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What Does It Mean When A Guy Talks To Everyone But You?


Going out is all fun and dandy, right? Until you run into a cute guy and he doesn’t take the time out of his day to talk to you, that is! Especially if it seems like he is talking to everyone around… Except you. This can lead to hurt feelings on your end. You might even find yourself confused, disappointed and even a little bitter. And now you are here asking the question of what it means when a guy talks to everyone but you… We understand why you would want to know. Your initial thought is probably something like, ‘Man this guy must really hate me.’ Although that can be true in some situations, it isn’t the truth for every single situation there is. So don’t worry too much just yet, because there are a few different reasons as to why he might be paying attention to everybody but you. To find out what those reasons are just look below!

he ignores me talks everyone else

The Reasons Why

He Does Not Like You: We hate to tell you this, but there is a good chance that if he is talking to everyone but you then it means that he probably does not like you. We would not be able to tell you why at all. You should think about if there is anything you have done to make him not like you? Maybe you two have fought in the past. Or you have done something that majorly weirded him out before. Not every guy is going to like you. And that is totally okay. You should not be worried if this one guy does not want to spend time talking to you. You will find someone who can’t stop talking to you and is totally worth your time! We promise! All you need is a little patience.

He Is Just Nervous: But there is also a chance that he does like you, but he just has not worked up the nerve to talk to you. You might be out of his league and he might know it. Which is why he does not want to talk to you. He is absolutely afraid of getting crushed by you. He might be scared that he won’t know what to say to you. There is a possibility that he is trying to collect more information about you before he approaches you. He might want to know what to talk about before just diving into a conversation head on. This means that he really likes you. Like he has a major crush on you. However, he is just simply too cowardly to act on it. Which might make it seem like he hates you. Try talking to him first and seeing what his reaction is. If he wants to talk to you after you approach him, you can safely say that he doesn’t dislike you.

He Has A Girlfriend: He might just be a taken man. We are sorry to say ladies, but not every man alone somewhere is single! It might just be that his girlfriend or the person that he likes is just not around at the time. But he might have some of her friends lurking around or people that are being her eyes for the night. That means that he is taking extra precaution by avoiding girls like you. He does not want word to get back to his partner that he was talking to a random girl! If you have ever been in a relationship, you probably get this!

He Is Playing Hard To Get: Haven’t you ever heard that a guy who likes you might ignore you? Well, it happens all of the time! He might be ignoring you because he knows it is going to drive you crazy. This is his way of playing the game of hard to get. Yes, we know that it is frustrating, but it happens more often than we would like to think. And, no, it doesn’t always just happen with middle schoolers. Actual adults tend to do this to. Why? We wish that we knew. But it is just something that some people still do. He might be waiting for you to chase after him. You might take this as the reason if he is sending flirtatious signals to you, but not acting on them. Like he makes a lot of eye contact with you, winks at your, etc.

He Wants You To Make The First Move: He might not be playing hard to get, yet he might be the type of guy that likes when the girl makes the first move. Some guys are just not that old fashioned anymore. He might not be the one who likes to initiate conversation with a girl. He might like when she is the one doing the initiating. Try talking to him first. He might have been waiting for you to simply say hello.


  1. So there’s this guy who was in my first class we became friends and then we changed classes so we where not in the same classes anymore but we started hanging out after school just us then at lunch with him and his group of friends we went swimming together and then one his friends texted me and asked me if i kissed him in the pool and I said no then his friend said oh he told me you did I never told him his friend told me that but when we where at the pool he keep pulling me closer and then rapping his arms around me went we left the pool he gave me his sweater to wear then we walked home when we where almost at my house he asked me to walk with him a little more I said ok then he started holding my hand I think it was because I said I was scared
    Ok so this is a different day we went to the park but we took the bus when we got on the bus I left a seat it between us but then he moved over beside me then put his arms around me and let me wear his hat after we got to the park we where play fighting then his dad called and said he was going to pick him up so I had to bus to my dads anyway this all happened on a Sunday then when I went to school I saw him and said hi and blocked me on all social media and he acted like I was not even there he ignored me for 2 months then it was summer and I saw him at youth group he was normal he it was like nothing even happened him and his friend even walked me home after but now it’s been about a month and a half and I never seen or heard anything from him I miss him so much

    • The two of you shared an emotional relationship. His behaviors may be indications that he is attracted to you. He made the decision to block you. You have not spoken in some time, which may be a sign that his energy is focused elsewhere. Make a decision about what you want for your future, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere. If he reaches out to you in the future, then speak with him about your thoughts and feelings at that time. Have a great day, Joslyn!

  2. There is this guy in my class who likes me. All his friends told me that they asked him who he would kiss in the whole class and he picked me. He doesn’t know that I know about that though. One time the teacher made us two partners and all his friends laughed and looked at him. His whole face turned red after that. I started to wonder what was going on but I just acted like I didn’t even see it. So after that he asked me who my crush is. I don’t like him so I told him my true crush. Then he just went all quiet. I thought I could trust him but he told the guy that I like him. After I told him who my crush is he rarely talks to me now. Then out of nowhere he told me my crush likes me back and wants to go out sometime. I played it cool but on the inside I was having a party. But my crush was mad. He went up to me and said,” I don’t like you. He just said that because that’s what he thinks of you.” So I started to wonder if he actually does like me. All his friends said it. Is it true? The next day my crush started talking to me more. He sat by me at lunch and the guy that likes me back was mad. All he did was stare at me. Not a happy look, but a what are you doing look. So he started talking to my friends more and more just ignoring me. He would go right up to my friend when I was talking to them and he would just act like I wasn’t there and talk to them. I tried being nice to him and all he did was just be rude back. I once asked him if he could open something and he just gave me a straight face and said no. In my head I was like, there’s no need to be rude. All I asked him to do is just open something. Is it that hard!? I’m just wondering if he’s nervous or if he is playing hard to get. Help me!

    • It definitely sounds like your crush likes you, but he may be concerned that you don’t like him back or annoyed that the friend shared what he said. It also sounds like the friend who shared your feelings either likes you or is unhappy about your crush liking you. Now, you just have to figure out what you want to do about your crush.


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