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What Does It Mean When He Likes Your Selfies?


People already joke about how narcissistic selfies are. They aren’t entirely wrong—people who post more selfies are statistically less likely to have a good, healthy relationship. If selfies seem narcissistic or silly, then caring about why someone likes your selfies seems even sillier.

why doesn't he like my pictures on instagram

We totally get it. If someone you are crushing on likes your selfies, you don’t want to just ask him or your friends what it could mean. We’ve been there. When you like someone, even the littlest change in their behavior makes you wonder if he is interested in you. Does liking your selfies mean that he thinks that you are hot? Does he want to date you or does he want to just sleep with you? Did he push the “like” button on accident? There are literally endless reasons why someone might like a picture, but there are a few options that are more common.

As a side note, we don’t think that selfies are narcissistic or silly. If you got it, flaunt it. Plus, your friends and family want to stay up-to-date on your life. A quick selfie and short post are all it takes to show everyone that you are happy, alive and well.

1. He Likes the Caption

Before you jump to conclusions, keep in mind that it might not be the selfie that he actually loves. If you have a clever caption or song lyrics, it might be the caption that he likes. Maybe he loves that band or he just thinks that you are a funny writer. Whatever the case, he might just like the caption instead of the actual picture.

2. He Is Trying to Make His Ex Jealous

This is a less common reason, but it is still a possibility. If his ex just broke up with him, he may be trying to make her jealous so that she will come back to him. Everyone can see which photographs that he likes and which posts are commented on. He might be liking your selfies to make her upset or jealous. The good news about this? If you are the person he chose to make his ex jealous, then he must think that you look pretty amazing.

when a guy likes your instagram photo

3. He Finds You Attractive

This is by far one of the biggest reasons why someone likes a photo. He either thinks that you are hot and sexy, or he just thinks that the photo was very attractive. Either way, he thinks that you are good looking. Telling someone that they are pretty can be intimidating. Instead, he can just click a button and you think the same thing.

4. He Is Trying to Boost Your Confidence

If no one was liking your selfie, he may have just been trying to be nice. He didn’t want your pretty picture to go unliked, so he liked it to give you an ego boost. Even if you have other likes already, he may have clicked like just to show that he is your friend and to boost your self-confidence.

5. He Wants You to Think About Him

Is it your friend liking your selfie or an ex? If it is your ex, he may be trying to make you think about him. While he might want to get back together with you, he also might be just trying to get you to think about him and obsess with him.

6. He Wants You to Like His Selfies

He might not care about you at all. Perhaps his posts are never liked, or he wants the ego boost from seeming popular. Either way, he might be liking your selfies so that you like his selfies in return.

7. He Likes the Background

If you are taking a photo in front of an exotic temple, he might just like the background. Ditto for cute puppies, pretty sunsets or athletic games.

8. He Wants to Begin a Conversation

While he might have a crush on you, it might be too hard for him to actually start a conversation with you in person. Even when he is online, he is afraid of making the first move. What if he doesn’t have anything to say? What if you shut him down? A low-risk approach is to just like your picture. If you don’t respond, then that is normal and he won’t feel awful later. If you do start talking to him, then he can get the conversation he wanted and a chance to win your heart without a lot of risk.

9. He Likes Everything

One obvious reason why he likes your selfie is that he has a crush on you. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet though. He might be the type of guy who likes every picture that he sees. It might be an attempt to get people to like his posts, or he might just like things. Before you jump to any conclusion, scroll through his page and see how many other posts he has liked that day.


    • It is possible that he is interested in developing a relationship with you. The types of pictures that he likes may give you insights into his thoughts. He may be interested in developing a physical, emotional, or intellectual relationship with you. Determine what you want for this relationship. Have a great day, Lynn!


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