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What Does It Mean When a Guy Touches Your Face?


Touching is an extremely personal thing. Like any body language gesture, it shows how someone thinks or feels. While other forms of body language might be used with people who are strangers, touching the face is something that is primarily done among friends or crushes. You will almost never have a complete stranger touch your face—and if you do, be especially wary. This is a very intimate gesture that is almost never done by people who are not fairly close to each other.  types of touches and their meaning

Touching is one of the most important senses when you are trying to tell if someone likes you or not. If a guy touches your face, it is certainly a sign that he could be interested in you. Being that close to someone only happens among very close friends or people who are romantically attracted to each other. Like other types of body language, there are definitely things that you can read into the gesture.

Think back over the last few years. How many people do you remember touching your face during that time? If you are like most people, there are not a lot of friends or family members who touch your face. While any friend or family member might touch your shoulder or elbow, the face is a highly personal spot. If someone were to touch your face and you were not comfortable with it, you would flinch and pull away.

If a guy touches your face, you can basically assume that he likes you on some level. This is a very gentle, romantic gesture. Touching the face is a key way that people flirt, so it is a definite sign that he is interested in you. Whether he pushes hair from your face or gently strokes your cheek, he is showing that he cares for you and would like to connect on a deeper, more emotional level.

Sometimes, touching the face is a bit too forward for a new friendship or relationship. Instead, he might try to stroke your hair, push your hair out of your face or play with your hair. All of these things are signs that he could like you. He feels tenderly toward you and thinks about you as more than just a friend.

Other Types of Gestures

There are a number of other types of touching that can show that a guy is interested in you. At the very least, touches will show that he views you as a friend. Even a gentle tap on the elbow is a sign that he views you as someone he is close to—although not necessarily interested in. To find out more about what other types of touches mean, read on.

Your Waist:

when a guy touches your waist

If he grabs you around your waist, then he probably likes you. This is a personal area in general, but there is also an evolutionary reason why only friends will touch your waist. Many of your vital organ are located in this area, so you are placing your life at risk when someone touches your waist. If someone grabs you around the waist, it shows that they have a personal connection to you. They feel close to you, so they are able to touch you in such a personal spot.

Your Legs:

what does it mean when a guy touches your thigh

This is definitely a sign of romance in many situations. There are a few occasions when it is entirely platonic. If you are crying or had a difficult day, a friend may pat your leg as a sign of comfort and support. If you are in a good mood, then he probably is not offering you his support or sympathy. Instead, he is trying to show you that he feels close to you. If he is rubbing your leg or holding it tightly, then there is an excellent chance that he has a carnal attraction for you.

Your Lower Back:

This is another spot that strangers will almost never touch—and if they did, it would be extremely weird. The small of your back is a very intimate spot. When a guy touches or guides you using your lower back, it is a sign that he is attracted to you and feels extremely protective about you. The upper back can be touched by just friends, but the lower back has a far more personal connotation.

Your Arms:

Arm touching has a different meaning depending on the type of touch. A friend may pat your arm to get your attention. Grabbing your arm may be done if he is trying to guide you through a crowd. If he is gently rubbing your arm, then he is trying to flirt with you. As for shoulders, this area tends to be platonic. Teachers, friends and parents will touch your shoulder or squeeze your shoulder. He might like you, but don’t assume that he does based on touching your shoulders.



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