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What Does It Mean When A Guy Winks At You?


Picture this: you’re out at a bar with the girls and a guy comes to start chatting you up. You can’t really tell if he’s into you or your friend. But, then he winks at you. Or maybe you’re in a group and a long time guy friend of yours offers a wink. What does it mean?

A wink isn’t quite like a verbal confirmation, but it’s definitely a conscious move that means something – much like a guy touching your arm when he talks to you, or crossing them to show he’s disinterested in the conversation. A wink is much like any other form of body language.

A wink can mean a lot of things, and it can be hard to decipher. Depending on where you are, who you’re with, how long you’ve known the guy, or if he’s just a stranger, a wink can have varying connotations. So what exactly does it mean when a guy winks at you?

1. It could mean nothing at all

Now, let’s be real here. Sometimes body language isn’t some secret decipher to the human mind. It depends on the context surrounding the wink. Depending on how well you know the guy, he might be using a wink to show that he’s not trying to be threatening or mean while he talks.

If he’s just said something a bit sarcastic and given a wink, he probably just wants to make sure you understand he’s joking. He might just be a friendly guy, and winking a part of his communication repertoire.

2. Or he could be flirting

If you’re meeting a man’s gaze from across the bar and you catch each other’s eyes, he may wink at you as an indication that he see’s you and finds you attractive. You’ll want to take into consideration the rest of his body language, too.

It’s doubtful that a closed off, disinterested person might wink at you for no reason. Flirting is the most common interpretation of the mysterious wink. If anything, it’ll make you curious enough to go and talk to him, and that might be just the thing he intended on.

3. Winking can be a sign of bonding

If you know the guy well and you’re friends, his wink might not be a flirtatious gesture. Winking can be a sign of trust and bonding between people, as if to say, “You get me, right?” It can also be the signal of an inside joke between the two of you.

If your guy friend says something that only the two of you will understand while hanging out with your other friends, he might wink at you to show that it’s a special moment of friendship between you. Don’t read too much into it without any other context, because it would suck if you thought he meant something he really didn’t.

4. A digital wink can be a sign that he’s into you

With the internet and dating websites having become so popular, a lot of communication between potential partners has gone from verbal to written. It’s a lot harder to misinterpret a wink though text. You’ll be able to tell by the line of conversation if he’s flirting with you, and what that mysterious little sideways semi-colon and closed parenthesis really means.

But, like the rest of winking, you’ll want to make sure you pay attention to the context of the conversation: is he flirting? Is he joking? Is he bringing up an inside joke? Pay attention to the words surrounding the wink, and you’ll be golden.

5. A wink can mean he’s about to the opposite of what he says

Maybe the two of you are stuck in a boring social engagement that you just can’t wait to get out of. If he says, “I’m going to run to the washroom,” and throws you a little wink, it might be an indicator that he’s ready to duck out and is giving you the signal to duck out with him.

A wink with this kind of connotation can also mean that he’s got some secret intentions up his sleeve, and you’ll want to try and fish them out before trusting what the wink really means. He’s probably not flirting in this case.

So, there you have it. If you’re still reading through this without a clue what a guy’s wink meant, he probably doesn’t know either. Winking, along with all other forms of nonverbal communication, can be up for interpretation. One guys “flirting wink” might be another guys “just friends wink”. When trying to decipher the confusing and unknowable “wink”, nothing can beat good old fashion communication.


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