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What Does It Mean When You Kiss Your Crush in a Dream?


While some dreams leave you feeling terrified, kissing your crush in a dream is always a good feeling. You wake up wishing that your dream could actually happen in you real life. While it is easy to feel like these types of dreams will predict the future, they only reflect your inner state of mind. It is possible that you will kiss your crush in real life, but you would have to take steps to transform your dream into a reality.

what does it mean when you dream about kissing someone and it feels real

Kissing is an extremely common dream meaning. Our relationships to people play a huge role in our waking life, so it makes sense that you would have the same focus in your dreams. Our dreams are often made from the people, events and experiences that we think about the most. Because your crush plays an out-sized role in your subconscious mind, he or she is more likely to show up in your dream world as well.

1. You Want This to Happen in Real Life

This is the most common reason why you kiss your crush in a dream. You would like to have a relationship with your crush, so you dreamed that you were kissing him. The dream only shows how you feel though, so there is no way to know if or when this could happen in real life.

2. You Feel Confident He Could Like You Back

When you are afraid that someone would never like you, your dreams generally reflect this feeling. You might dream that you want to talk to him, but can’t. Or, you could dream that you try to make a move, but he rejects you. When your crush returns your affections in the dream, it shows that you feel confident that he could like you back if he really gave you a chance. Unfortunately, there is no way to know from just a dream if this could actually happen in your real life or not.

3. You Want to Make a Move

Generally, this kind of dream also shows a desire to make a move. It could mean that you want to make a move or that you want him to make the first move. You can figure out which action your subconscious wants by looking at who makes the move in the dream. If he moves in to kiss you, then you want him to make a move and show how he feels in your real life. If you make the first move, then it shows a desire to be confident and go after what you want when you are awake.

how to dream about your crush kissing you

Different Types of Kisses

Dreams are highly personal, so it is generally better to have your dream interpreted for you as an individual. There are general interpretations for different kinds of dreams, but you are the only person who can truly tell if these are accurate for you or not. The following is a list of different kinds of kisses and how they are generally interpreted.

A French Kiss: This shows a desire to be honest about your emotions and a need for more passion in your waking life.

A Kiss on the Lips This type of dream shows a desire for a spiritual communication. In some dreams, a kiss on the lips can also be a way of sealing a deal or an agreement.

Neck: IF you are kissed or kiss someone else on the neck, it shows that you want to give in to your desires. It shows lust and a desire for more passion.

Forehead: A kiss on the forehead shows that you feel a bond of friendship with someone. You may feel affectionately toward them, but not romantically yet. When the person who does the forehead kiss is your crush, it may mean that you think that they only view you as a good friend.

Hand: Getting or giving a kiss on the hand is generally a sign of loyalty. It may mean that you feel comfortable around that person and respect them.

Cheek: When you are kissed on the cheek in a dream, it shows that you admire them and feel a close friendship to them. You might have a crush on him, but you are afraid that he does not see you as anything more than a friend.

Will My Dream Come True?

When you kiss your crush in a dream, it is natural to hope that the dream is a prophesy or prediction. You want your dream to come true, but it will only come true if you make it happen. A dream is only a reflection of your subconscious thoughts, fears and desires. Unless you already know how he or she feels, it would be impossible for your dream to actually show the crush’s feelings. If you want to make your dream come true, try talking to your crush, flirt with him and see where things go from there.


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