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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says You’re Amazing?


Getting called amazing definitely feels… Well, amazing, right? There is no doubt that it was one of the best things to hear from someone! It is one of the highest compliments that you can receive. But does it always mean what it is supposed to me? Does it just mean that you are amazing? Does it have some deeper meaning that you are not aware of? Is it a total lie? These are all questions that you might ask yourself when a guy says that you are amazing. Especially if it is a guy that is just your friend at this time.

when a guy says he likes you

We get that when a guy says this type of stuff it can send you some pretty mixed signals to you. It can get you absolutely confused and scrambling to find an answer to what it truly means.

That is probably how you ended up here, right!? You are just looking for answers at this point.

Well, we’ve got you covered. We have all of the reasons you could possibly think of to explain what it means when a guy says you are amazing. Take a look below and see what they are!

Reasons He Says You’re Amazing

He Knows You’re Sad: A lot of times when someone delivers a compliment like this it means that they are trying to rebuild your self esteem. Now why you would need someone to that we don’t know. Maybe you had a really crappy week, month or year and he knows it. That could be why is trying to cheer you up. He is doing his duty as a good friend. You may have been getting really down on yourself and he noticed. He might of thought that you could use some confidence raising and therefore he called you amazing. He is hoping this raises your spirits and makes you a little less down.

He Is Trying To Make A Good Impression: Did the two of you just recently meet? If so, it could be that he is calling you amazing because he wants to make a good impression on you. This means that you have already made a very good impression on him. You may not have known each other that long as this point, but he doesn’t want to waste any time getting on your good side. He might also be hoping that you say something endearing right back to him. He probably has a little crush on you and want to see where things go. So he is just going to keep trying to butter you up with flattery over time. Just wait and see.

he says i'm amazing

He Thinks You Are Really Attractive: Were the two of you being flirtatious with one another right before he said that you were amazing? Then it is very possible that he thinks you are smokin’ hot. When he says amazing he probably meant that you have an amazing body. He loves the way that you look! This is the case if the two of you were getting physically intimate with each other at any point. He might say other things like that you are pretty or beautiful. He might also mean it in a way where he thinks that your flirting skills are amazing. All around he is impressed with you!

He’s Trying For Brownie Points: Or maybe he recently pissed you off. He might have done something that hurt your feelings, but now he is trying to make amends by dropping compliments such as this on you. Were the two of you in a fight? Or did he do something to make you sad? If so, this might be why he is suddenly saying things like this to you. He knows that he messed up big time. He is probably struggling to figure out how to get back on your good side at this point! Telling you that you are amazing is definitely a good start, don’t you think? But it all depends on what he did to upset you in the first place.

He Likes You As More Than A Friend: There might be a chance that he is calling you amazing because he has started to harbor some heavy feelings for you. He suddenly realized that he really likes you. And as more than just a friend at this point. He wants you to know that he thinks you are amazing. Amazing to him. How can you tell if this is the reason? It is all about paying attention. Keep an eye out for other reasons that might give away his feelings. Like body language and time spent with one another.

He Is Letting You Down Easy: However, if he says something like, “I think you are amazing, but…” It could mean that he is trying to let you know that he isn’t interested in your romantically. This is probably the case if he adds a but on the end of the sentence and gives other reasons as to why he doesn’t think that the two of you will work out as more than friends.


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