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What Does It Mean When A Guy Whistles When He Sees You?


Guys do any number of things that can be confusing to women – mostly because expressing themselves verbally isn’t most guys’ strong point. However, there are a few things that guys do that are absolutely confusing. For example, when a guy whistles at you. What on earth is that supposed to mean? Especially if you don’t know him, or just met him.

Perhaps you’re walking down the street and a guy whistles at you. Or maybe you meet a guy with a group of friends and upon meeting you, he whistles. It would make life a lot easier if guys just said what they mean to say, instead of encoding it in some sort of whistle. Fortunately, there are plenty of women who have turned to the internet to figure out what a guy means when he whistles, so hopefully this will shed some light on the situation.

1. He’s a jerk

Sometimes, guys like to get a girl’s attention on the street just because it makes them feel powerful. This is usually called ‘cat-calling’, and it’s not designed to make a woman feel particularly good about herself, but rather just to make a guy feel good. If you’re walking down the street, trying to mind your own business, and a guy whistles at you while you pass, he’s just doing it because he can. Guys who can’t understand that women walking aren’t an invitation to make any sort of comment, or even wolf-whistle, aren’t even worth worrying about. He’s a jerk, or he’s incredibly immature and still needs time to figure out what whistling at random women isn’t the way to get one to talk to you.

2. He wants to get your attention

While this probably isn’t the best way to do it, whistling can also be a guy’s way to get your attention. Say that you’re at a party, or in a bar, or otherwise engaged at a social event. This is a slightly more acceptable venue for a guy to whistle when he wants to get your attention, though it can still be read as vaguely annoying. He probably thinks you’re quite pretty, and that whistling will get you to pay attention to him. If he does it multiple times, rather than just once, you might want to make sure that he hasn’t mistaken you for a dog, and let him know that you can respond to voices just fine.

3. He thinks you’re attractive

If you’ve ever entered a room with your hair laid perfectly and your makeup on point and your clothes looking fabulous, you probably have gotten a couple of appreciative glances. Sometimes, a guy will whistle when you enter a room as a sign to show that he finds you attractive. Mostly, despite the genuine attraction, a guy will whistle as a joke meant to be taken lightly, rather than purposefully trying to make you uncomfortable. These types of guys will probably already be your friends or acquaintances, so you’ll know how to feel about the whistle.

4. He’s just joking around

Sometimes, guys just do things to be silly. When a guy plays around with women, he does it differently than he plays around with other guys. When a guy whistles, he might just be trying to be playful and put a smile on your face. Whether or not you find it funny is up to you, and can depend on how well you know him, or if you know him at all. His body language and the context of the situation can help you determine whether or not this particular guy is whistling at you in good humor or not.

Whistling can come in all sorts of packages. It’s not really an effective form of communication, but no one has really seemed to give guys the memo. Whether he’s trying to cat-call you, or whether he’s just playing around, some guys just don’t seem to want to give up the whistle for something more easy to understand- like, say, talking! If you don’t like it, you’ll have to let him know in no uncertain terms. On the other hand, if he’s just a guy off the street it’s better not to waste your breath, since he probably knows it makes you uncomfortable and just doesn’t care. But, if you enjoy when a guy friend or a potential partner gives you a whistle to let you know you’re looking hot, there’s no shame in enjoying it.


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