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What Does It Mean When A Guy Stares At You?


Have you ever wondered why a guy stares at a woman without, sometimes, blinking?! Yes it happens. Ever since we can remember, girls have been made completely uncomfortable by guys unabashedly staring at them. It does not matter what kind of moment you are in, if you are doing homework, walking through town, or sitting on the beach, men think they have the right to ogle at you.

Let me quickly state that a quick look never bothered anyone, but when they act as if you are odd, then it gets really annoying, really fast. They always make it look like they’re stripping all of your clothes off and then staring into your soul. It’s just creepy guys! If you’ve begun to wonder why it is that they stare and what to do about it, then here are some answers for you from men themselves.

1. They have literally frozen and simply cannot turn away. This happens when their system goes into overdrive and they are lost as to what to do next. It’s like that moment when you are handed your final exam and you write your name on the test and then freeze for a minute.

2. He thinks you are pretty or attractive and is considering whether or not you could be interested in him as well. His self-confidence will either show up here, or talk a stroll and he seems to have no control over it.

3. He sees holding your attention for a moment a victory that he can brag about to his friends later saying that the two of you had a moment.

4. They are literally absorbing the image to memory to recall later. Ewe! Seriously?! This is not something we want to think about, ladies! Moving on!

5. Not all of those reclaimed memories are used sexually, but can be for lighter thoughts like stealing a kiss, or imagining you as their girlfriend. Oh, thank goodness, because that was just creepy.

6. They are addicted to sexual attraction. No brainer there! News flash, this part never goes away no matter how old they are. Males are always more concerned with making themselves feel good then with how creeped out you feel.

7. Weirdly enough, they are hoping that you catch them staring and approach them like some weird mating ritual staring contest. What is really strange is that they think this will work.

8. Their brain tends to shut off which is why they say incredibly stupid things when they’re caught or spit out one-liners that have you rolling your eyes and wondering why God didn’t give them the sense he gave a rock.

9. If he stares at you often and looks away when you look at him, then he is probably crushing on you and would actually like to get to know you a little better. This is the time when you may want to approach him and joke about his stares to open up a conversation.

10. Nine times out of ten, they are checking you out and think you are hot stuff. This does not mean they want to be involved with you, but could just mean they want to enjoy the view for a little while. Yes, that makes you scenery. Hello decoration piece.

11. He is thinking that he wants to meet you but isn’t sure what to say yet. Again, his self-esteem is playing a huge role in the frozen moment. If you want him to approach, try giving him a little smile or longer look. If you don’t let your body language tell him not to try do that he doesn’t get too embarrassed.

12. They are hoping you’ll remember them if you see each other again. Guys think they will somehow imprint their faces into your mind like werewolves. Maybe they watched Twilight too many times.

13. He is fantasizing about a wide variety of possibilities that could literally be anything.

14. He is mentally turning over a million things to say if he approaches you in hoped that the one he picks will score him a conversation.

15. They don’t know what else to do past seeing you. You have stolen all of their thought and they really don’t know how to act.

16. The ones who stare in groups are doing so for self-confidence because they know they couldn’t talk to you.

17. They are also the ones to enjoy making you feel uncomfortable because they are mad at girls always turning them down. It’s retaliation that you had nothing to do with but take the brunt of.

18. If you stare back, he’ll assume you’re attracted to him so don’t, unless you are, of course.

19. They are hoping it will lessen the chance of rejection if you are prepared for their approach.

20. Being sexually aware makes them feel good which makes them stare more.

21. They know they could never get you to date them so they are soaking up the moment.

22. If you look back for more than half a second, it encourages them to continue starring.

23. It could be completely innocent, like he’s actually reading your shirt. Let’s face it though, the odds of that are minimal. Especially if your shirt is plain.

24. If he stares at you for more than fifteen or twenty minutes, he’s being a creep! Avoid him at all costs because he’s not even worth thinking about.

25. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s into you, just that he wants to look for a little while.

26. If he only stares for about ten minutes, he may be a nice guy still.

27. They just don’t understand the creepy-crawly feeling it induces and think that it flatters girls. Apparently, they think a little highly of themselves.

28. To get him to stop, show him you’re in control. If he just won’t give up, point him out to your friends and laugh at his rudeness. That will definitely get the point across.

Most of the time, if a guy is staring at you, it means he is attracted to you in some way. As females, we are taught that it is normal to feel uncomfortable and to grin and bear it because it’s a compliment, but that doesn’t make it right.

Remember that you have control. If someone staring is making you feel awkward, or uncomfortable, tell them to stop or go where they can’t see you. If you get the creepy-crawlies and tingles up your neck, then that is your intuition screaming at you. In these circumstances, make sure you do not go into an empty room to try and avoid his stares.

Stay in a crowded area or with friends until he goes away. One of the most important lessons for young women to learn is to trust their gut no matter what social norms tell them to do. No, you do not have to talk to him. No, you do not have to be polite. And no, you do not have to endure an uncomfortable situation just because you are a woman.

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