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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex-Girlfriend?


You broke up with your ex-girlfriend, and you are finally starting to move on. All of a sudden, you start to dream about your ex-girlfriend. If you no longer have feelings for her, it can be confusing that these dreams are happening. While these dreams could mean that you still have feelings for her, it could also mean that there are aspects of her that you miss. In some cases, the dreams could even be a sign that you are ready and able to move on.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex-Girlfriend?

These types of dreams are quite common, so don’t be too worried about them. You still have memories of your ex-girlfriend, even if you no longer think about her. Because of this, you could even have dreams about an ex-girlfriend years after you originally dated her. These dreams do not necessarily mean that you are still interested in your ex-girlfriend. Often, they show the types of feelings you had about the relationship, the break up and your current ability to move on from the relationship.

Specific Dream Meanings

1. Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend Kissing You

If you are dreaming that she is kissing you and there seems to be a lot of happiness or love in the dream, then there is an excellent chance that you have not moved on completely. It is normal to miss the good aspects of an old relationship after it ends. While you are not together now, there are still memories of the good times that you shared together. This dream could just show that you miss the good aspects of the relationship. It could also indicate that you feel lonely or wish that you could have a romantic relationship now that offered some of the same qualities.

2. Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend Every Night

Chances are, this dream means that you have not moved on yet. You may have had a long, intense relationship that makes it difficult to move on, or you may not have the closure that you need to put the thoughts of this relationship to rest. Most likely, dreaming about your ex-girlfriend every night means that you have not moved on completely from the relationship. It could also mean that you want to find a new relationship, so your subconscious keeps reverting to memories of the past to satisfy this desire.

3. Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend Getting Back Together

This dream does not always mean that you want to get back together with your ex-girlfriend. Often, this type of dream will happen immediately after a relationship ends as you try to move on. If you are already in a relationship, the dream may have been caused by some change in your current relationship. You may be missing some aspect of your past relationship, or it could be triggered by the increased commitment in a new relationship. Often, grooms-to-be will have dreams about ex-girlfriends because of their wedding because of the major change that is about to happen in their current life.

4. Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend Cheating on You

Dreaming that your ex-girlfriend cheating on you could have a straightforward meaning. If she cheated on you in the past, it could show that you continue to feel upset and betrayed by her actions. This type of dream could also indicate that you feel like she betrayed you by leaving you. When you go through a break up (even if you initiated that break up), it is normal to feel this. You expected that she would always be there for you. Suddenly finding out that she is out of your life can certainly feel like a betrayal because she turned her back on everything that she had promised to do. Because of this, it is quite normal to dream that your ex-girlfriend cheated on you, even if she never did in real life.

5. Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend Being With Someone Else

Unfortunately, this is a common dream. While many people have this dream, it does not make it any easier to experience. You may dream about your ex-girlfriend being with someone else because you feel as if she is moving on in life and leaving you behind. You could also have this dream if you have actually moved on and your subconscious recognizes that she will move on as well.

6. Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend Wanting You Back

This type of dream happens if some part of your subconscious wishes that you could have your girlfriend again. It can also occur if the relationship ended badly. If she broke up with you in a horrible way, a part of your subconscious may want to rewrite history and put you back in a position of power again.

7. Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend Being Pregnant

The meaning of this dream depends on the circumstances. If she is pregnant with your child, it could mean that you wish that there was more of a commitment with your ex-girlfriend. A child indicates new life, hope and rebirth, so it could indicate a desire to be with your ex-girlfriend again. If your ex is pregnant by someone else, it may indicate that you subconsciously feel like she is getting a new start in life and has moved on without you.

8. Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend Crying

This tends to indicate how you feel about the break up or how you feel about your ex-girlfriend. If you are or were extremely upset, your subconscious may make these dreams because it hopes that your ex is suffering just as much.

9. Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend Dying

Death is often a sign of a transformation, so dreaming of your ex-girlfriend dying most likely means that you are ready to take the next step in life and move on.

10. Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend Sexually

Most of the time, these kinds of dreams are just a throwback to the past. You may have felt especially aroused in your dream, so your subconscious picked someone to be your sexual partner. While it is possible that you could sleep with your ex-girlfriend again, don’t expect it to happen based on just a dream.


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