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What Does It Mean When A Guy Values You?


There’s a lot of milestones in any type of relationship – friendships and romantic relationships. There’s the first time a guy tells a woman that he cares about her, or the first time he says “I love you”. But what does it mean when a guy tells a woman, specifically, that he values her? Whether it be in a romantic relationship, or between two friends, trying to figure out what a guy means by such a vague and open-ended statement can be difficult. What exactly does he value? Your looks? Your brains? Your personality? The whole package?

Value can mean any number of things, and trying to figure it out can be difficult. And what does it mean to be valued? Does it mean he likes you, or just thinks of you as a friend? Does he appreciate the things that you do for him, or is he madly, deeply in love with you? It can seem like an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to figuring out what’s going on in a guy’s brain. After all, it’s very rarely that their mouths and brains are connected in any sort of tandem.


1. He values you as a friend

If you’ve been friends with a guy for a while and he tells you that he values you, he probably means that he holds you in great regard in terms of your friendship. Maybe you two get along really well and understand one another better than most. This doesn’t automatically make for a romantic relationship, but it does make for the basis of a good, strong friendship – which is just as important. He values your friendship and the things that you bring to the relationship. Either way, he holds you in high regard and enjoys your company and the things you have to say.

2. You bring something to his life

Whether you bring friendship, good advice, a fun time or love – you most likely bring something to his life that he finds irreplaceable and he wants you to know that. “Value” is a bit of a noncommittal term, but it can also express deep gratitude and appreciation. Maybe you challenge his intellect, or maybe you always bring good life advice that helps him through difficult times. Whatever it is, he values the interactions that you have and appreciates all that you do for him.

3. He’s not quite ready to say “I love you”

“Value” expresses more meaning than telling someone that you like them, or that you care about them. If you’re in a relationship and he hasn’t gotten to the l-word yet, he may try to express the same sentiment while not being ready to say the three big words out loud. He wants to let you know that he cares about you in a way that’s deeper than just a casual fling. To value someone is to appreciate them and to regard something of worth. So, really, he finds you valuable and worthwhile. He’s probably enjoying his time dating you and likes the direction that you’re heading.

4. He loves you

Even though he may not be ready to say it, he may be trying to express it. Valuing someone means that you aren’t going to be taking them for granted. If he values you, he values you as a whole person – mind, body and soul. Sometimes saying “I love you” just isn’t enough, and he wants to make sure that the depth of his affection and appreciation of you in his life his known. He wants you to know this and will express it by telling you. This is the type of guy who is entirely in touch with his feelings, especially his feelings for you. He doesn’t see you as someone who’s expendable, and most likely wants to continue being with you for a good long while.

“Value” can come in many different types of ways. Men can value you women for their minds, their bodies or just their personality. Expressing what they feel can sometimes be difficult, so men will tend to choose the path of least resistance when it comes to emotions. Expressing that he “values” you can be a way to communicate everything he means to say, without having to actually say it. Unfortunately, women aren’t mind readers and men may not understand that you don’t have the same depth and nuance of understanding when it comes to what it is he values about you. Either way, he is expressing a deep feeling of gratitude and appreciation, and he wants you to stay in his life.


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