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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says To “Be Good”?


So a guy told you to “be good”? That might not be something that you are used to hearing on a daily basis. So it might throw you off a little bit when it is said to you. Especially if you feel like you are always being good. Now you might be wondering what he could have meant by it. Was he being rude? Does he think you are a bad person? What the heck does “be good” possibly mean? Especially when you felt like you were good before. Well, do not get too riled up about it. When a guy tells you to be good it could mean a few different things. It could be good or it could be bad. It’s all about how, when and where he said it to you. Not sure what we mean by that? Well take a look at these five following reasons a guy says to be good below to help you better understand!

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Reasons He Said It:

He Doesn’t Want You To See Anyone Else: A guy might tell you to “be good” for many different reasons, but one of the most common reasons that he might say this is because he does not want you to see anyone else. Besides him, of course. This is generally what he means if the two of you are unofficial. Or not exclusive at this point with one another. You may not have set boundaries with each other just yet and this has made him feel the need to tell you to be good. He does not want to share you with anyone else. He is hoping that by saying be good that you will not spend time with anyone else romantically. This is a fairly common reason that a guy will tell you something like this. Whether or not you want to remain exclusive with him because of it is totally up to you.

He Doesn’t Want You To Cheat On Him: Are the two of you already in a relationship with one another? Then there is a strong chance that he is telling you to “be good” because he does not want you to cheat on him. People can get insecure in relationships and they may feel threatened when their partner goes off on their own. So when you are leaving his place to go to a party or hang out with friends he might tell you to be good. This is his way of saying, “Please, be good and do not cheat on me.” Men are not the only ones who say this in this fashion. Women tend to do it as well. They might say it teasingly, but they mean it in a serious fashion. They are just trying to make the situation seem less controlling by using lighter terminology.

He Is Flirting With You: So maybe the two of you do not have any relationship at all. If so, he might be telling you to “be good” because he is trying to subtly flirt with you. He is essentially saying that you are (jokingly) a bad girl and that you will be good because he told you so. He is just trying to make you giggle or get you to smile. This is often a sentence that men use when trying to tease a woman. He thinks it is funny and lighthearted. It usually does not mean anything negative at all. He just wants to play banter with you and is hoping that you will respond with something back to him to keep the flirting going between the two of you.

He Wants You To Stay Out Of Trouble: It could also be said in a situation where you have actually done some bad things and when you leave he will tell you to “be good” in hopes that you will actually be good. He does not want you to get into anymore trouble than you might already be in. He is saying this because he cares about you and does not want to see you fail anymore. He is hoping that by telling you this you will start making better decisions. You will know this is what he means if he says it in a more serious manner after you have already made some bad decisions.

He Is Poking Fun At You: Or he could just be messing around. It might not have any other meaning behind it than that. He might be trying to get a rise out of you. How? By implying that you make bad decisions. However, if you do not make bad decisions you might be upset that he would insinuate so. This is exactly what he wants. He wants to rile you up and get you all flustered with him. He might think that this funny. Remember to not let him get to you! He might just be trying to be a bully if this is the meaning behind it.


    • If the two of you are flirting, then nearly any statement this person makes is an attempt to flirt with you. Decide what you feel is appropriate for your character and his desires. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings. Nourish this relationship by spending additional time with him in person. Have a great day, Tiffany!

  1. I told a guy I thought of him and hope he was having a good day. He said hope your staying out of trouble. What does that mean?

    • His statement seems flirtatious. It is possible that you make trouble, and he was joking with you. It is possible that he wanted to let you know that he is attracted to you. Determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings. Nourish this relationship by spending additional time with him in person. Have a great day, Leel!


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