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What Does It Mean When You Dreamed About God?


Dreaming about God can feel incredibly powerful. If you are religious, you may wonder if it is a sign that God is trying to tell you what to do. Since dreams primarily represent your subconscious mind and underlying feelings, the dream most likely represents something in your life. Your subconscious mind may be trying to get you to wake up and pay attention to something important.

As a symbol, a dream about God can depend on your own religious beliefs. Your subconscious creates your dreams from your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Someone who is a Christian may have different feelings about God than a Buddhist. Because of this, it is extremely important to remember your own religious beliefs about God as you try to interpret your dream.


God is often a sign of power in our dreams. He may represent an influence or control in our lives that we cannot actually influence. Since God often represents destiny, a dream about God may show that you want to let go of all of the pressures, tension and stress in your waking life. You may quite literally want to, “Let go and let God.” You may be tired of your overwhelming responsibilities and just want someone else to take over for you. You may also be afraid of the uncertainty of the future, so you want someone else to step in so that you can relax and accept whatever the future holds for you.

Forgiveness and Final Judgment

When you do something that you know is wrong, it is only natural to feel guilty about it. You may have dreamed about God because you want to let go of this guilt. God is the only being with the power to forgive your actions, so you want him to release all of the burdens and guilt that you have been carrying around.

In many religions, God is also responsible for judging people. In your dream, God may mean that you are afraid of being judged. You may think that people around you are judging your choices or decisions that you have made in the past.


We all have the Divine within us, whether we remember it or not. Sometimes, this type of dream is a reminder to the self that you have the power to create and be a divine spark of positivity in your life.

True Benevolence

While some religions have a different interpretations, many religions believe that God is a symbol of compassion and benevolence. For example, in Christianity, God sacrificed his son to humanity. When you dream about God, it may show that you want more compassion and goodness in your life. It may also mean that you want to sacrifice your skills, money or time to help the people around you. Your dream may be trying to remind you that you have the power to make an impact in the lives of everyone around you. If you volunteer or sacrifice your time for loved ones, it could help to make the world a better place.

Christianity and God Dreams

If you are Christian, you might see God or Jesus in your dream. Your dream may be a reminder not to turn your back on religion and return to church again. Seeing Jesus in your dream could also be a reminder that someone more powerful than you controls your destiny. Even if you feel consumed by an overwhelming burden, God never makes a cross to large for you to bear.

Seeing God in a dream when you are a Christian could be a reminder that you have lost your way in your life. You may have strayed away from who you really are and need to return to your original principles. The dream is a reminder that, while you have forgotten about God, he has never forgotten about you.

Prayers and Spirituality

If you dream that you are praying to God, then it may mean that you feel ashamed and sorry for things that you have done in your life. You may wish that you could make amends. In this case, your dream shows your regret and desire to change.

Other dreams about God may mean that you are too obsessed with being perfect. You may be trying to reach a goal that is unattainable. In other cases, your dream just shows a desire for someone to guide you. You may feel confused about your next step, so you want a higher power to step in and tell you what to do.

If you see yourself as God or as a part of God in the dream, it is your subconscious reminding you of your immense capabilities. God gave you the talent to fulfill your dreams and goals in life. You have the potential to achieve your desires, but you have to act on them.


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