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What Does It Mean When the Woman Says, “I’m Not the Right Woman for You”?


You have found the perfect woman—or, at least, you thought you did. When you tried to take things to the next level, she told you that she is not the right woman for you. Now, you are completely crushed. You know that there are a number of shared hobbies and interests that you could enjoy together. You have similar personalities and goals. How could she possible say that, “I’m not the right woman for you?” If you are dumbfounded and still trying to understand what she meant, read on to find out the different reasons why she would tell you this.

i'm not the right girl for you

When a woman says this, the main thing that she is trying to say is that she is not interested in being with you. Even if you already went out on a few dates, she does not think that she wants to be your girlfriend. She may have other reasons as to why, but she summed it all up in, “I’m not the right woman for you.” There may be other justifications for her decisions, but one of the main takeaways is that she just isn’t interested.

She Is Not Interested

As we mentioned before, this is the main reason why a woman would tell you that she is not the right woman for you. She is not interested in having a romantic relationship with you, and she is trying to tell you that. She may not want to go into all of the reasons, so she summed it up by just saying that she is not the right match. While the reasoning behind this statement may vary, you can basically be assured that she is not interested in dating you. For whatever reason, she does not like you in a romantic way. It hurts to hear this, but it is better than being led on for months only to find out that she only sees you as a friend.

She Does Not Share the Same Interests

When you first meet someone, it is impossible to instantly tell if they are the right person for you or not. People do not walk around wearing signs with their favorite hobbies or interests. Because of this, it can sometimes take a while to realize if you have things in common or not. If you have been dating for a bit and she tells you that she is not the right woman, it might be because of this reason. She may have initially been attracted to your personality or good looks. After a while, she realized that she did not share the same interests or hobbies. Perhaps your religious beliefs, families or goals are just too different.

She Does Not Want to Say That You Are the Problem

During a break up, it is fairly easy for someone to say, “I am the problem. I don’t do ___. I don’t want ___, and I’m a j*rk.” If you are the problem, she may be hesitant to say so. This does not mean that you are necessarily doing anything wrong—you might just be wrong for her. For example, you may give her romantic surprises and gifts all the time. Many, many women would love a boyfriend like this. Some girlfriends don’t like surprises or feel uncomfortable constantly getting presents. Things like this could be the reason why you are not right for her, but she might not be comfortable just saying that you are the problem. Because of this, she tries to place the blame on herself by saying that she is not the right woman, when what she really means is that you are not the right man. Don’t take it too hard though. Relationships are like puzzle pieces. There are no wrong or right puzzle pieces. You just have to find two puzzle pieces that happen to be the right fit for each other.

She Has a Friend or Knows Someone Who Is a Better Option

This is definitely not the most common reason, but it occasionally happens. You have found the perfect girl. To get close to her, you started talking to her friend, sister or co-worker first. While you wanted your dream girl to like you, the friend likes you instead. If your dream girl is a good friend, she will avoid dating you so that her friend has a chance.

This is actually a fairly good thing though. If you were her dream guy, she would probably break girl code and date you anyway. Since she didn’t, you know that she only viewed you as someone who would be fun to date or have a fling with.

Relationships always take two people to work out. For whatever reason, she is not interested in you like you are in her. There is nothing wrong with this. You just have to accept that fact and move on. Before long, you will find the right puzzle piece for your life.


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