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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says “You’re Absolutely Stunning”?


It is not everyday that you get compliments, is it? Unless you are some super beautiful magical being, that is. However, for most of us it is a pretty exciting day when someone comes up and gives us a compliment. It can change our whole attitude and turn a super bad day into a great one. That is why, sometimes, when a guy gives us a compliment it might make our heads spin. We will sit for hours trying to figure out what it means. Does it have a deeper meaning? What were his intentions? Was he being genuinely sincere when he said it?

he said i was stunning

It’s okay to ask yourself these things, because sometimes we totally get played by guys and they aren’t always sincere with what they say.

But when a guy calls you absolutely stunning it usually is a good thing! It is not often that a guy will say something as pure as this to you and not actually mean it. However, it can have a few different meanings. Most of them are good, so don’t worry your pretty little head too much! No, he’s not trying to swindle you by any means. He probably does actually think that you are stunning. But to give you a better peace of mind, go ahead and take a look at all the reasons he might have told you that you are absolutely stunning!

Reasons He Said It:

He Likes You: When a guy compliments you it can lead you to believe that he is developing feelings for you. And sometimes you would be totally right! Most of the time when a guy says that you are absolutely stunning it is because he is starting to like you as more than just a friend. There is no negative connotation behind this type of compliment. It is nothing but positivity to hear something as sweet and special as this! He could be trying to get on your good side, because he eventually wants to take things to the next level with you. You just have to look out for other signs that might let you know that he likes you and not just your appearance. It’s all about paying attention!

He Thinks You Are Beautiful: Or, on a sadder and definitely not as exciting note, he thinks that your physical appearance is absolutely stunning. He might just mean that he thinks that you are beautiful, gorgeous or hot. He might not actually like you as more than a friend, but he certainly does think that you are attractive. This is still a good thing if you ask us. However, it can be a little bit of a let down if you thought he meant it more about you entirely and not just your appearance.

He Is Trying To Brighten Your Mood: We all have days where we feel totally down. Especially as women we tend to get down and when we do, so does our self esteem. We might feel bloated or be breaking out. You could even be going through a hard time or suffering through a breakup. If any of these things applied to you, then there is a strong possibility that he is complimenting you in this manner to try to brighten your mood. Often times when a guy sees that we are down, he will go out of his way to try and raise our self esteem. He could just be trying to put a smile on your face, because he knows how low you have been feeling.

He Is Just Trying To Be Nice: Did you just meet him? He might just be complimenting you to make a good first impression on you. He might think that you are attractive and he wants to let you know. Flattering you is a good way for him to get his foot in the door with you and he may even be hoping to get your digits!

He Thinks You’re Special: He might be blown away by your exquisite beauty and he totally wants to let you know that! What better way than to let you know by saying something like, “You are absolutely stunning!” It’s the perfect way to let you know how he feels about you. He may think that you are truly the most beautiful girl he has seen in a long while. You can tell if he says it out of the blue and exclaims it loudly!

Well, we might not typically think that a simple compliment like this means much, it definitely can have a lot of meaning behind it. It is important to pay attention to the context that it was said in. You should also be paying attention to the tone that he has said it in. This will help you understand his true intentions. Body language is also another super crucial factor that will help you discover the true meaning of this kind of compliment.


  1. I have a crush on a guy….. Which he knows….. I actually made him meet with my family….. Until I asked him if he felt the same for me…. Then he said he cares so much about me buh no feelings for now….. I actually felt bad and i cried…… Before he futher explained about his poor financial status which includes his family to n he won’t like to inconvenience me with that….. Yesterday I uploaded a new photo on my whatsapp profile photo….. N he said I looked “absolutely stunning” I was very surprised because he has not said that before…. Do you think he is developing feelings for me

    • It sounds like he is letting his brain rule his heart. He does not want to have a girlfriend until he has the right financial situation and life. Judging by his comments on your photo, you would have a chance with him once he gets everything else in order. Until then, it sounds like he has decided to stay single and work on the rest of his life.


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