. Some guys do not have a high enough sense of self esteem to try and go for a girl that they like. Even if they want to. If this is the case, he might just need some coaxing into it. Let him know that you are interested and that it is okay for him to be nervous. Let him know that he does have a chance and that all he has to do is give it a shot. Effort is everything!

He does not want you to be with other people: Occasionally when he is saying that you are “off limits” he might not actually be talking about you being off limits to him. Nope, instead he could mean that you are absolutely off limits to everyone around you. This is more so the case if the two of you already have some type of relationship with each other. He might tell you this before going to hang out with somebody else or if the two of you are at a party together.

He thinks you would be bad for him: Unfortunately, sometimes when he says this he could be saying that he thinks you are a bad idea for him. He might be worried that the two of you simply aren’t a match, because he does not like you in that way. Him saying that you are “off limits” might just be his way of trying to let you down gently. Instead of him telling you that he doesn’t like you like that he might just say you are off limits. This is his way of trying to protect your feelings. This is usually the case if you have asked him out and then he responded with the whole off limits thing!

He thinks he would be bad for you: Or, on the contrary, he might like you yet he thinks that he would be a bad idea for you. He might think that he is a bad influence or that he would corrupt you in some way or another. This is usually the other reason when he says you are “off limits” after you have asked him out. Or if he has asked you out, but then changed his mind suddenly.

He thinks that you are way out of his league: A very common reason that he might say you are “off limits” to him is because he thinks that you are totally out of his league. Otherwise known as: You are totally hot and he is totally not. He probably has the idea that girls in your league have always been off limits to him, because he strikes out with girls like you so often. He has just given up at even making an attempt and now considers girls like you off limits to him.

He thinks you are with someone else: Another very common thing that is meant by “you’re off limits” is “you are already taken”. So he must think or know that you are already hanging out with somebody else that isn’t him. He does not want to flirt with or date a girl that he thinks is already taken by someone else.

He thinks you are forbidden: Do you have a very overbearing family? Maybe a brother or father that can be quite intimidating? If so, he might be saying that you are “off limits” because your family or friends make it seem that way. Or maybe they have actually gone as far as telling him to stay away from you!


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