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What Does It Mean When Someone Dreams You Died?


When you dream that someone died, it can be extremely traumatic. Some people have lucid dreams and know that they are dreaming while they are dreaming. Other people have no clue that what they are experiencing is just a dream. When someone dies in your dream, it can leave you grieving and traumatized until you realize that they are still alive.

An entirely different feeling emerges when someone dreams that you died. Your loved one or friend dreamed that you died, so they immediately called you to make sure that you are doing alright. Once they knew that you were fine, they probably returned to sleep without a problem. Now, you are left lying awake and wondering what their dream meant. Is it a prophesy? Will you die in the near future? Does it mean that your loved one wishes you dead? The good news is that their dream is unlikely to mean any of these things. Dreams about death do have specific meanings though, so you can further analyze the dream to see what was going on in the dreamer’s subconscious mind.

what does it mean when someone dream about yourself dying

Sometimes, this type of dream is a representation of guilt. Your loved one may feel guilty about the role (or lack of a role) they played in a certain situation. They may have felt unable to help you or someone else, so they dreamed that you died.

In other cases, this type of dream represents fear. Being afraid is a common reason to dream about someone dying. If they really, really love you, they naturally fear losing you. Death is the ultimate separation. Once someone dies, there is no way to bring them back to you. Your loved one may be afraid that you will no longer be apart of their life through an argument, injury, death or something else. Because they fear losing you, they have dreamed that you are dead and completely inaccessible to you.


The dream could also represent something as simple as a phobia. Sometimes, people have a fear of water, spiders, heights or something else. These phobias may also stem from early childhood experiences. If someone was bitten by a dog as a child, it could leave a lasting mark on how they think about and interact with dogs.

Dreaming that you are drowning is scary enough if you have a phobia about water. It is even more terrifying to watch someone else drown. If your loved one has a phobia, they may dream that you die from the phobia as they struggle to save you. If this is the case, there might not be any other deeper meaning to the dream because it could just represent their subconscious fears.


Another common reason to dream about death is because of a betrayal. Your loved one may feel like you betrayed them. They may dream that you died because a part of their mind wants vengeance and is still upset by what you did. You can quickly see if this is the dream interpretation by looking at everything you have done in your current life. If you know that your loved one is not angry at you, then this probably is not the dream meaning.

A Psychological Disturbance

Constant stress is not a natural part of human life. Long ago, your body’s stress response was supposed to help you deal with a sudden danger like a tiger or a warring tribe. It was never intended to be activated all day, every day. When someone is under a constant state of stress, then it leaves a lasting impact on their emotional and mental health. The dreams about you dying might be due to this problem. All of the stress and negative feelings of the day are becoming entangled in the dream. In this case, your death is not particularly significant because the dream just shows how psychologically disturbed or stressed out your loved one is.

An Incomplete Personality

Everyone is in a constant state of growth and development. While your personality remains relatively the same throughout your life, there will still be changes along the way. Your death may be a figurative transformation for your loved one. You may represent a feeling, memory or idea that is “dying” from their mind. For example, you and your sister were childhood friends and did everything together. If you are now going to separate colleges, your death in the dream may represent a separation from childhood and the past.

Death is also a symbol of transformation in many cultures. In mythology, the phoenix was said to die every 500 years in fire before being reborn from the ashes. Your death in the dream could indicate a literal or figurative rebirth. Your loved one may feel like your relationship is changing into something new, so they dreamed the “old” you died to make way for the new you.


  1. my mum dreamt abt me falling from a high place and dying, and she wasn’t able to save me, when i came back from school she abruptly hugged me. i was surprised, im guessing that she was afraid to lose me, since she seemed so worried.


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