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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says You’re “Alright”?


Getting noticed by a guy can be very exciting, but what if the attention isn’t exactly what you expected? Like when a guy gives you a compliment, but you aren’t entirely sure if it is really a compliment or if has a negative meaning behind it. Unfortunately we can’t read minds. If only we could, right? We would be unstoppable! And we wouldn’t have to read these articles anymore to look for the answers we need. Luckily for us, that isn’t the case! So for now we will still be here trying our hardest to help you decipher what this means and what that means. Today we are going to help you decipher what it means when a guy says you are alright. Because unfortunately it can have several different meanings behind it. Take a peek to see what they are!

Reasons He Says You’re Alright

He Thinks You’re Mediocre: Sadly, one of the main reasons that a guy might say that you are alright is because he thinks you are mediocre. He doesn’t think you are anymore than just alright. Yes, this means that he doesn’t have any feelings for you. When he says it with this meaning it definitely means that you have been friendzoned. And you have probably been friendzoned for life. You will know this is what he means when he says it by listening to his tone. A guy’s tone can give away a lot of what he is feelings. Guys are not as good at hiding their emotions as girls are. So you will notice if he says in a flat or monotone tone that he means it in this way. He might also roll his eyes at you or walk away right away.

He Is Teasing You: He could be telling you that he thinks you’re alright to tease you. As in, “You just alright (or a’ight) shorty.” He will say it in a teasing way. You will be able to tell by listening, once again, to his tone. He will say it in a playful manner. In a way where he is saying you aren’t that cool, but in reality you are the coolest. That is what he means when he says it in the way! This is a common way of teasing when it comes to guys. They tend to do this all the time as a way of messing with you. But remember that it is all in good fun. They definitely do not mean to hurt your feelings at all.

He Likes You, But Doesn’t’ Want It To Show: So he might be telling you that he thinks that you are alright because he is trying to play down his emotions towards you. He might be nervous to take things to the next level just yet. He doesn’t want you to think that he likes you as anything more than a friend. So he is downplaying it and trying to play it cool by telling you that he thinks you are just alright. It’s hard to know when this is the meaning, because he might be very good at hiding what he is truly feeling. Not all guys are good at this, but some can be. You might notice that he gets a little nervous when he says it to you. Like he is lying.

you're alright definition

He Thinks What He Says: Or he could just mean that you are simply alright. There is no negativity behind it, but there isn’t much positivity either. It could be a very neutral way of him telling you thinks you are a cool person, but that is about it. He has no interest in being anything more than just a friend to you at this point. And he doesn’t consider you that good of a friend either. He just thinks you are plain alright and that’s that.

He’s Trying To Comfort You: Were you feeling down when he said it? Or were you crying hysterically? Did something bad happen? If so, he could be telling you that you are alright in a way where he is trying to comfort you. He might be saying it in a way that means, “You’re alright. Everything is okay. Just breathe.” This is usually the case if he is trying to make you feel better in a tough situation.

He Doesn’t Want You To Get The Wrong Idea: He might notice that you are developing feelings for him, but he doesn’t want to escalate it any further. He thinks that the two of you are better staying as just friends. He wants you to stay in your lane and slow down. So this is probably the case if you are crushin’ on his really hard, but he doesn’t seem to reciprocate those feelings towards you at all in anyway.


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