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What Does It Mean When a Guy with a Girlfriend Flirts with You?


He seems so well-mannered and interesting. You can’t help but be drawn to his charm and the air of mystery around him. It’s like you’ve finally met your dream guy. And then like a bad dream, you find out that he already has a girlfriend.

A Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You

Why in the world would he be flirting with you if he’s already taken?!

He’s just trying to be friendly. The tricky thing about flirting is that it’s different from person to person. One person’s flirting might just be friendly conversation to another. In this case, try to check if he’s just being extra nice and friendly to you as opposed to being flirty. For instance, you might think that the fact that he’s joking around with you could mean that he’s flirting while for him, he’s just being his regular funny self. Observe his behavior towards other girls and see if he treats them the same way. If he does, he might just be a friendly guy. If he doesn’t then he might really be flirting with you.

He has always had a crush on you. Have you noticed that guys who are already taken tend to be more confident with women? This is because they already know they have someone they can call theirs even if other women reject them. If a guy you’ve known for a while suddenly starts acting flirty with you even if he is taken, then this might mean that he has mustered up the confidence to finally flirt with you, the girl he has always had a crush on.

He’s excited because you’re new to him. He might just be a little bored with his relationship. This isn’t to say that he doesn’t love his girlfriend, but maybe he’s just looking for a little excitement that he no longer gets in his relationship. If this is the case, he might not actually be looking to cheat on his girlfriend. Instead, he just wants to have a bit of fun and then go no further than a little flirtatious banter.

This guy has a girlfriend and loves her but he flirts with me

He wants an ego boost. We all want to feel attractive to other people. If he has been in a relationship for a while, he might be looking for an ego boost that his girlfriend can no longer give him. After a while, he might be tired of the usual old compliments his girlfriend gives him, and so he wants to get those compliments from other people. He wants to know that he is still attractive to other people, and not just his girlfriend.

He wants to see if he’s still got “it”. He might have been your typical pickup artist back when he was still single, but being in a relationship has made him rusty. He could just be checking if he still has the charm to pick up a girl at the bar. Keep in mind that when a guy confirms that he is still capable of picking up ladies, he might end it at that. But there are some who want to feel the rush of sleeping with someone new, so be careful!

He might be on the rocks with her. Breaking up with someone is never easy, especially if it’s a serious relationship. Some guys feel so stressed out about wanting to break up with their girl that they want to let off some steam – and they might do that by flirting with another girl. He could be scouting around for his next potential girlfriend or he might be feeling like his relationship has no hope and so he behaves like a single man on the prowl.

He wants to have a side chick. Not all guys cheat but some of them just have a penchant for it. At first he might be the perfect charming guy who seems like a dream come true. And then before you know it, you’re head over heels for him. But the bad news is that he’s concealed the fact that he has a girlfriend. When a guy starts flirting with you and showering you with romantic gestures, try to do a bit of research and see if he is already spoken for… Unless you’re cool with being the other woman.

He wants to break up with her. There are some guys who can’t stand being single, so they scout around for their next girlfriend before the last one has even left! He could either be eyeing you as a potential next partner or he might be using you to drive give his girlfriend a reason to finally leave him. Either way, you wouldn’t want to be caught up in the drama, so it’s best to just confirm his relationship status before you continue anything with him.

Keep in mind that if he flirts with you when he’s taken, he might do the same if he’s in a relationship with you. So know his motives, and try to steer clear if you don’t want any trouble!


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