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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says You’re “In Trouble”?


Uh oh. So he told you that you are in trouble. Yikes. That cannot be a good thing. Or can it? Unfortunately this could go either way. To figure out what he means it is best to consider the context that it was originally said in. It’s also crucial to pay attention to the tone that was used when it was said! These things are so vital. However, sometimes it can be hard to figure this kind of stuff out on your own. That is exactly why we are here to help though, isn’t it? The answer is yes. We have a few reasons to help you understand what it means when a guy says you’re “in trouble”. All you have to do is keep reading and you’ll soon know what they are!

The Reasons

He Is Teasing You: He might just be trying to flirt with you in a weird way. If this is the reason, he does not actually mean that you are in trouble. He just wants to tease you. You will know that this is the reason if he says it in a taunting tone. We are not sure why he would say that. Only you would know. He could be trying to let you know that he likes you and he likes to get under your skin by saying things like that. The tone of this will be light hearted and you will not feel threatened in anyway whatsoever.

He Is A Control Freak: Unfortunately, sometimes guys can be control freaks. Controlling guys exist and they tend to say things like, “You’re in trouble.” This usually comes after he finds out that you did something that he did not approve of. We suggest staying as far away from guys like this as possible. He is not your father. You should not be “in trouble” with him for any reason at all. You are both adults and neither of you can punish one another. Especially if he is saying this over silly things such as you not finishing a chore or forgetting to pick something up. These types of guys are the worst types of guys. You don’t need another father. Ditch him and find a good guy like the real princess you are.

He Thinks You Have Cheated On Him: He could be telling you that you are in trouble with him because he thinks you did something bad. Like he might assume that you have cheated on him and therefore he thinks that the relationship is now in jeopardy. Or it could be that you have already cheated on him in the past and he thinks that you have done it again. He might be tired of feeling like he can’t trust you. So now he is going to have the “talk” with you and he has initiated it by saying that you are in trouble. Although the tone of this one is a solemn one, it definitely should not feel threatening. You can find out what he means by simply asking him, “What for?” He should be man enough to give you answer before you see him face to face.

You Did Something That Could Get You In Trouble: You may have done something fairly dramatic that is… Simply put: Not good. You may have gotten into trouble with the law or forgotten to do something very important. He might not have meant that you are in trouble with him. But he might think that you have gotten yourself into some type of trouble. He might mean that the cops have shown up looking for you. Or your mom called and is pretty ticked off. He could even mean in a funny way, but also sincerely.

He Is Just Trying To Freak You Out: He might be trying to play mind games with you. Yes, this is a terrible thing to do, but there is a chance that this might be why he had said said it to you. He might believe that it is a good way to psych you out. Why he would want to do that to you? We don’t really know. He might just be kind of a jerk. This is usually a manipulation tactic and it is best to ditch the type of guy that thinks it is funny to mess with your head. Especially if you haven’t done anything wrong to warrant it. It’s not funny to freak your partner out. Or at least we don’t think so. Do you?


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