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What Does It Mean When A Man Touches Your Hair?


Guys are tricky people. They do a lot of things that we, as women, don’t always come to understand very easily. Like when they leave the toilet seat lid up or scratch their balls in public… But, more importantly to figure out is why they do some things they do to you. Men do a lot of strange things to themselves, but when they get you involved is the real time to be asking questions. Men don’t seem to always be the most intimate creatures, so when they do something like that it tends to catch us off guard. Like when they touch our hair. We might be slightly confused as to what this gesture can mean. Unfortunately for you it can mean a lot of different things. It all depends on three things: How, when and, lastly, why.

what does it mean when a guy touches your hair

Why do these things matter so much? Well, the first two things are what gives away the last thing. The last thing being the why part of it all. Without discovering how and when then you will never come to discover why he did it in the first place. There are different levels to men and, yes, there are even different levels to silly little things like when they touch your hair. Strange, right? But it’s true!

The how he touches your hair is the most important thing to pay attention to. The way that he goes about doing this can give away all the details you need to get to the bottom of why. Was he pulling it? Was he tousling it? What kind of motion was he making when he went ahead and touched the beautiful hairs on your head?

Also remember that you can’t figure out the true meaning behind the how unless you evaluate when it was done. As in, what were the two of you doing when the gesture was made?

Let’s go over some of the different ways that a man can touch your hair and what they generally mean.

Tousling: We mentioned tousling just above here. We did that because it’s a common thing that people do when they touch another person’s hair. This is not usually common when two people are romantic with one another, however. What is tousling? Tousling is when someone uses their hand to mess up your hair in a playful fashion. Tousling means he is being playful with you. It could possibly be a flirting tactic. But mostly this is done to children or someone that he feels is younger and a little more immature than him. It’s a sign of friendship, encouragement and playfulness. He could just think you are really cute or he could do it because he is subconsciously saying, ‘Good luck pal!’ To figure out which it is, it’s best to think of what you were both doing when he made this gesture.

Pulling: Pulling can go one of two ways: Sexually or aggressively. Now, we might find that if the boy is immature he will pull your hair to get your attention. They always say that boys are meanest when they like you, right? Well, whether this is true or not is up for debate. Now if the boy is a little bit older, more like a man, and he pulls your hair it could mean that he is horny. Men tend to use the hair as a pawn to let you know they want you physically. This is generally done when the two of you are letting things get heated up with one another. Such as during a makeout session. Now there are times that a man might pull your hair aggressively. This is done if you are in a fight or he is angry with you. You can tell it is done angrily if he is using an aggressive tone with you, too. If this happens, please leave immediately. As you don’t want the situation to escalate and bring on anymore violence.

Playing: Playing with someone’s hair can be done in many different ways. He could twirl your hair around his fingers. He could run his fingers through your hair. He could also just put his fingers on your scalp and rub in a circular motion. This is the best type of gesture done when a man plays with your hair, because it means he likes you! Unless, of course, you don’t like him, then it’s a little bit creepy. But let’s hope it’s the opposite for you. When he does this it means he is establishing a deeper level of intimacy. He is trying to connect with you on a more sincere, flirtatious and sexual level. Usually these are the type of behaviors done by someone who feels very connected, protective or caring of you. You might find these are most commonly practiced when the two of you are alone with each other.

Brushing: When a man brushes your hair out of your face or tucks it behind your ear it can send tingles down the back of your spine. As it should, because this is definitely something done when the person doing it has feelings for you. He is trying to be endearing towards you!

Now you know the different types of ways a man touches your hair and what they mean. This should give you all the insight you need on why men do these types of gestures and whether they are good or bad!