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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Younger Self?


While most of your dreams are of your current self, you may sometimes have a dream when you are your younger self. This can be disconcerting because you are not sure what it means. There is obviously a reason why your subconscious mind chose to have your younger self appear in the dream, but it is not always easy to figure out the deeper significance. Depending on the circumstances, there can be a number of reasons why you might have this a dream about your younger self.

seeing yourself younger in a dream

In most cases, have a dream about your younger self is a sign that you have knowledge from the past that needs to be better understood. Most likely, this past information is something that is causing friction in your current life. Your mind may be trying to understand something that happened in your past and how it effects your current life.

Often, this type of dream is a way of your subconscious to show a better way of being. It may be gradually nudging you toward a better life. You are going back to that time because something formative happened. There is a memory that you have to address or something that needs to be better understood.

To figure out what is going on, you should look at what happened between that time in your life and today. Think of that version of yourself. What was going on in your life at that time? How did you feel and what did you think? What was troubling you? Did you make a mistake that you are having trouble forgetting or getting over?

The dream about your younger self might not be just focused on the past experience. It could relate to something that happened just a few weeks ago. Perhaps there was a situation that made you feel the same way now as the past version of you felt. How do you feel about that event? Is there any parallel between the past version of you and yourself now?

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Are You Hiding Something?

When people undergo traumatic experiences, it is common for their subconscious to hide the memories. You may not think of what happened for months or years afterward. A sudden visit from an old friend or a dream about a past memory may suddenly bring up all of these thoughts. The dream about your younger self may be a sign that these traumatic memories and negative feelings are reemerging in your mind. You have to address them before you can start to move on. You have basically opened up Pandora’s Box for feelings, so now you have to find a way to sort through the emotions that have been released from the box.

If this is the reason why you have a dream about your younger self, then your goal should be to make peace with the past. You have to work through these feelings and understand those feelings that make you vulnerable. It is only by finding peace with these feelings that you can become the best person that you can be.

What If the Dreams Keep Happening?

If you have a dream about your younger self once, it is always possible that it is just a random coincidence. Your subconscious mind stores all of your memories, thoughts and experiences. From time to time, these different experiences are bound to reemerge in your dreams. A single dream about your younger self could just be random, so it is important not to read too much into it.

If you keep having the same dreams over and over again, then it is because your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something. It is trying to nudge you into sorting through the feelings and experiences of your past. You have the potential to move on in life and become a better person. To actually move on, you have to learn how these experiences affected you and come to terms with them. It is only through making peace with your past that you can really start to live in your present.

Dream Symbols of Children

Seeing children in your dreams can have a number of different meanings. We will go through the most common symbols and interpretations.

You as a Child: This could represent your true self and your soul when it was an unspoiled part of nature. It shows your soul as worthy of bottomless love. It may also show a childhood experience that you have to come to terms with.

New Beginnings: Depending on what happens in the dream, it could show a potential for a new beginning. It may represent a new start for your psyche or a reconciliation with past forces.

Children With Divine Auras: If a child in the dream has a divine aura, it represents the transcendent ability of the show. It shows that there are opposing forces within you like compassion and intellect that must work together to reach your ultimate fulfillment.


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