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What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone?


Dreams are really meaningful to us for so many reasons. Whether it’s because they seem so realistic or because they have a way of bringing our biggest fears to life, we usually spend a lot of time thinking about what they mean.

The trouble is, it’s almost impossible to decipher what they really mean. They could be trying to warn us about something, they could just be our brain’s form of entertainment, or they might just let us know what our subconscious is trying to get us to focus on. No matter what we think they mean, this is what it really means when you dream about someone.

What Are Dreams?

I know you all know what a dream is. You fall asleep, see things in your mind, and then wake up sometimes forgetting everything you’ve seen. But do know what dreams really are and how our mind makes them? Dreams take place during your R.E.M cycle of sleep and are created from your own memories, thoughts, and feelings. They usually represent all of our deepest subconscious thoughts and play them out in a way that is easier for us to understand.

What it Means When You Dream About Someone

If you have reoccurring dreams about someone and you just can’t figure out why they’re in the dream even though there’s no reason for them to be, this may be why.

  1. An Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend

This is one of the most common dreams people have where they wake up really confused because they just don’t understand why they’re dreaming about someone they haven’t been with in a long time. The truth is that we all dream about an ex every now and then and most likely, it’s completely innocent. Many of us dream about them simply because we’re missing a quality about them. Maybe they made you laugh a lot and you’re feeling down or maybe they were a good listener and you’re having a hard time getting people to hear you.

  1. A Family Member

When you dream about someone in your family, your subconscious is most likely trying to tell you something about your personality. Family in our dreams represents a certain characteristic we have. If you have a goofy aunt that’s locked in a room with you in your dream, it could mean that your fun side is being held back and it just really wants to get out. Think about who it is you see in your dream and what characteristic of theirs most fits with one of yours that you’re having trouble with.

  1. Someone You’ve Never Met

We often dream of “strangers” and can’t figure out why we’re dreaming of them. The truth is, even if you don’t recognize someone in your dreams, you’ve seen them before in your life. Your subconscious remembered their face, even if you don’t and is bringing them forward as a way to bring attention to something in your life that you’re not recognizing. Perhaps this “stranger” in your dream is very withdrawn and distant. This could represent that you’re feeling very distant as of late and it’s now like you.

  1. Someone Who Has Passed Away

These are some of the hardest dreams to have simply because we usually miss those that have passed on. However, these dreams can be very powerful because they resonate with us the most. Often times, when we have these dreams, we are trying to connect with them in any way we can since we can no longer do so in the real world. That being said, we dream of those who have passed on because we miss them and have unresolved feelings about them. It’s a way to grieve and move on from them and hold their memory in a good place.

  1. Someone You Have a Crush on

If I had a dollar for every time I had a dream about someone I was crushing on, I would be ridiculously rich. The truth is that our crushes pop up in our dreams because we spend A LOT of time thinking about them when we’re awake. It’s only reasonable that we think of them even when we’re asleep, right? The fact of the matter is the more time and energy you spend on thinking about something, the more likely it is to pop up in your dreams. Most of these dreams are wish fulfillment. They are you subconscious bringing to life everything you want with your crush.

  1. Someone You’re in Love With

These are the best or worst dreams we can have. The truth is that we spend a lot of our day thinking about or even being with the person we’re in love with so it’s only fair that they come up in our dreams. If you dream about someone you love cheating on you, it could mean that you’re feeling insecure and fearful of this behavior, but not that they’re actually doing it. Dreams of the person you love often have more to do with the inner workings of your subconscious than they do them.

  1. A Sexual Dream with Someone

We’ve all had these dreams before. We wake up feeling flustered and embarrassed simply because we had a really naughty dream about someone. Having dreams like this could be your subconscious’s way of acting our your truest desires. However, it could also just indicate that it’s been a while since you’ve been intimate with someone and your body is craving it.

  1. Your Boss

Dreaming about your boss can mean a number of different things. Ultimately, your boss will signify order and authority. If you’re struggling with those aspects of your life, then it’s very likely your boss will manifest in your dreams. Pay attention to when your boss is appearing in your dreams. Is it during a special moment with someone or just when you’re all alone. This can indicate where you’ve lose order or authority.

  1. An Old Friend

Everyone has people in their lives that used to be super important but eventually faded away. Our elementary school friends and even just high school friends we no longer talk to are great examples. Basically, if you’re seeing these people in your dreams it could mean that you’re missing the qualities that they used to bring into your life. It could also mean that you have recently just been reminded of them by little things that you may not have noticed while you were awake.

  1. Children

This ultimately depends on where you are in your life. If you’re married and thinking about starting a family, it’s normal that you would dream of children. However, if you’re not old enough or are nowhere near that stage, dreaming of kids can represent being youthful. Maybe your life has become so adult-like that you’re missing the old careless times or maybe you’re craving the carefree spirit in your life. Either way, dreaming of children represents a bigger problem within your life.

Dreams have very powerful messages for whoever is willing to listen. Make sure to pay close attention to what your dreams are telling you and this can help you make necessary changes in your life in order to be fully happy.


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