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What Does It Mean When A Guy Uses Emojis?


Everyone thinks, talks, and acts differently; it is just the way we were made. It also makes understanding other people, especially the opposite sex, very difficult sometimes. That saying that women are from Venus and men are from Mars is not untrue; even our brains are wired differently. That being said, there are some things that guys do that confuse us to our core. We think through everything using our emotions, and they don’t, so we typically try to read into everything instead of just being.

One of those confusing things that guys do, is using emojis. It seems like most guys don’t throw an emoji on just anything, so what does it mean when they suddenly start adding them? Since we think with our emotions, we assume they are too. We are normally just sure that they are crushing on us. But is that actually the case?

Luckily for all of us, I have quite a few guy friends in my life. I decided, who better is there to ask than them? I got ahold of all my guys friends and asks them what it means when they start using emojis in a conversation with a girl. They had a couple of answers that I never would have thought of. Here’s what they had to say:

1. He is trying to make sure you understand the context of his text. Sarcasm, especially, isn’t always definable through messages, so he might add an eye roll, or laughing face to let you know he is being sarcastic. He isn’t flirting if that is the case, just carrying on a conversation. His emojis are also few and far between.

2. He is wanting you to read the emotion behind his message. If he puts “today sucks,” you may think he is just having a bad day. But, if he adds a frowning or crying emoji, then you know he’s really having it rough and is reaching out to talk. The same goes for any other emoji that is about him, or his reactions, and not you.

3. If he is only using emojis, then he is not wanting to devote any time to your conversation. He is lazy and uninterested. This is most likely the guy who randomly texts you just to keep you interested in case he gets lonely. He is not really into you, you are just convenient.

4. He is flirting. Guys don’t use fun, lighthearted emojis often, so when he does, it is because he is wanting to look fun and flirty. If he is constantly adding winking faces, hearts, or anything else flirty behind his messages, then he is seriously interested. The more he adds those emojis, the more time he is devoting into making his messages look more appealing, which mean the more he likes you.

Since this information came straight from the source, it is safe to assume that it is correct. Now you will have a better idea of the reasons behind his emojis when you get them. Instead of working yourself up thinking that he is crushing on you, you may now know that he is just keeping you around, or that he is just a friend. Nothing hurts worse than realizing you are being used, but it is better to know than to keep going in blind.

What is most important is how you feel about him. If he is sending you tons of flirty emojis and you aren’t interested, then casually ask him how to talk to a guy at work that you like or something. Knock him back into the friendzone as simply and harmlessly as possible. If he is texting you only emojis, but you are crushing on him, then you know now that you need to dial that back because he is not the one for you.

If your guy friend started texting you occasional emojis and you were panicking, you can now relax. He is just trying to make sure that his point is getting across correctly. Breathe a sigh of relief and get right back into your comfortable friendship. Remember that it doesn’t matter how much he likes you, you can tell him no and that you aren’t interested. If he isn’t taking the casual clues, then say it outright because your time is too valuable to waste on something that will never work out.

If he refuses to stop messaging you, then it is a good idea to keep those texts in case you ever need them in the future, especially if you have specifically asked him to stop messaging you and he won’t. You may end up with a stalker on your hands, so report it to the police and block his number. Never let anyone make you feel uncomfortable or fearful because life’s too short for all of that nonsense.

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