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What Does It Mean When A Guy Talks To You For Hours?


BFFs can talk for hours on end – am I right? We can see our best girlfriend at school or work, hang out at lunch, and then call each other as soon as we get home! Nothing happens in our life without our friend knowing about it – the minute it happens!
What if you know this guy and he can talk to you for hours? Does it mean he is attracted to you and wants to spend as much time with you as he can? Maybe. Maybe not.

It may just depend on what you two talk about

Does he talk all about himself? Do you get a word in edgewise? If you don’t get to say much and you spend most of the time listening. What is that all about? Why are you there? It is almost as if the guy just needs to hear himself talk and it may have nothing at all to do with you! How long do you want to hear about how great an athlete he was ten years ago? Not long – right?! But you didn’t waste time telling him too much about you – so, no worries. 

Or maybe he’s nervous…

On the other hand, it could be that the guy is really into you and he is just too nervous to let you say anything for fear you may not like what he is saying (or something). Some guys tend to be macho on the outside and all squishy on the inside around women they are attracted to! But, don’t think that he is talking to you because he wants you to move in with him, to meet your parents, and he hears wedding bells! NO! He could just be interested in finding out more about you. It could be that simple and innocent!

Maybe he’s into you!

When asked, most guys admitted that if they do take time to talk to you – they are into you! But, don’t get too excited, it doesn’t mean he will call you up and want you to be his girl. He may just want to keep the conversation going with a simple friend request – but it is a step! The important thing is that he is talking to you in person. If you just meet some dude online and only text and instant message him, he really may not be into you. He could be bored or something. Don’t fall for a guy who won’t talk to you in person or on the phone.

what does it mean if a guy likes talking to you

It could be the real deal!

Another thing, if he is talking with you (not to you) and genuinely seems interested in getting to know you, he could be the real deal. IF all he does is talk sex and trash, then he is probably just looking for a one-nighter, and you should let him mosey on his way!

Think about it. Talking with someone you just met is hard. You have to think of things to say and try not to spill your drink down the front of your shirt! If a guy can hold your attention and have a meaningful conversation that lasts more than ten minutes, he is interested!

It is important to keep this in mind – a guy who talks to you listens to you and wants to know more about you is interested in you. Period. The level of interest is what may vary. He may be waiting for you to give him some sort of signal about your interest in him. Be sure to find some common ground with him, if you are interested. Be charming if you want to! That way he may be able to see that you are attracted to him too!


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