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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Getting Shot by a Bullet and Didn’t Die?


Being shot by a bullet is terrifying. Often, you wake up immediately after you die in a dream. In some cases, you do not always die from the bullet. Instead, you are forced to keep fighting through your injury or have to run away from the assailant. When you are finally able to wake up, you are left wondering what the bullet and your survival mean about your subconscious mind.

From what scientists and researchers can tell, dreams are a reflection of the subconscious mind. They include the thoughts, feelings and desires that you experience in your waking life. Because of this, each aspect of your dream may represent something unique about your waking world. It may show your desires, fears or current problems.

When it comes to being shot in a dream, the emotions involved are normally fear, anger and confusion. At the root of this dream is a sense of being victimized. You are being hurt at the hands of someone else, and the other person has an advantage. Their gun means that you are at risk as you run away or try to fight.

In a dream, a gun typically represents a sense of dominance or strength. It may also represent a fight for desire. Depending on your own experiences, a gun could also signify social status, a certain lifestyle or a career. Often, a gun represents a speedy response and defense. The true interpretation of this depends on the number of gunmen, the kind of gun and how serious the fight is.

If you are shot by a gunman that you cannot see, it generally means that you feel stricken or hurt by the words that other people say. Perhaps someone is gossiping behind your back and causing problems in your waking life. If you dream that you shoot someone else, it could mean that you are rejecting that person or an aspect of yourself. They may represent a certain feeling or attitude in your waking life. You shoot them in the dream because you want to reject that feeling within yourself.

When someone shoots you in the dream, it can also mean that you are trying to reject a certain part of yourself. Even the most emotionally balanced individuals have feelings or traits that they dislike within their mind. Being shot in the dream could mean that you are trying to reject that aspect of yourself. To figure out the trait that you are trying to reject, look at the type of person who is the gunmen. Do they represent a certain feeling or experience to you? If so, your mind may be trying to reject that thought or experience within yourself.

Bullets, Guns and More Interpretations

According to some dream interpreters, watching a bullet get shot in your dream means that there is a situation of hardship in your real life. You may feel attacked or you may feel like there is a significant level of competition in the real world. There may be other people making decisions in your life that you have no power over. You feel like your only option is to get shot because you cannot take control and determine your own future. Because of this, the dream may mean that you are in a situation where you lack the authority or power to make your own choices.

The good news is that you were not harmed in the dream. This means that those individuals are not able to harm you in real life. While you feel attacked and powerless, you are ultimately unaffected by those individuals. You are still injured, but you have some power to take control and achieve your aims.

On its own, a gun generally shows a fight for survival. If you are being shot at by gang members, then it shows that you feel overwhelmed in your real life. You feel like everyone is united against you, and you are the minority struggling to make your case. This may show some of your major fears and frustrations.

If you are in a natural environment or at home, it typically shows your fight over familiar territory. It means that it is most likely a home, family or friend-related situation that is making you upset. In an urban environment or city, the same actions show a fight for survival for your social status, career position or financial status.

If you are hunting in the dream and get shot, it shows a fight for survival. Hunting an animal shows that you are trying to survive and be self-reliant. If you are shot during your hunt, it shows that you feel unable to survive on your own. As hard as you work, it seems impossible to keep your head above water.

Dream of Getting Shot in the Head

Your mind is revealing concerns and worries that influence your actions in your waking life. The sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and many physical sensations interact with the sensory organs of our head. Your ideas and emotions appear in your mind as thoughts. Each of these aspects of your life may be represented by your head. When you dream of getting shot in the head, it is an indication that there may be a stressful or frustrating influence that is having an impact in your life.

You may find that a specific wound becomes apparent in your dream. If you were shot in the eye, then there may have been a recent sight or vision that made you feel uncomfortable or worried. Harmful or loud conversations could cause you feel as though your ears we damaged. Smelling or tasting blood could be an indication of events that occurred in the past. Many people felt the blood pulsing or streaming out of the bullet hole, which could be a sign of a physically stressful interaction.

Some dreams immediately end after being shot in the end, which may mean that there was a conclusion what occurred during your waking life. A fatal wound that continues throughout your dream could indicate what is causing the stress which remains in your mind.

Dream of Being Shot in the Chest

Our body, especially our chest, is often a reflection of the way that we interact with the world. Like our brain, our heart and lungs are of vital importance. The organs in our chest give our body vitality and power, which may be an indication of the purpose behind the dream. When you dream of being shot in the chest, it may be a sign that you feel drained or weakened from something in your life.

The wound in your chest can be best understood by how it affects the rest of your dream. If you feel like you are winded or short of breath, then there may be a passive or constant pressure that you are dealing with. If you feel weak or heavy, then something powerful or dominant in your life may be causing you to feel crushed. You may feel tired or empty, and this may be a sign that a requirement in your life is leaving you drained.

You behaviors in your dream are indications of the manner in which you overcome the concerns in your life. Hospitals or doctors may be a sign that you address concerns in your life when they arise. If you continue your mission within your dream, then you likely focus on your goals rather than the stresses in your life.

Dream of Getting Shot in the Back

The back is often used to indicate betrayal and treachery. If you dream of getting shot in the back, then it is possible that you are having problems with a social or familial relationship. You may have had a relationship end, been lied to, or abandoned. Feelings of distrust or paranoia may appear in these dreams as well. There may be a struggle that you are experiencing that is caused by an unknown source.

Other people in your dream could give you insight as to the purpose or meaning behind the images. If there are numerous people in your dream, then you may be confused about who is causing you concerns. There may be others who are there to help you, and their actions could be indications of their support during your waking life.

These dreams should lead you to make a decision about your life. There could be something in your life that you are not understanding, and this uncertainty may be appearing in your dream. Look into your dream for clues or insights. This may be a sign that something in your like is being overlooked or hidden from you. Speak with your friends and your family about any questions that you may have at this time.

Dream of Being Shot Multiple Times

Multiplicity may appear in a dream to signify numerous influences in your life which may be causing your stress and concerns. Numerous social relationships or repetitive interactions could be indicated by a dream like this. When you dream of being shot multiple times, you should look back on the experiences that you have had recently.

Various people, media, and memories could be causing you to feel overwhelmed. These dreams could also reveal a history of similar relationships or thoughts. There may be a social group or class of individuals that are making you feel pressure or stress. You may have recently consumed various media, such as horror or action movies. These dreams may leave you feeling like you are isolated or singled out.

The dream will bring you insight into what is causing you to feel concerned with your life. If there are a group of people, then attempt to understand what similarities that they have. There may be a connection that will help to better understand the purpose of the dream. Strengthen your relationships with your friends and family members, as this will help you feel supported in your waking life. Reduce the amount of interactions that you have with people who you do not trust or who make you feel uncertain.

Getting Shot in a Dream and Feeling the Pain

During your waking life, pain is an indication that you are being harmed or that something needs to be addressed. In a dream, you may find that you feel these sensations. Getting shot in a dream and feeling the pain is an indication of a strong mental connection with the experiences in this dream. It may mean that there is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

These dreams are often extremely vivid in other ways as well, so you may be someone who has lucid dreams or simply remembers your dreams very well. There may have been a particularly biting interaction that you had recently. Perhaps something in your life was extremely powerful, such as a frightening interaction or sudden loss.

When you have dreams where the pain is felt, you should take time to understand what may have caused this dream to appear in the first place. When you are awake, ensure that you address what is causing you to be fearful or in pain. Remove the stress from your life, or address it in a manner that will reduce its influence on your thoughts and feelings. It is certain that there are benefits to be gained by changing what you allow into your life.


    • The dream may show a sense of fear for the people around you as well as a concern for how difficult obstacles may be to overcome. Thankfully, a dream is just a dream, so you have the capacity to do whatever you want or need to in order to overcome challenges in your waking life.

  1. I was in the kitchen of our home (but it elsewhere, a more run down urban apartment in the city) with my 3 yo. We were playing and my boyfriend came in with his handgun and he said he was going to kill me. He began shooting. I was running from him holding my child trying to keep him away from the aim. He shot 3 times but his gun was malfunctioning so he stopped to adjust it. In that time I set my kid down and ran outside so he wouldn’t get hit by the bullets and to try to hide. He appeared at the window and shot me in the chest. I said “you want ME to be your first kill? Why?” And died.
    I woke up not feeling any fear, I don’t even remember feeling fearful in the dream. I was just so confused.
    (He is a cop, and the most kind hearted man I’ve ever met, so this was shocking. But that is why I said the thing about his “first kill”. Which also is shocking because he certainly is NOT “out to kill”.)

    • The dream doesn’t necessarily mean you are afraid of your boyfriend or worried that he is going to kill anyone. It may also mean that you sense that he is upset at work, or you are afraid of his anger in certain circumstances. I would not read too much into it–unless you are actually afraid of him or in a confrontational situation with him, it may just be random.

  2. I had a dream
    Someone just came out of a place and started shooting me at my area
    I kept dulging and even one bullet didn’t touch me
    What does it mean pls

    • Dreams about shootings are indications of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. Similarly, you are aware of the struggles that people are dealing with at this time. The dodging is an indication of the way that you may manage stresses in your life. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will bring positive energy into the world. Have a great day, Abena!

  3. I had a dream that I was a family gathering having a good time and two guys walk up shot a girl and killed her and turn around and shot me but I didn’t die. I got away and ended up at their house and they was surprised and I started to ask them questions like why did they do it and they say someone told them to do it.

    • Dreams about witnessing shootings and being shot are indications of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. Your behaviors after being shot may be reflections of how you address stresses that enter into your life. Allow the negative aspects of this dream to fade, and share your kindness and compassion at all times. Have a great day, Latoya!

  4. Hello, i had a dream last night that I HAD to shoot my husband while he was sleeping. I had to ask myself where do i shoot him. I quickly decided it would be best if it was as fast as possible, so I shot him in the head. He woke up with a bullet wound in his forehead and asked me what I was doing. I remember immediately regretting my choice of shooting him and took him to see a doctor who gave him meds to fix his wound.
    Backstory: My husband and i are in a very healthy and loving relationship. I couldnt imagine living life without him. Before bed we snuggled together and watched a movie (rocketman), which we havent been able to do in while.
    Can you tell me what this means?

    • The dream seems to represent a difficult decision, or perhaps a difficult discussion where you feel like the right thing to do is something that will be painful or unpleasant for your husband. This doesn’t mean you want to harm him–the fact that you didn’t want to do it emphasizes the fact that you only want to make painful decisions if it is something you have to do.

  5. I just woke up out of a dream
    Where I was at my friend house we were leaving outside was her boyfriend and kids and behind me coming out the door were my kids although that was the only imagine I have of them prior to the shooting. We were walking out of her house and this white town car with a brown top pulls up and just starts shooting I drop
    To the ground at that point I don’t hear or see anyoelss until the gunman gets out and walks around looking at people hi see him walking toward me as I hide under the table and then he comes around and I hear the gun go off sevaral times as he shot me in my shoulder. After he leaves out I run thinking I’m have my gun in my hand and start shootinf back hitting him, but it turns out it’s not a gun it’s a water gun ( I was pissed)! Somehow I interpret my husband took my gun off the porch and a big screen tv falls on my foot (weird) The police cams and even brung back the suspect that did it. Clear as day I see him what his hair look like, gold teeth and even his name but I’ve never seen this person in real life!!! What could this mean??

    • The dream seems to show a sense of fear about the outside world. You may be concerned about how life, natural disasters or other unforeseen events could hurt you or your loved ones. The fact that you fight back in the dream seems to indicate that you are not interested in facing any risk lying down and will fight for the safety of your loved ones.

  6. I had a dream where there was a gang right beside my car and they were jumping him and then decided to shoot him but then looked up and noticed we saw the whole thing and shot at us it hit me on my neck twice and head but I managed to drive away and was still alive I felt pain but not as much.

    • Dreams of being shot are indications of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. It is possible that you are dealing with a stress in your life that you are interested in navigating. Allow the negative aspects of this dream to fade, and share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life This will help draw positive people and energy toward you.

  7. I had a dream I was in my house. First the door bell rang and my dgt didn’t see anyone. Than I got up for a drink and as I was walking by the front door I seen 2 people. They used a chainsaw to get into my house. I tried to grab my dgt but she was in bed with the dog crying so I had to force her. When we got to the garage it took her forever to grab her sneakers. I ran back in the house and they Shot me 7 times but I still lived. They shot me and left. I somehow survived and as I looked out the window they seen me. It was a Guy and a female.
    The female came back. That’s when I noticed it was my my sister. But we escaped out the back and ran to a neighbors house to call 911. But the back yard and the neighbors where not from my recent house but from my childhood house

    • The dream may show a sense of fear about the changes that are going on in your life. The fact that you are in your childhood house may symbolize the loss of your dreams or a nostalgia for a past that is no longer possible. It is also possible that you feel afraid of outside forces or influencing that could end up attacking you or causing you harm. Thankfully, a dream is only a representation of your subconscious thoughts and feelings, so this is unlikely to happen in real life.

  8. I had a dream that my 3 boys were with me at a sonic.
    We got off and some random guy started to shoot with a small gun one of my sons got up and the gun man told him to lay down,then some guy tride to shot the gun man .the gun man then fires a shot to scare him . Then all the cops started to come then the gun man pulled out a high caliber rifle and started shooting and had a shoot out with the cops.then my younger son notice his older brother bleeding, we called his name he looked at me and I asked him if he was shot he said yes on his neck he had a small bullet hole. Then I woke up.

    • It is natural to fear that something will harm your children–almost every parent goes through the same worries and fears. This is especially common as children age because you naturally become more worried about them as they gain independence, and you are no longer able to track their safety at all times. Thankfully, this dream represents your own subconscious fears, so it is unlikely that this will occur in real life.

  9. I dreamt that i was in a house of my sisters. and i got shot three times in the chest. I somehow didn’t get too hurt to the point where i couldn’t walk or anything. So i walked to my sisters house winded of breath and told her there’s someone with a gun. to hide. and to get our mom and rest of our family home safely. she ran and did all those task and i lifted my shirt and saw where the person had shot me. i laid down on her front porch and passed out and went to coma. I then out of nowhere woke up in a side of a mountain on minecraft. and i felt like someone was trying to find me so i went to a spot and hid my “valuables” but in the chest were my memories. In the chest was my life. I left it hidden so they couldn’t find it. and then i saw two friends of mine who had found me. I talked to them. but they didn’t make any sense. they were speaking gibberish. so i shrugged it off and walked on the ledge of the mountain. and jumped and then i was at walmart. walking around. It was completely empty inside. but i still felt like i was being watched or followed. and once in awhile i’d hear my sister yell and it’d echo in my head. but i couldn’t see her. she’d tell me to stay strong. But i keep walking around walmart when i started to realize i can control my dream and i’m looking for meanings of life. So i start to think of people who are important to me. Keep in mind no ones with me. But i go to her house and instead of her house being there. there’s a baseball field. and it seemed like she was living in a different city or town and i saw her and she wasn’t very enthused. I felt bad and wanted to talk to her. and hug her. and tell her how much she means to me. but it just disappeared. and i felt awful, so i kept walking and i thought of another persons house i was gonna go to , so i think about it. but then i found a friend of mine who popped into my thoughts and seemed like he was having the same thing as me. as if he was in a coma too. i told him we’d be able to get out together but he said he was hungry and i started to feel that too. So we had to walk to a store. and it still felt like someone was seeing me. and then i saw a fight. of two important game characters of my life. and i saw one kill the other and i turned away for one second. and i woke up in real life hyperventilating and i started to tear up. and now i’m wondering what it means. i still feel as if the place where i got shot is there. in my chest. i know exactly where they had been , i feel it but i can’t touch it

    • You may feel like there are challenges or obstacles in your life that you are unable to face on your own. Since none of your friends or family members were able to deal with the problem in your dream as well, you may feel like you can’t get any help for confronting the obstacle in your path. Thankfully, a dream only shows your own subconscious thoughts, so what you dreamed is not what will actually happen in real life.

  10. I dream a year ago once, and last week straightly for 2 days, then a day after as well. The same kind of dream, a guy in black shot me in the back, one shot and make me fell down on the ground. Usually its a scene in a public place. Two of my dreams I only saw one guy doing the chaos, other two – they are group of guys. But the same scene, shooting in people randomly. In the scene, I tried to help other people too, guide them where we can possibly hide or avoid the gunman/gunmens, but yeah at the end one guy saw me, then it seems to late for me to run away from him as he shot me at my upper back. Also. One of my dream among 4 I experienced being beaten by these guys yet but I tried to fight yet before one shot me.

    • Getting shot in the back may symbolize that you aren’t able to confront a problem because someone is being unfair about it. Since you are unable to hide away from the gunmen, it also seems like your subconscious is telling you that you can’t hide from your problems and your best course of action is to try to find a way through your issues instead.

  11. So my dream last night i was talking my dog outside to use the bathroom and she was on a leash ( i never put her on leashes in real life) we seemed to be at home i was in pajamas but the house we were at isnt a house ive ever seen. But anyway when my dog was using the bath room i seen a young man down the road shoot and kill somebody and take a brown paper bag from them , when he seen that i saw him i took off but it kinda seemed like i wasnt trying hard to run. I believe i ran to the front of the building he met me there and i kept telling him “i didnt see a thing” and that i wouldnt tell a soul but he still shot me in my head and in my face and in my jaw. I kinda laid there for a minute to see if i was going to die but i got up. I was trying to yell or scream but it was like one side of my jaw was wired shut. And oh yeah my dog had just disappeared out the whole dream at this point. Next i think i made my self up some stairs into the apartment and i was like dragging my self i didnt have any balance my chest was SUPER HEAVY like it felt like there was a rock sitting in side pulling me down ( when i woke up from this dream my chest still felt like that) i dont remember too much more, ik i told my mom i got shot and she kept telling me to just lay down and rest and im like nooooo i need to go to the hospital now!!!! And i kept calling 911 but the call would never go thru. And the house i was in was FULL of people mostly familiar faces but nobody seemed to be concerned. When someone (i dont remember who) finally asked what happened i showed them my head and my jaw and i pulled up my shirt to show whomever that i was shot in the side of my stomach 3 times and it was like i knew it was there but in the beginning when i got shot it was only my head and my jaw/face. And the dream goes on cant really remember to much else. But it was a point in the dream where my big cousin was walking behind me in the house and i think we walked past a room with a mirror and i happen to look over and see he was trying to stab me in my neck with a syringe. And i think at that point my dreams switched the other one was super vivd and scary to but i dont remember enough about it.

    • The dream shows you are afraid of outside or unknown forces. Even though you try to avoid these forces in real life and in your dream, you are unable to. Ultimately, you can only do your best to avoid potential dangers. You may also be concerned that even the people closest to you like your cousin will be unable to help you navigate through difficult situations.

  12. I dreamt I was in my lodge, I and my girlfriend had a little issue with our landlord, while explaining to him, a gun man on bike shot my girlfriend right in the hand, then I ran to her to keep her safe. Then I pursue the gun man on bike, I jumped on the bike and I blow him then he shot me right in the hand close to my chest but I drag him down from the bike I use a stick to beat him till he passed out maybe he was dead then I woke up.

    • The dream shows fear about your girlfriend being injured or harmed by situations and people you can’t control or prevent. Even though you may be worried about the safety of your girlfriend, the dream also seems to indicate that you feel confident you could protect her and yourself if you need to because you were able to take on the attackers successfully.

  13. I have dreamed last oct 12,2019 about my boyfriend anf father in law, in my dreams, someone gave bracelet to my boyfriend and told me it was mine, so i talked to him and told him that i dont know who the person is. Suddenly, he dont want to talk to me anymore and after that conversation, my father in law with the gang were chasing me, i dont know what to do, untill i saw a tree and i climb up there, exhausted,
    crying with a lot of questions on my mind why this is happening to me, but my father in law saw me and shouted, ” shes here, shoot her now.
    As i was up there i was praying, and then i just felt something painful at my back. Then i realize i was shot multiple times, and a lot of blood were pouring down.
    Afterwards i woke up with a lot of question in my head,
    1 day after that dream my back were aching and i got my period at the same time,
    I dont know if my dream were connected to what i am feeling right know.

    • You may have felt menstrual cramps during your sleep, which your subconscious mind used to create the dream. When you hurt yourself or something physical happens while you sleep, your subconscious will often make a dream to try to explain the injury. In this case, your dream may just be due to actual, real-life pain.

  14. Comment:Hi, I had a dream, I was in my home, (natural environment) in our village, suddenly two strangers (male) attacked me with a handgun, they were shooting me and I was defending it behind a log of wood, all of a sudden I stood up and the one at the left side shot me at the chest, I went down, get up again immediately filled with strengths, by then I also have a handgun in my hand, then I used it to kill two of them, then I jumped out of my hiding place victoriously, saying ‘ that “I am immortal, that I had a gunshot yet, I didn’t die”. But the bullet was visible in my chest, although it wasn’t paining me but just scared that it might cause some damage in my chest, so I was touching the bullet, trying to remove it, but I couldn’t, unfortunately I woke up. Please can you tell me the meaning of this my dream, God bless!

    • The dream seems to show your own confrontation with mortality (or immortality, as your dream put it). It may mean you recognize that we all live for only a short time, and you are unable to overcome the human condition. The attack may also symbolize a sense of danger or difficulties from the people around you in your life right now.

  15. I dreamt that I was showing someone I had just met around a plaza; we were upstairs at this point, and while showing her around, we saw a man pointing 2 guns (one in each hand) at 4 men. We quickly went into the nearest shop on the plaza, went behind the door and hoping for the best. Then we heard 4 shots. Then the gun man came in the store and shot the cashier, the customer in the line then looked behind the door and shot us.
    When I gained consciousness, I realized that I had gotten shot in my thigh and then i dragged my foot downstairs to catch a cab to go home to let my dad carry me to the hospital. My mother didn’t even believe me smh typical.
    Funny enough, when my alarm rang this morning I was so scared I checked my thighs and I actually have a little pimple there.

    • Perhaps you hit something while you were sleeping and caused the injury, which also led to the dream. If you are injured while you are sleeping, your subconscious mind will often create a dream to explain away the pain of the injury. Hopefully, this is the only reason why you had this dream. Good luck!

  16. In my dream, I was in an unknown old lady’s house with my family. After that, I stayed a little bit behind to say goodbye to the stranger. Then, when I went out to finally enter the car I saw three young men carrying rifles. The old lady rushed in her house and I tried to sneak and lock the gates but I failed. I thought about running, but instead, I face them and just covered my body. That’s when they shot me with their rifles, like a lot. When I tried to get up, one of them lifted me by holding the neckline of my shirt then he let out a barrage of bullets to my throat. I laid there for a while, faking my death. Then when I got a chance, I ran to the car then escaped. That’s when I woke up.

    Can you please explain? It’s so weird

    • The dream shows a sense of fear about what will happen in the future. You may feel like there are unseen forces in the world that exercise too much control, and you are unable to do what you want to do or need to do. Judging by how the dream ends, you may feel like the best option is to lie low when trouble approaches and wait it out.

  17. I just woke up from a bad dream that my neighbor shot me in the leg two times. Everybody dislikes him because of his bad attitude. I don’t know why i dreamt of him. I think the gun has 7 bullets and i used 4 bullets but i did not shoot anyone i just tried using the gun. And he shot me twice in the leg and then he remembered there was three bullets left. When he was about to shoot me using the remaining bullet. I woke up because i felt the pain even if it was just a dream.

    • Dreams of being shot are indications of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. This person may have given you reason to feel stressed recently. The strong sensation of pain is an indication of the strength of this dream.

  18. apparently i had a different family in my dream. my dad was different i had a way younger brother than what i have now( in real life) and of course a different mother. so my dream dad killed a person who was supposedly rich and wealthy i guess and he got killed by my dream dad. Moreover i had no connection with that family or any kind of sense of bonding with them yet they were still my family. so this is where the killing took place. we were in a room filled with people and i knew immediately they were plotting to kill my dream dad. but my dad didn’t know and he was just enjoying something idek. my dad was across the room. my mom and younger brother were next to me. the shooter ( who i don’t even know who it resembles) was also next to me behind a table (i could still see him). then this guy ordered him to shoot. i knew all of this was gonna happen apparently. it all happened fast. my dad was shot then my younger bro and my mom. then when i looked at the shooter, that’s when i got shot, on my chest. i fell and i could feel the blood coming out of my mouth. i was weak couldn’t breathe and could hear distant laugh. i tried opening my eyes and i all i could see was red. immediately i started getting scared worried because i knew i gonna miss many people especially my boyfriend ( who i was on a last call with in real life, yes i remembered that) i didn’t want him to know that after his last call i was found dead. i wanted to live. i opened my eyes and i could see those people leaving the room looking at me and saying”oh she is still breathing probably acting as if she is asleep” they laughed and left. after a while i opened the door got outside, i was shaky couldn’t walk couldn’t see properly. at a distant few people ( children) came running to me . then this one guy ( who is in my college, i have seen him but haven’t spoken to him) came up to me. i was trying to speak, to tell them i wasn’t safe i had to get out. then he carried me away running.
    the dream still continued. i was still having blood on my shirt i wasn’t cured and i saw the guy who ordered to shoot me later in the dream but it all felt weird this entire dream, it really spoiled my mood after i got up. its my first time having this kind of dream.

    • The dream could just be due to the constant violence we are exposed to in the news and in movies. It’s also entirely possible you feel threatened or metaphorically in danger in your waking life. You may feel like no one can really help you (or people may refuse to help you), which is why you dreamed that you weren’t cured in the dream. Thankfully, a dream only represents what’s going on in your subconscious mind, so you are unlikely to go through this exact scenario in your waking life.

  19. Hello , I had a dream about a guy trying to kill me he tried shooting me in the heart but I moved and he shot me rite to the side of my heart. The guy in my dream was my boyfriends friend but I have never seen this man before in my life and I could tell he wanted me dead. My boyfriend didn’t do anything to help me and I crawled away and called the cops not sure if I died in the dream because I woke up.

    • The dream seems to indicate you fear what can happen to you in the outside world or that other people may not have your best interests at all. Unfortunately, it seems like you don’t think your boyfriend will really be supportive enough for you, which is why he did nothing to actually help you out in your dream. It seems like you may sometimes feel like you have to rely entirely on your own ability to overcome difficult situations.

  20. Hello, I had a dream of a man trying to murder me he tried shooting me in the heart but I moved and he shot me to the side by my collar bone. He was my boyfriends friend in the dream I have never seen this man in my life before but he wanted me dead. My boyfriend didn’t do anything to help me and I crawled away and called the cops im not sure if I died in the dream because I woke up once I made the call.

    • The dream seems to indicate you fear what can happen to you in the outside world or that other people may not have your best interests at all. Unfortunately, it seems like you don’t think your boyfriend will really be supportive enough for you, which is why he did nothing to actually help you out in your dream. It seems like you may sometimes feel like you have to rely entirely on your own ability to overcome difficult situations.

  21. I dreamt that a friend of mine picked me up and we were turning around a corner and a big bus was there and people were arguing in the middle of the street. When we drove past them, two men were arguing in a Car, then all of a sudden, the man on the right turned to me and started firing the gun. The gun looked regular but, it kept spraying bullets. I could see the flashes and I was hit multiple times. In the dream, I was thinking that I was going to die and leave my two youngest Children who are Autistic Teenager’s but then I woke up 😢😢😢😢

    • You are aware of recent shootings and other violent events. There may be a stress in your life that you are navigating in your life, as death is often a symbol for change. Nourish your relationships with your children by spending additional time with them in person.

  22. I had a dreamlast night ,my ex husband found me as i was hiding then shot me with a gun at my shoulder,i stiil can walk to find him and file a case against him ,i walk through military detachments ,i also heard my name in news ,my full name was mentioned and stated that i was shot…

    • Your dream is a reflection of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. The experiences with your ex likely influenced this dream. If you have similar dreams in the future, then address whoever is shooting you within the dream, as this will prevent these types of dreams from arising.

  23. I had a dream about my ex shot me in my knee, after he saw me takling to my friends (boys) he was so upset when he shot me and tell me why am i talking to them, even if he’s the one who left me.

    • Dreams of shootings are reflections of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. It is possible that you feel that your ex has blamed you for the end of your relationship. Allow thoughts of him to fade, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere.

    • You were shot. It is reasonable for your mind to be focused on this event. If you see this person in the future, then speak with them about your thoughts and feelings.

  24. I had a dream that me and my boyfriend where going to dinner at a restaurant in a some random mall and we walked past this random crazy dude talking to himself and trying to provoke us but we ignored him as we walked passed him on the stairs. As we look back a group 4 black young guys dressed in black hoodies and track pants came Out of no where and tried frighting the crazy guy. Swearing at him in his face pushing him and my bf and i were just standing there watching this occur. After the fight starting coming toward us this is when we start running and everyone in the restaurant is confused. A couple people start speed walking and looking back at what wee were running from. Then one of the guys wheels out a gun and everyone started screaming and running. The guy who wheeled out a gun (it was a black handheld) then said “i haven’t shot a girl yet” then he saw me and started chasing me then i fell on the floor trying to block myself and he pointed the gun to my ankle and shot me . Then i ended up in a hotel by myself naked crying bleeding out. I heard the elevator door open and thought the guys were coming back for me. So i locked the door and then look through the peep hole only to see my mom dad and boyfriend. When i open the door i was supper calm telling them how i got shot and i need to get to a hospital. While my parents are scrambling to find clothes for me my boyfriend says to me keep breathing babe i need you alive and i lay on the bed feeling myself slowly dying. I don’t know where my bf was at this time i was being shot either but he was with me at the beginning. I woke up super upset crying and telling my mom what happened. I come from a culture that’s very superstitious as well but also there’s been a lot of deaths caused by shootings where i’m from so I don’t know if thats the cause of the dream too. *side note

    • The dreams probably are thanks to all of the shooting stories in the news and in movies. If not, then the dream may reflect a fear about the dangers around you in life that you can’t control. The fact that loved ones are present may mean you feel concerned that you are unable to protect them or be protected by them when danger strikes.

  25. Dreamt of living with my boyfriend in the same town and he came shot in the leg one evening. I was crying and convincing him to go to a hospital far away as the nearby hospital was closed already. It was romantic but I’m afraid of the shooting part. Please clarify!

    • Shootings are often manifestations of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. Your emotional relationship with your partner has appeared within your dream. Your behaviors within the dream may be indications of how you would behave in similar situations.

  26. I had a dream that my recently estranged father was shot multiple times in the chest by a thug in a parking lot with a machine gun. I thought he shot someone else but then looked to my dad and he fell to the floor. I ran to him and dragged him across the street to the hospital as best as I could. He got there and he was in critical condition. I was clutching his hand and I thought he flat-lined a few times.

    • The dream may be a metaphor for the fact that your relationship has become estranged. The fact that you try to save him in the dream is interesting though–it almost seems like you regret the estrangement and wish that you could reach out to him again. As the dream points out, people don’t live forever, so it is important to make amends while you still can, just in case.

  27. i had a dream of being shot twice . the first shot was in my upper part of my stomach where my chest and upper stomach meet. the second was on my back . both shots didn’t show blood in my dream as i searches myself for blood . after being shot in the upper stomach and lower chest area i can feel a little pain and see the bullet stuck inside my skin . i didn’t die as i kept walking around in my dream with the pain and bullet still inside of me. then later in the dream my eye ball started to bleed and my face getting bloated. once i felt the blood coming down my face i looked into a mirror and saw my face melting and Warping. i then woke up from that dream and still feel the pain in my upper stomach where the bullet was in my dream

    • The dream shows that you may fear different dangers in the outside world. While the survival in the dream seems to indicate you feel as if you can survive these problems on your own, you may be concerned about the damages or difficulties you will encounter along the way.


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