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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Finding Money?


It seems like the main thing people care about is money. Unfortunately, there is definitely a reason for this. You need money to pay your bills, to eat food and to live a fulfilling life. Plus, a sudden windfall of money is a chance to buy things you really want, go on an amazing vacation or experience things you never thought possible before.

When you dream about finding money, you may wonder if it means that you will suddenly enjoy an added windfall in your waking life. While it is tempting to assume this, it is probably not the case. Dreams about money have a meaning that reflects your subconscious mind and current thoughts, but these dreams do not mean that you will actually find money—there is no harm in hoping though!

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Finding Money?

When you dream about finding money, it is often an indication that you want to change who you are. This is especially true if you dream about finding a purse or a wallet. It shows that you are changing what you value, which ultimately reflects your identification and who you are as a person.

Thankfully, this is a fairly normal change. Who you are is constantly evolving as you experience new things, change your goals and meet new people. Perhaps something new happened in your life or you started re-imagining what could happen in your future. Whatever the case, these changes in who you are could have impacted your subconscious mind and your dreams.

Dreams About Finding Paper Money

If you dream about finding paper money, it is an indication of a growing sense of power and prosperity. It may symbolize a renewed self-worth or a growing self-confidence. Finding money in your dream may show that you want to reach a new material gain or find new wealth. If you are lacking financial resources or financial stability in your waking life, this could also lead you to have dreams where you are finding money in your dreams.

What Does Losing Money in a Dream Mean?

When you dream about finding money, it feels amazing. Dreams about losing money are far less exciting. In your dream, you may feel frustrated, devastated or full of anxiety. Unfortunately, this sense of loss is probably represented in your waking life as well.

Think about your day-to-day life. Do you feel a sense of anxiety or fear? Is something going wrong at work or at your job? Sometimes, a fear of losing someone you love or dealing with a risky career move can cause you to have a dream about losing money. The dream may also represent a lack of energy, an emotional breakdown or a sense of emptiness. Sometimes, people have this kind of dream because they lack balance in their life and feel as if they are missing something.

What Does a Dream About Foreign Money Mean?

What if you discover foreign money or fantasy currency in your dream? In this case, your dream may mean that you will achieve success in your workplace or get a chance to further your career. It could also mean that you want to receive money in your waking life.


What Does It Mean When You Find Money in the Dirt?

If you discover money buried in the dirt or mud in your dream, it probably means that you are losing track of the important things in your waking life. While you want to earn money, become rich and reach your dreams, you are failing when it comes to the most important things. Sometimes, the most important things in life are not our finances at all. The fact that your money is buried in the dream means that you are ignoring or burying the things you value in your waking life. Until you can learn what you treasure most and treat it that way, dreams like this may continue to happen.

What Does It Mean When You Find Coins in Your Dream?

Instead of finding paper bills, you may have a dream where you discover coins. According to leading dream interpreters, this means that you will gain or achieve something in your life. You will not expect this sudden development in your waking life, but you will be pleased that it has happened.

If you find or are given a bunch of gold coins, it shows immense satisfaction and joy in your life. If you just get a pile of coins, it shows that you are someone who knows your self-worth. Discovering gold coin piles may also be a sign that you are currently making a smart decision about your future life and can expect changes to be positive overall. It is also said that finding coins in your dream is also an indication that your general physical, emotional and mental health is going well.