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What Does It Mean When a Guy Touches Your Elbow?


Your hands can say a lot about what you are thinking and feeling. Open palms show that someone feels honest, open and interested in talking to you. Meanwhile, closed palms show that someone is closed off to ideas, feels like the person in control or feels threatened or upset.

elbow touching body language

In everyday life, you can see examples of hand gestures all the time. People apologize with open palms. When they are stressed, they touch their neck or chest area. Some people play with their ears, nose or face when they feel nervous or stressed out. When you have a crush on someone, body language can help you tell if he likes you back or not. While you cannot be 100 percent sure about his feelings, certain gestures and touches show that he at least feels like a close friend. When a guy touches your elbow, you may wonder what he means by it. Does he view you as a friend or does he want something more out of your relationship?

What Does It Mean When a Guy Touches Your Elbow?

This is one of the most common types of touches. Unlike a touch to the face or hair, it does not necessary mean that he is interested in you. Often, a friend or family member will touch your elbow to get your attention or point something out. It is one of the safer areas for a casual acquaintance to touch without you feeling weird about it.

When a guy touches your elbow, he could be interested in you, but there is no way to know just by this body language. The good news? He at least feels more positively about you than negatively. Someone who hates you or feels completely dispassionately about you probably won’t touch your elbow. At the same time, he might just feel comfortable around you. Close friends and acquaintances commonly touch your elbow, so you are most likely in this territory for now. If he touches your elbow all the time or seems to be fairly sensual as he does it, then he might be trying to flirt with you. If that is the case, try flirting back and see what happens!

Other Arm Signals

The arms and hands are some of the most common types of body language. If he is only touching your elbow, then you have to look at the rest of his body language. Look at how he uses his arms, the tone of voice he uses and whether he leans into the conversation when you are talking to him.

Self-Hug: A self-hug is when one arm is at your side and the other hand/arm clutches the arm at the elbow. This is typically a motion used to relieve uncertainty, tension or sadness. It is used to make the person feel safe and secure. If he does this around you, it is most likely because you make him nervous.

Crossed Arms: Crossed arms over the chest are generally a sign that someone does not agree with what you are saying or is uncomfortable around you. In general, this is not a good sign to see from your crush. The only time it isn’t really an issue is if he has a logical reason to be uncomfortable or if it is extremely cold in the room. Also, see if he does this with other people. Some people use crossed arms just because it is comfortable, and you can tell if this is the reason by looking at how he behaves around other people.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Touches You?

The elbows are not particularly erotic, so you can’t know exactly what it means when a guy touches your elbow. Other types of touches are far more romantic. If he touches your thigh, face or hair, you can just about bet that he likes you and is attracted to you.

Hair: If a guy plays with your hair or pushes it out of your face, you can basically be certain that he is trying to flirt with you. This is a protective, tender gesture that shows that he would like to be more than just friends.

Thighs: Your thighs are a very erogenous, personal zone. If a guy touches your thighs, then you can basically guarantee that he likes you on a very intimate level.

Face: Almost no one touches your face unless they are close to you. Your parents, siblings or best friend might touch your face, but a complete stranger never will. If a guy touches your face, you can basically bet that he likes you on some level.

Back: If someone touches your upper back, they may be offering reassurance, saying hello or just being friendly. In comparison, the lower back is much more personal. The small of your back is a spot that you will never see a stranger or an enemy touch. If a guy touches your lower back, it is a sign he feels close to you and wants an intimate connection.


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