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What Does It Mean When A Guy Who Has A Girlfriend, Keeps Eyeing Me?


We all love when we attract the attention of a super cute guy, right? It makes us feel nothing less than special and maybe even a little sexy. However, we don’t love it so much when that guy is a creeper or if he is taken by someone else. Unfortunately we have all probably been through the very awkward situation of when a guy has his eyes all over you, but we know that he is in a relationship with someone else. That does not make us feel sexy at all. Instead it makes us feel quite the opposite. It makes us feel a little dirty… But not the good kind of dirty, if you catch the drift. We suddenly find ourselves feeling a tad bit violated and wondering why on Earth a guy, who has a girlfriend, keeps eyeing us up.

he has a girlfriend but smiles at me

That brings us to the question of the day: Why? Why would someone who is taken want to keep looking at us in such a way?

Luckily for you, we put in extensive research to find answers to that exact question. Keep on reading below to find out what those answers are!

The Reasons Why

He’s Just Looking: We hate to say it, but it is totally normal for people who are in a relationship to look at other people. This does not mean that they want to jump your bones by any means. Instead it just means that he is checking you out. He might do it more than once, because he likes the way that you look. Honestly, we might get mad when our significant others decide to check out another person, but it is a natural reaction nonetheless. Especially when it comes to guys. Biology drives us every single day. And sometimes it drives us to do pretty annoying stuff like this. Think about it, haven’t you ever checked out another guy even though you were dating someone? Be honest with yourself, because surely there has been at least one time.

He Finds You Attractive: Or it could be a little more than simply checking you out. He might actually have some deeper feelings for you. This would have to develope over a longer period of time. Meaning the two of you have been chatting or getting to know one another. This tends to happen with a lot of coworkers. People who work together get a lot of time to get to know one another. So he might have started to get the hots for you somewhere along the line. Now he just finds you charming, attractive and secretly wishing that he were dating you instead of whoever he is currently dating. You might note this as the reason if he tries to do more than just glance at you. Like he tries to make plans with you outside of work or he is constantly calling/texting you.

You Did Something Weird: There is a chance that a guy with a girlfriend would be eyeing you up if you did something memorable. Whether this memorable thing was good or bad we don’t know, but normally it’s a weird thing that people can’t get passed. You might have done something super embarrassing. And now everytime he sees you he thinks of that thing. So it just is a natural reaction. He might not even be aware that he is doing it at all. So think long and hard about the past. Have you done anything before that might warrant him to stare at you when he sees you? Something weird, embarrassing or outrageous? If so, this might just be the reason he is “eyeing you” up.

You Two Have History: Do the two of you know each other? Have you dated or had any sort of relationship in the past? Well, if you did, you might just have your answer to this question. He might be eyeing you up because he has an unresolved past with you. He might still have feelings for you or he might simply just think about it when he sees you. Both would cause him to eye you up when you are around him. He knows that he has a girlfriend, but there might be something that isn’t easy for him to get over from your past together.

His Girlfriend Talks About You: Are you friends with his girlfriend? Or, worst yet, enemies? She might spend too much time talking about you when him and her are alone. That might be what is encouraging him to eye you up when he sees you. This is more the case if he is giving you the stink eye when he sees you. He might be listening to the things that his girlfriend is saying about you and taking them to heart. It’s sad, but it happens all of the time!


  1. This has never happened but I look at him in front of his girlfriend then I give her the death stare then she gets scared because she knows I could take her man I would do it and get away with it too I’d do it with no guilty feelings because it’s kinda her fault I’m not his friend anymore

    • If he left his girlfriend for you, then you’d always wonder if he would just fall in love with someone else and leave you in the same way. It might be hard, but you should wait until his relationship ends naturally. Good luck!


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