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What Does It Mean When You Can’t Scream in a Dream?


When you are having a dangerous, terrifying dream, one of the worst things to experience is an inability to scream. All you want to do is scare away the danger and express yourself, but you open your mouth and no sound comes out. If you keep having this problem in your dream, it could mean a number of things. We will cover what screaming and an inability to scream may mean in your dreams.

What it means when you can't scream in your dream

What Does It Mean When You Scream in a Dream?

An actual scream in your dream will generally represent fear or anger. This type of emotion is pent up within you, and it is trying to get out. To hear that someone is screaming in your dream generally means that a friend or family member needs your help in real life.

If you are yelling in your dream, it also represents a sense of anger. If no one can hear you yelling, then it means that you feel as if your feelings are overlooked in your waking life. It can also means that you feel like your opinion does not count and no one listens to you in real life. If you hear demonic yelling in your dream, it shows that something or someone from your past is still haunting your present.

What Does It Mean When You Can’t Scream in a Dream?

Screaming in a dream means one thing, but you also need to know what it means when you can’t scream in a dream as well. Unlike normal screaming, this does not represent fear or anger. It shows that you feel frustrated or helpless in a certain situation. It may feel like you are trying to get someone’s attention, but they are not listening to you or do not care. Basically, your dream is showing how difficult communication is becoming for you. If this is the case, it is important to learn how to identify your feelings and confront them in your waking life.

Sometimes, dreaming that you cannot scream is a sign that you are unable to express your feelings properly. There are emotions within you that want to come out, but you do not feel like you can constructively express them. This does not necessarily mean that you have to actually express those emotions in real life for the dreams to go away.

Sometimes, there are emotions that are not appropriate or necessary to tell someone. At the same time, you need to find a constructive way to deal with them. Journaling, meditation and other options can help you learn how to constructively handle these emotions. Some people find that screaming in real life makes these dreams go away. Grab a pillow or go to an isolated spot. When you are in the middle of nowhere, scream your lungs out and let all of your feelings go. If you cannot find a place to let your screams out, try to divert that energy and emotion through exercise.

Often, these dreams can also mean that you feel like people are suppressing you in real life. You want to have your own thoughts and make decisions about your life, but you feel unable to. You might be stuck in a job you hate and are unable to leave. You could be dealing with a dead-end relationship, a difficult neighbor or another problem that you cannot escape from. In these cases, the only way to really make the dreams go away is by solving your real-life problem.

An Alternative Reason

Interestingly, this is one of the few dream types that can actually show a real-life condition. There is a type of REM paralysis that can cause you to feel like screaming, but be completely unable to. Known as sleep paralysis, this is a way that nature is trying to protect us from acting out or moving in the dream. It would be extremely dangerous to try to scream, run or fly in real life while you are actually dreaming. Your body has mechanisms to stop this from happening. If you start to wake up from a dream while you are still engaged in sleep paralysis, then you may dream that you are unable to scream or move.

Your dreams can mean that you are just stuck in this in-between stage of sleep paralysis. You are unable to scream because your mind is starting to wake up slightly, so it realizes that you are not actually able to scream in real life.

It is also entirely possible that your inability to scream is caused by how you feel in real life. You may be trying to hold back your feelings or feel stymied in some way. Like most dreams, there are options if you would like this kind of dream to stop. You have to figure out the underlying cause that is making the dreams happen. Once you know why you feel this way, you can start to make changes in your real life so that the dreams stop happening.