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What Does It Mean When a Guy Wants to Give You a Hickey?


There are a number of reasons why a guy might want to give you a hickey. Whether you actually let him is entirely up to you. When someone gives a hickey, it causes the capillaries under the skin to burst. This leaves a mark that can last for days or even weeks depending on how long he spent sucking on your skin. In many cases, you will have to cover up the hickey or everyone will tease you. Is it worth it? That is entirely up to you.

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While there are other reasons for leaving a hickey, the most common reason is to mark the guy’s territory. A hickey leaves a lasting mark that anyone else could see. It is an obvious sign to other guys that you are taken and that your boyfriend owns you. If this is the reason why he wants to give you a hickey, you might want to rethink your relationship. While wanting you to be his one and only soul mate is fine, marking territory could be an early sign of a controlling relationship or possessiveness. At the very least, you might want to proceed with caution.

He Wants to Pleasure You

Some people just like hickeys. If his last girlfriend really liked getting hickeys, he might think that you like it as well. For some people, hickeys are extremely pleasurable. They like to feel someone sucking and biting on their skin. If this is the reason why he wants to do it and you like how it feels, go for it. Since it will leave a mark, you might want to have him leave a hickey in a place that is less obvious to anyone who is looking at you.

He Wants to Experiment

Another common reason that guys want to try hickeys out is to see what it is like. People always joke about hickeys in real life and in movies. It is only natural to want to know what they feel like to get or give. If he has never given or received a hickey, he might just be trying to experiment and see what it is like. Again, you probably want to do this in a spot where other people won’t see it and make fun of you.

He Wants Other Guys to See What He Can Do

While hickeys can happen before you sleep with someone, they are certainly an obvious sign that you are getting busy in some way. If he is young and immature, he might want other guys to know about his conquest. Even if he has not slept with you yet, he might want other guys to think that he is or that he is about to. He is basically trying to turn you into a trophy that he can show the world.

What Is the Main Reason for Giving Hickeys?

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While every person and relationship is different, there is one main reason why guys will give hickeys. In the majority of cases, they want to show everyone else that he owns you. It is a way to show other guys that you are his and they can’t touch you. In a way, it is like the techniques they use to brand cattle. As long as that hickey is on your neck, it brands you as his.

Because of this, hickeys are not generally a great idea. He might be insecure and want to show that he is getting busy with his girlfriend. He also might be starting a controlling, manipulative relationship where he “owns” you completely. If any of these reasons are why he asked to give you a hickey, you should really, really rethink the relationship. Controlling relationships rarely get better. In most cases, the guy will only get more possessive and controlling over time. And if he is trying to give you a hickey because he feels insecure, the hickey won’t actually help. His insecurities have to be solved by himself, and there is nothing that you can do to actually make him feel more confident about who he is as a person.

It Might Just Be the Heat of the Moment

If he never talked about hickeys before and doesn’t ask about them now, it might not mean much at all. In the heat of the moment, people often want things that they normally would not think about. He may have just been extremely aroused and wanted to take things a step farther.

How he does it also matters. If he gives you a hickey without you letting him, break up with him. Someone who respects you will ask before they brand your neck with a hickey. If he gives you a hickey without you letting him (or after you tell him no), run the other way. This is only the start of what will soon be a bad relationship, so get out of it while you can.


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