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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Getting Shot by a Bullet and Didn’t Die?


Being shot by a bullet is terrifying. Often, you wake up immediately after you die in a dream. In some cases, you do not always die from the bullet. Instead, you are forced to keep fighting through your injury or have to run away from the assailant. When you are finally able to wake up, you are left wondering what the bullet and your survival mean about your subconscious mind.

From what scientists and researchers can tell, dreams are a reflection of the subconscious mind. They include the thoughts, feelings and desires that you experience in your waking life. Because of this, each aspect of your dream may represent something unique about your waking world. It may show your desires, fears or current problems.

When it comes to being shot in a dream, the emotions involved are normally fear, anger and confusion. At the root of this dream is a sense of being victimized. You are being hurt at the hands of someone else, and the other person has an advantage. Their gun means that you are at risk as you run away or try to fight.

In a dream, a gun typically represents a sense of dominance or strength. It may also represent a fight for desire. Depending on your own experiences, a gun could also signify social status, a certain lifestyle or a career. Often, a gun represents a speedy response and defense. The true interpretation of this depends on the number of gunmen, the kind of gun and how serious the fight is.

If you are shot by a gunman that you cannot see, it generally means that you feel stricken or hurt by the words that other people say. Perhaps someone is gossiping behind your back and causing problems in your waking life. If you dream that you shoot someone else, it could mean that you are rejecting that person or an aspect of yourself. They may represent a certain feeling or attitude in your waking life. You shoot them in the dream because you want to reject that feeling within yourself.

When someone shoots you in the dream, it can also mean that you are trying to reject a certain part of yourself. Even the most emotionally balanced individuals have feelings or traits that they dislike within their mind. Being shot in the dream could mean that you are trying to reject that aspect of yourself. To figure out the trait that you are trying to reject, look at the type of person who is the gunmen. Do they represent a certain feeling or experience to you? If so, your mind may be trying to reject that thought or experience within yourself.

Bullets, Guns and More Interpretations

According to some dream interpreters, watching a bullet get shot in your dream means that there is a situation of hardship in your real life. You may feel attacked or you may feel like there is a significant level of competition in the real world. There may be other people making decisions in your life that you have no power over. You feel like your only option is to get shot because you cannot take control and determine your own future. Because of this, the dream may mean that you are in a situation where you lack the authority or power to make your own choices.

The good news is that you were not harmed in the dream. This means that those individuals are not able to harm you in real life. While you feel attacked and powerless, you are ultimately unaffected by those individuals. You are still injured, but you have some power to take control and achieve your aims.

On its own, a gun generally shows a fight for survival. If you are being shot at by gang members, then it shows that you feel overwhelmed in your real life. You feel like everyone is united against you, and you are the minority struggling to make your case. This may show some of your major fears and frustrations.

If you are in a natural environment or at home, it typically shows your fight over familiar territory. It means that it is most likely a home, family or friend-related situation that is making you upset. In an urban environment or city, the same actions show a fight for survival for your social status, career position or financial status.

If you are hunting in the dream and get shot, it shows a fight for survival. Hunting an animal shows that you are trying to survive and be self-reliant. If you are shot during your hunt, it shows that you feel unable to survive on your own. As hard as you work, it seems impossible to keep your head above water.

Dream of Getting Shot in the Head

Your mind is revealing concerns and worries that influence your actions in your waking life. The sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and many physical sensations interact with the sensory organs of our head. Your ideas and emotions appear in your mind as thoughts. Each of these aspects of your life may be represented by your head. When you dream of getting shot in the head, it is an indication that there may be a stressful or frustrating influence that is having an impact in your life.

You may find that a specific wound becomes apparent in your dream. If you were shot in the eye, then there may have been a recent sight or vision that made you feel uncomfortable or worried. Harmful or loud conversations could cause you feel as though your ears we damaged. Smelling or tasting blood could be an indication of events that occurred in the past. Many people felt the blood pulsing or streaming out of the bullet hole, which could be a sign of a physically stressful interaction.

Some dreams immediately end after being shot in the end, which may mean that there was a conclusion what occurred during your waking life. A fatal wound that continues throughout your dream could indicate what is causing the stress which remains in your mind.

Dream of Being Shot in the Chest

Our body, especially our chest, is often a reflection of the way that we interact with the world. Like our brain, our heart and lungs are of vital importance. The organs in our chest give our body vitality and power, which may be an indication of the purpose behind the dream. When you dream of being shot in the chest, it may be a sign that you feel drained or weakened from something in your life.

The wound in your chest can be best understood by how it affects the rest of your dream. If you feel like you are winded or short of breath, then there may be a passive or constant pressure that you are dealing with. If you feel weak or heavy, then something powerful or dominant in your life may be causing you to feel crushed. You may feel tired or empty, and this may be a sign that a requirement in your life is leaving you drained.

You behaviors in your dream are indications of the manner in which you overcome the concerns in your life. Hospitals or doctors may be a sign that you address concerns in your life when they arise. If you continue your mission within your dream, then you likely focus on your goals rather than the stresses in your life.

Dream of Getting Shot in the Back

The back is often used to indicate betrayal and treachery. If you dream of getting shot in the back, then it is possible that you are having problems with a social or familial relationship. You may have had a relationship end, been lied to, or abandoned. Feelings of distrust or paranoia may appear in these dreams as well. There may be a struggle that you are experiencing that is caused by an unknown source.

Other people in your dream could give you insight as to the purpose or meaning behind the images. If there are numerous people in your dream, then you may be confused about who is causing you concerns. There may be others who are there to help you, and their actions could be indications of their support during your waking life.

These dreams should lead you to make a decision about your life. There could be something in your life that you are not understanding, and this uncertainty may be appearing in your dream. Look into your dream for clues or insights. This may be a sign that something in your like is being overlooked or hidden from you. Speak with your friends and your family about any questions that you may have at this time.

Dream of Being Shot Multiple Times

Multiplicity may appear in a dream to signify numerous influences in your life which may be causing your stress and concerns. Numerous social relationships or repetitive interactions could be indicated by a dream like this. When you dream of being shot multiple times, you should look back on the experiences that you have had recently.

Various people, media, and memories could be causing you to feel overwhelmed. These dreams could also reveal a history of similar relationships or thoughts. There may be a social group or class of individuals that are making you feel pressure or stress. You may have recently consumed various media, such as horror or action movies. These dreams may leave you feeling like you are isolated or singled out.

The dream will bring you insight into what is causing you to feel concerned with your life. If there are a group of people, then attempt to understand what similarities that they have. There may be a connection that will help to better understand the purpose of the dream. Strengthen your relationships with your friends and family members, as this will help you feel supported in your waking life. Reduce the amount of interactions that you have with people who you do not trust or who make you feel uncertain.

Getting Shot in a Dream and Feeling the Pain

During your waking life, pain is an indication that you are being harmed or that something needs to be addressed. In a dream, you may find that you feel these sensations. Getting shot in a dream and feeling the pain is an indication of a strong mental connection with the experiences in this dream. It may mean that there is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

These dreams are often extremely vivid in other ways as well, so you may be someone who has lucid dreams or simply remembers your dreams very well. There may have been a particularly biting interaction that you had recently. Perhaps something in your life was extremely powerful, such as a frightening interaction or sudden loss.

When you have dreams where the pain is felt, you should take time to understand what may have caused this dream to appear in the first place. When you are awake, ensure that you address what is causing you to be fearful or in pain. Remove the stress from your life, or address it in a manner that will reduce its influence on your thoughts and feelings. It is certain that there are benefits to be gained by changing what you allow into your life.


  1. I had a dream where I was standing in someone’s room in a house I didn’t know. Someone steps into the doorway, and says “goodbye homeless guy” and shoots me In the lower stomach and I fell over feeling the hot hole in me. I thought to myself play dead as the gunman walked away. A couple seconds later he returns in the doorway. Raises the gun and I slowly put my hands out to shield myself and slowly fade away and I wake up.

    • This dream is a reflection of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. It is possible that you are aware of how homeless people are treated around the world. Ensure that you share your positive energy with everyone in your life.

  2. I had a dream that I saw Santas sleigh land in my backyard, and I left my door open on accident and they got in. They took off their mask and pulled out a gun, it was a girl, and I grabbed the fun from her and shot her, but it was only water. We fought and she shot me 2 times, one in the heart, and one in the gut. I felt nothing and didnt make notice of it. I kept stabbing her with a knife/blade and she would bleed from the head but never died. I realized I was shot but I only bled and never died.

    • Various influences in your life caused this dream to manifest. Allow the negative aspects of this dream to fade, and ensure that you share your kindness and compassion at all times.

  3. I dreamed that I was shot in the side of my neck by I don’t know by who…..I didn’t die and drove myself to a&e where they said that there was not much they could do for me…..that id just have to live with it. That they couldnt remove the bullet. It was sore to swallow I remember but not much else. They were discharging me home and I was shocked that they were doing nothing to help me.

    • The dream shows a fear of outside forces or negative influences in your life. The fact that no one was able to or willing to help you in the dream seems to show that you feel as if it is impossible for other people to help you in any way in your waking life as well.

    • Dreams of being shot are manifestations of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. Your left hand may be meaningful to you for some reason.

  4. I’d a dream I was going to shoot myself in the head. In a non suicidal way. My mother and a doctor were there, and an audience of people. This all took place in my bedroom. My mother and doctor were the only ones who knew what I wanted to do but they didn’t want me to be at risk so the doctor secretly shot my mother in the head, and immediately placed me as the victim of getting shot. They smeared her blood on my head and everyone believed it. In conclusion, what does it mean if I wanted to be shot but others didn’t want me to be hurt so they falsely placed the victim of being shot on me?

    • The dream may show a self-destructive tendency or a concern about the next step you are taking in life. Death is often a sign of transformation, so the dream may be a metaphor for a coming change or transformation you are worried about in your waking life.

  5. When I was young I had many dreams where I ended up being shot. Nothing whatsoever to do with my emotional state what was going on at home. Rather it was because I regularly watched cowboys films on our black and white TV so ended up dreaming about adventures involving cowboys and their guns in my dreams. In those days I lived on a somewhat isolated farm there were few if any other media or other distractions (apart from farm work) therefore the regular cowboy film or series (bonanza, rawhide) were the major and perhaps only highlight of my TV viewing/entertainment. Sad but true. In the decade after WWI and in the early years of TV life was pretty dull, bland and otherwise austere. These days I sometimes dream of space adventures as I’m a fan of SciFi.

    • You make an excellent point. After watching a medieval show, I dreamed I was a knight errant on a quest. What you watch (especially if you watch the same show or type of show a lot) can have a humongous impact on your dreams at night.

  6. I had a dream that I was shot in the neck by a man which was a stranger inside a unknown home. I didn’t die instead I was faking as if I was dead. It was a female with the guy that shot me, after he shot me the female was staring at my face saying how she could use my face and head as a manacin. I kept seeing my boyfriend there also just standing up. What a dream….

    • The dream seems to show a fear of outside forces or unexpected influences in your life. The fact that you had to rely on your own ability to play dead and not your boyfriend seems to indicate you feel like you typically have to rely on your own abilities to stay safe in day-to-day life.

  7. I had a dream of being shot by a random person in between the ear and cheekbone. I didnt die. Instead I had to continue on my own to get away from him. Dream started as I was going to new school. I dont know how I ened up on this guys bad side because I barely had any interaction with him. Only time was when I met him for the first time in the school. So what happens is I go to the bathroom after finding out that same kid o met was wanted for reason unknown. So as I’m washing my hands in the bathroom I look up and hes just standing next to me calm not even looking at me but at himself in the mirror ..I blink and I’m shot in the side of my face. One shot only and he dorsnt do anything else after..then a security guard came in maybe 30 seconds after and took him. Mind you I get up feeling dizzy and my whole face hurts, touch the wound and it’s like the bullet wasent strong enough. It barely went in my face..like my cheekbone blocked the most part of it so I only had a little dent on my face with minimal blood. SO I left went back to my classroom and there was a stretcher for me like they knew I was hit already. I refused and said let’s just get out of there. As I’m leaving onw of my classmates I met said “things like this happen all the time with travis (first time i heard his name but i met him earlier in the dream) hes probably going to end up getting out and coming back” . So I payed no real mind to that much and left the school and started walking to a hospital..touched the wound again on my face and I woke up from the pain

    • The dream seems to show that even when there are obstacles or dangers in your path, you feel confident that you can overcome just about anything.

  8. i had a dream that i got shot in my neck , and lower back by one of my friends because she was trying to prove something to someone else. in the dream she wasnt going to do it but it was my life over hers so i told her to pull the trigger. as i was shot i suffered to get help and my mom said i didnt need to go to the hospital because i wound wasnt severe , but there was a hole in my neck.

    • The dream may mean you fear some kind of retaliation from a friend, or you may feel like your friend has negative feelings about you. It seems like you feel capable of surviving whatever comes your way, especially if you have the support of your mother.

  9. I had a dream that my mother in law shot me in the chest and stomach in my family house, i got to the hospital myself and the bullets were extracted, when i got the hospital i saw my sister saying i told you so, anyway i went back to the house to pack my things and leave. Please what does this mean

    • The dream may show some kind of negative feeling about your mother-in-law, or perhaps you sense some negative feelings coming from her in your waking life. Whatever the case, the dream is just a representation of your subconscious mind, so it is highly unlikely that this kind of situation will occur in your real life.

  10. I had a dream I stood up to a guy with a gun but got shot in the shoulder, twice on the side of my stomach and once in my thigh. I wrestled the gun away and killed him but a little while later he came back and shot me in my hand one more time before I actually killed him. I went to a hospital because I thought i would bleed out but no one would help me out so the bullets stayed in me. The blood eventually stopped and i was fine but still wounded.

    • The dream shows a fear that the dangers around you will be too much and you will succumb to them. The fact that no one present helps you may mean you feel like you have to deal with problems alone in your waking life, and you don’t have the support you need to overcome obstacles on your own.

  11. I had a dream where i was sitting at the midle of the road holding a baby and suddenly i heard gun shots by the military ,i tried to run but at one point i surrended and the people came close to me and i pleaed and they let me go.i qually had a gun when i surrendred i gave them the gun. After the let me go i realised i had been shot by right side and i showed them and they asked me to go meet theri medical team for treatment.i later went back to the office and tried to show the gun shot wound to my colleques but the wound was now closed.

    • The dream may show a fear of outside dangers. You may be afraid that innocent people may be shot, which is why the baby is in danger in the dream as well. The presence of the military may be random, but it is also entirely possible that it may represent a fear or mistrust of the military.

  12. Me and my boyfriend we went grocery shopping. Then on the way home the garage protector wouldn’t let down to get to the garage part of the house. Weird cause it was my moms house but now it was my house. I was tired so I said let’s forget it and look at it in the morning.. My boyfriend went first. Which is weird cause I’m real life he waits till I’m in the house but not this time. It was him then me. As I’m locking the door up, the door swings back and hits me in the face. Everything went into slow motion from there. I remember my body projecting back in the air almost and and in front of me a man walks in house and pulls a gun and shoots. I’ve never seen this man but the look of vengeance was on his face. When he shoots. I wake up.

    • Your dream seems to be an indication of concerns or worries that you are managing at this time. You are also aware of recent shootings and other violent events. The vengeance may be due to a choice that you made in the past, and you may be concerned about it coming into your life.

  13. Hi, i saw a dream of getting shot multiple times by a car of police officers. There were 4 of them in the car, the one sitting next to the driver pulled down the window and yelled, i am here to kill u and shot at me multiple times. I did not feel any pain, did not fall, saw some blood on my jacket and my mind was with my kids. Before the shooting i was hanging out with my friends and laughing while enjoying coffee at a street corner where i grew up.

    • After seeing all of the police-involved shootings and mass shootings on the television, this dream may have just occurred because of all of the dangerous events that you see happening in the news. The fact that you are most concerned about your children in the dream may mean that you are worried about how dangers in the outside world can affect your kids, which is a natural thing to be concerned about.

  14. There were two dreams. In the first dream I was immediately warned about a Chinese man. Nothing special just warned. I thought it was just racist stuff from the Carona virus thing so I ignored it. The rest of the dream was irrelevant. Eventually I started a new dream. It was in a place I didn’t recognize with people I didn’t know, except for my boyfriend. There was a huge window for the front wall and it was broad daylight. A short Chinese man stood outside a glass door as the announcer called his name. (I guess he was a special guest performance idk) He wore a tux and walked in gracefully, hands behind his back. He asked a rhetorical question that I can’t remember as if he were in an infomercial. Then he pulled a knife. Everyone started panicking and I immediately ran to the back, but he pulled out a gun. It looked like one of those old timey revolvers that you’d see in a cowboy movie but it fired fast and he fired way more rounds then what looked like could fit in it. I dropped down to my hands and knees trying to look for an escape route out the back door, and I don’t know how but he saw me and walked over, getting on top of the table I was hiding under, he pointed his gun under the table, pointed directly at my neck and no matter how much I fought it I wouldn’t budge and he fired a shot straight into my neck. I didn’t die but I couldn’t breathe, then he fired a second one. No pain at all but I still couldn’t breathe, I got out from under the table and the place was empty, I was bleeding out but there was no blood. I couldn’t call for help and I just woke up. I felt a lump in my throat and it’s still there, probably a mental thing because there’s nothing there but what does all this mean?

    • With all of the stories related to the coronavirus in the news, it probably isn’t surprising that you may have someone of Chinese descent in your dream. The gun in the dream may be symbolic of the danger you feel from this virus, and the not breathing is most likely connected to that as well. While this kind of dream sounds scary to experience, it is most likely connected to anxieties about the news stories that are so frequent right now.

  15. I dreamed a launcher with a magnet big bullet being fired by a lady aiming a build but failed to explode and started going around looking for a target kept missing for a long time. I was hiding behind the pillar and it stopped right in front of me with fury fire at it’s back that’s when I woke up very worried

    • The dream may show a fear of uncontrollable forces or obstacles in your life. You may be afraid that these obstacles will find you no matter what you do to try to avoid them, which is why you kept having to try to hide in your dream.

  16. I had a disturbing dream about looking up from the ground with a gun being pointed at me and seeing the fire come from the gun barrel but never felt a bullet. As the dream continued I was the one who was holding the gun and I was looking at me lie on the ground but I never died. I never felt a shot, I never felt any pain. I felt calm and refreshed when I got up surprisingly. So was this a dream that was a result of my conflicts in life? That I was rejecting a part of me that I no longer wanted to have?

    • The dream may mean that you feel like there are outside forces or obstacles that are trying to cause you harm. The fact that you don’t feel any pain and you feel calm, it seems to show that you feel confident in your ability to overcome any obstacles you face in your life. Your interpretation that you are rejecting a part of you that you no longer want is possible, although “rejection” may be too strong a word considering how at peace you are in the dream. Rather than reject, it seems like you are consciously choosing the path you want to take in life.

  17. I had a dream about being in the hospital and they had a shooting. I ran for my life and end up getting shot 8 times one in the right leg and the rest on the stomach. There was no blood. I survived and ran home to mother to tell her what happened

    • Dreams about being shot are manifestations of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. You were shot in the leg and stomach, which may indicate that you are concerned about being restricted in your life. You spoke with your mother within the dream, which could be an indication of how you may behave when you are dealing with stress.

  18. I had a dream that I was outside with my parents and my brothers and their dog was near me. She got up to walk towards them across an empty street. Suddenly
    A car came and inched very closely towards the dog and my best friend who was walking her over to my family, and she said ‘sorry! Be careful there’s a little dog here’ with a smile. The man in the car scowled and didn’t respond. Then he rapidly accelerated and I said Jesus what is wrong with that guy? Then he reversed and stared at me from his car and I scowled back and said just leave asshole. He took a gun out and I remember just being in like a suspended state of unbelief and he took aim at me and shot me. I felt it whiz by my hair and maybe skim the side of my head, but pain just utter shock …I woke up very afraid but also excited to have had such a vivid dream. What does it mean?

    • You are aware that some people choose to navigate their life as miserable individuals. These people are often dangerous, and you are aware of recent shootings and other violent events. You may feel that the behaviors of this person in your dream may be related to how people may behave in your waking life. If you have a similar dream in the future, then address whoever is attacking you regarding their purpose.

  19. I had a dream I was at a free money give away. I was awaiting my turn to collect the money with other people, a man came out of a building a shot a child that I could not see. I didnt know why the man did that. I was then laying down on the ground, I guess resting and another man came out and said if one child gets shot, then others should feel the child’s pain and shot me. I was hit on my right side,by my waist. He was going to shoot me again but I woke up.

    • This dream seems to be a reflection of your financial concerns and knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. It is possible that you feel that the children within your dreams are manifestations of an aspect of your life. Make a decision about what you feel is appropriate for the future. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.

  20. I had a dream that me and my boyfriend were at a hotel and we both got shot he got shot in the leg I got shot in my chest and we ended up both surviving, but we didn’t know who this person was it was a strange man and he just didn’t shoot us, he shot all the other people that were at the hotel I don’t know what it means

    • The dream may show that you feel like there is some kind of outside force or influence that poses a risk for you and your boyfriend. This risk is probably not a physical one because the dream is most likely symbolic. Judging by the dream, it seems like you feel as if you will be able to escape with your boyfriend and survive as long as you can go through such problems together.

  21. I had a dream I was on my way to a family vacation when my ex gf pulled out a gun and shot me in the back of my ear. My family took there time taking me to the ER. Once we got there I felt as if the bullet was traveling into my neck. I left my family and went to another hospital because no one would help me they all stood around just watching. But once I got to the other hospital they all were there. Even my ex gf. Still talking about goin on the trip.

    • Being shot within a dream is often a reflection of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. Death is often a symbol for change, and you are aware that you are your ex are no longer maintaining a relationship with each other. Make a decision about what you want for your future without your ex, and you share your kindness and compassion at all times.

  22. I had a dream that I picked a fight with a stranger who hurt and terrorized someone close to me. I lost the fight and as I was on the floor the stranger shot me once in the back and twice in neck. I called out for help, but passed out from the blood loss. I miraculously regained consciousness hours later. When I woke up the stranger was still there, but he was at a distance as if he was just watching me. He started shooting at me when I got up, but I managed to hobble my way over into a random office where I passed out again. I woke up again to a nurse or some professional taking the bullets out of me and patching me up. The dream then transitioned to me working at a grocery store and getting into an argument with the boss and quitting effective immediately.

    • This dream could be a manifestation of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. It seems that the fight and argument may be indications of concerns that you have in your life. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will draw positive people and energy into your life.

  23. I had a dream that i saw people fighting they were rough terrufic guys.. So they shoot my bro and his enemy died. They shoot me too, but i didnt die, had something like a bullet proof, then i was crying to raise my bro up.

    • This dream could be a sign of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. Death is often an indication of change, so it is possible that there is a change in a social relationship in your life. Nourish your relationship with your brother by spending additional time with him in person.

  24. This is what I remember from my dream.

    I saw a person and I know deep inside of me that he is holding a gun and plan to have a mass shoot out. I ran and hide at the back of an alley but the person saw me and shoot me first. I did not know which part of my body I was hit. But I feel it is somewhere in my stomach. I did not feel any pain but I feel heavy. The person went on the other side but I did not hear any shooting. I pretended I was dead so that that person will not bother me anymore. So when that person was gone I know that I’m murmuring words of prayer / help. Then I saw another person who’s trying to save his life. I ask for help then suddenly the person who started shooting is back and that person shot me again and went. I know I was hit at the back. Lower on the heart side. I felt the bullet and as I am lying on my back I tried to shift on my right side. That was the time that I felt heavy breathing and i felt the bullet is something big. Then I woke up and still feeling the bullet is still on my body and the heavy breathing as well.

    • Dreams of shootings are reflections of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. Your behaviors within the dream may be related to how you may behave in a similar situation. Your strong feelings when you woke up may indicate your feelings. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will reduce similar dreams from appearing in the future.

    • This dream seems to be a manifestation of your knowledge of recent shootings and a distrust of the government. You are aware of how criminal behavior causes law enforcement to take action. However, you are also aware of how law enforcement seems to be able to kill with impunity. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life.

  25. I had a dream that I am stopped at red lights in my car. And suddenly a car (honda civic) overtakes me. There is this guy who comes out of the left tail light and starts firing at me and other cars with an automatic gun. Nothing happens to me then. I take a right turn and see other people shot by someone else who is hiding probably a girl. And I am on a bike then. I go uphill on a dirt and gravel road from where a policeman is standing and an ambulance is parked. There are houses there. I go to the top and there are kids over there. One of the kids directs me back as there is a dead end after that. On my way back the same girl with in tight black leather pants and leather top which is shining like bat womans outfit is there right in front of me. She had a witch’s like hat on her and her face was covered. She shot me in my chest. I kept riding and then she shoots me 6 times in my back with a pistol or mouser pistol. To my surprise when I reach the bottom of the hill there is no police and no ambulance. I fall down on road. And then all of a sudden I am in a room where the girl who had shot me has turned into some married woman in her 40s and said something along the lines of it’s her work. At this time I could feel pain in my full back. I was trying to wake up in real life but could not. There were so many more people in the room at that time. She cracked some jokes and then everyone was leaving. I got up on my own. There was not as much pain then. The same lady told me to go and get treated as this will hurt now as my wounds are getting cold (when I hot shot the wounds were hot). Then I am at a bus station where almost all the buses are leaving and all the people from that room are boarding the different buses and I had to climb at the back of a bus and sit on top of the bus hut could not because of the pain in my back. I ran after the bus but it did not stop. I am on a narrow one way road I saw a house on my right hand side whose gate is open and had leaves all around it. I saw some car coming towards me. I enter the gate and fell down straight on my front. That’s when I woke up.

    • This dream is related to your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. It is clear that there are other aspects of your life which have appeared in this dream as well. The bus may be a reflection of your knowledge of how society seems to not care for those in need. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will draw positive people and energy into the world.

  26. I remember dreaming about me asking someone to shoot me/kill me… I don’t remember who it was but I remember getting shot in the chest and not dying. I remember lying there but feeling the pain vividly

    • Dreams about being shot are often manifestations of recent shootings and other violent events. It is possible that your experiences within the dream are similar to how you may feel being shot may cause you to behave. If you have a similar dream in the future, then address the presence of the person who is harming you regarding their purpose.

  27. I had a dream I was shot in the chest right through my heart and the bullet was still in the heart. I felt the pain, but still I could not be bothered. I continued to shop for my wedding attire. Then I went to seek medical help and I was booked for an appointment to remove the bullet. But I could not be bothered by this wound. Others could see the bullet but what I saw when I looked at my chest was a hole in my heart. But I just kept living every minute like all is fine. The fear came to me when it was time for the bullet to be taken out my fear was that what if I never wake up from the sedatives they give to me during surgery or what if I wake up in the middle of surgery..

    • The dream may represent a fear that some kind of outside force will cause you harm, and you might be unable to deal with it. The fear is very natural to have, and it is the fear many people deal with when they face their own mortality. All of your feelings are entirely understandable.

  28. I had a dream in which I was at a mall and suddenly a man comes up and demands that we all take off our clothes. He has a small gun in his hand which is very easy to conceal and I just follow him. When time time was right it try to grab the gun away from him and he shoots me multiple times in the chest. Although, I don’t feel any pain until the last shot. After the last shot is fired I feel something warm pressing on my chest. Then the shoot walks away like he forgot what he was doing and then I wake up.

    • This dream is a reflection of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. You are always aware of sexual violence and rape. Consider the purpose of this dream, and think about what experiences in your life may have influenced this dream. If there is someone in your life that you feel that you should avoid, then do so.


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