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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Girlfriend?


Our relationships often manifest in our dreams. It is normal to feel curiosity about the meanings and reasons behind your dreams. Mornings after these dreams may cause you to feel uplifted or depressed. It may be beneficial for you to better understand the potential interpretations of your dreams. The purpose of this article is help you better understand your dreams.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Girlfriend

Dreams about your girlfriend can hold a variety of meanings. These dreams can be manifestations of negative emotions or thoughts, such as your girlfriend breaking up with you. They may also leave you confused and concerned about your relationship. Manifestations of positive energy may also seek to influence you to nurture your relationship into something more.

Specific Dream Meanings About Your Girlfriend

1. Dreams About Your Girlfriend Breaking Up With You

These dreams are common for people in many relationships. This may be a sign that you have noticed that your girlfriend is concerned about your actions. The dream may also be a reflection of your concerns that you are not good enough for your partner. Allow these dreams to cause you to make an effort to be better for your girlfriend. Spend more time with her and practice your listening skills. Remember what complaints she has about you and make changes. This will help your relationship last longer.

2. Dreams About Your Girlfriend Leaving You

Manifestations of your partner getting in a car and driving away may be present in your dreams. They may also take the form her disappearing into the forest. Some people talk about their girlfriend turning around and not looking at them. These are all reflections of your concerns that your partner may be leaving you. They may also be signs that your girlfriend would like your actions to change in some way. If you find that these dreams are present, then take action by being more attentive and respectful to her wishes.

3. Dreams About Your Girlfriend Cheating On You

Dreams about infidelity are common. These dreams may be reflections of your feelings of inadequacy. They may also be signs that your waking mind has noticed that she is paying attention to other men. You may wake up in the morning with severe emotional concerns. They may be reflections of your hidden desire to develop your body and mind. You may find that these dreams will diminish as you build confidence in yourself.

4. Dreams About Your Girlfriend and Her Ex

Your girlfriend and her ex boyfriend may make an appearance in your dream. This may be due to conversations that you have had with her. Jealousy may also be the cause for these dreams. Whatever the case, these are reflections that you are concerned that she may have feelings for her ex. These thoughts are reasonable, but it is important to realize that she has chosen you. Take these dreams as reminders to spend additional time with your partner.

5. Dreams About Your Girlfriend and Your Best Friend

These unsettling dreams are reflections of the knowledge that your best friend and your girlfriend are becoming closer. This is healthy, as it is important that the two most important people in your life are developing a stronger relationship. However, if you have serious concerns about their relationship, then it may be best for you to speak with one of them about your feelings. Allow these dreams to remind you to spend time with your best friend and to strengthen your relationship with him.

6. Dreams About Your Girlfriend Dying

These dreams are manifestations of either feelings of loss or of change. It is common to feel concern that you are going to lose your partner. Dreams of death can reveal your hidden feelings that your partner may leave you at any time. Death may also be a symbol of change, which is not always a negative event. These dreams are attempting influence you to seize the moment. Reach out to your partner and let her know how important that she is to you.

7. Dreams About Your Girlfriend Killing You

These frightening dreams are commonly reflections of feelings of guilt or regret. You may have noticed actions that she has taken recently during your waking life. These negative actions may have appeared in your dream. It is certain that your partner is not actually interested in harming you in anyway. They may also be a sign that your partner wants you to change certain negative characteristics of your personality. If you are having these dreams, then be certain to take action to show your partner that you love and care for her.

8. Dreams About Your Girlfriend Kissing You

It is great to wake up in the morning full of positive energy from your dreams. Dreams of kissing, hugging, cuddling and physical closeness are reflections of your desire to become closer to your girlfriend. These also may be signs that you want to raise your relationship to the next level. These dreams should cause you to show your partner the respect that she deserves.

9. Dreams About Your Girlfriend Being Pregnant

Dreams about pregnancy and children are often representations that you are thinking about having a child. Your waking life may not be prepared for children, but your inner mind may be letting you know about your inner desires. These dreams may also be a sign that you are ready to speak with her about the future of your relationship. It is possible that these dreams are reflections of the pheromones and actions that your partner is sharing with you.

10. Dreams About Having Sex With Your Girlfriend

Incredibly common, these dreams are reflection of your desire to become physically intimate with your partner. These dreams may not simply be about physical attraction. They may also be reminders that you need to take your relationship to the next level. Your partner may be giving you signs that she wants to move forward with the relationship as well. It is important to allow these dreams to direct your action in a positive manner.


  1. I dream that myself and my girlfriend go to a party and a stranger says he really likes her and has a bet he could woo her, and offers the same bet for his wife…. it works, and I agree to swap partners, we start going to a lot of these parties, and my partner become addicted, and starts to dress more to attract more and more partners, and I go the opposite way, to the point I want it to stop, but don’t know how, because I can see she enjoys it way to much.

    • This dream is a reflection of your emotional and social concerns. If you have reason to believe that the two of you will become swingers and your relationship will be damaged, then ensure that you act in a reasonable way. This dream may also be influenced by the media that you consume. Abstain from consuming dramatic media at this time. Have a great day, Peter!