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What Does It Mean When You Meet Yourself in a Dream?


You are wandering through the woods, and everything seems perfectly peaceful. Suddenly, you see a person in the distance. As you approach them, you realize that you are actually staring at yourself. What could this possibly mean?

i saw myself in my dream

While it is a fairly common experience, meeting yourself in a dream can be disconcerting. To start with, it might be the first sign that you are actually dreaming. In addition, it feels like there has to be a deeper meaning to the experience. Other people might represent an attribute or feeling that you have, but what does your own person represent? How can you interpret the meaning of seeing yourself in a dream? Depending on the exact circumstances, location and situation in the dream, it could mean a number of different things.

According to some dream interpreters, seeing yourself in the dream is extremely important. Your true self appears in the dream to convey a specific message or meaning. Perhaps you are not listening to your intuition or inner wisdom in real life. In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, it is very easy to ignore these inner nudges and focus on the rest of your life. If you have ignored these inner nudges for too long, your soul or conscience may appear in the dream to guide you.

While it might feel alarming, it is nothing to worry about. Dreams are a representation of your subconscious thoughts, feelings and desires. If you have not been listening to your inner feelings and thoughts, then your subconscious may be trying to get your attention. It has gone out of its way to incorporate a person (you!) that you are more likely to focus on and listen to. Basically, it is like a wake up call. Now, you have to figure out what your inner self is trying to tell you.

seeing yourself sleeping in a dream

Other Interpretations

Other dream researchers think that seeing yourself is a reflection of your waking life. It may be a reflection of the way you act in reality or how you behave in your waking world. To really figure out what this type of dream means, you may need to look at what you are doing in the dream. For example, if the “you” that you see in the dream is running on an endless treadmill, it may signify that you feel like all of your work in your waking life is not getting you anywhere.

It is very easy to get focused on day-to-day activities and forget to really look at the world around you. In reality, we are the center of our own universes. This tendency to be self-focused is entirely understandable, but it can make it harder for you to move forward in life. When you are too close to a problem or a person, you are unable to see the problem for what it is and find a solution. You have to take a step back in order to see the totality of the problem and how your behavior can be changed.

When you dream that you meet yourself, it may be a reminder that you have to view the situation from the outside. If you can look at your life objectively, you can find new ways of living or existing. You can look for out-of-the-box solutions and discover a better way of thinking if you can view your life as an outsider.

In other cases, you see yourself in the dream because you no longer feel connected to yourself. You feel like you are already an outsider in your waking world. In the dream, you are again the outsider who just watches another “you” live your life. This type of feeling is fairly common, but it is something that you should work on in your waking life. You have to figure out why you feel so disconnected and find a way to enjoy your life again. You are the central figure in your own life, and you have the power to manifest your own reality. It just takes time and effort to figure out the changes that you want to make in your waking world.

To really figure out what is going on in your dream, you have to look at the dream itself. Where were you in the dream? Where you at a normal location in your waking life or where you at an unusual destination? Did you get a chance to talk to yourself in the dream? What did the other “you” say? What type of situation occurred in the dream and who else was there? By analzying everything that happened in your dream, you can start to understand the true meaning. If you have the same dream again, make sure to ask the other “you” what you want and why they are there in the dream.


  1. in my dream I’m talking and playing with my younger self, she’s maybe around 6 years old. we’re in the house I grew up in but it feels distant & cold but the activities are fun and child me is obliviously having a nice time.

    • Dreams about younger versions of yourself are indications of your desire to look inward. Introspection will help you better understand what course of action you should make in the future.

  2. I had a dream my husband and I drove to an airport in another country. We drove a black Bentley and parked 5 or 6 spaces from door. Building was tall, beautiful, mirrored glass. No one spoke English so we walked around and found a small casino? We sat in recliners and were given strange shaped chips, the I got 2 Jack of clubs, which apparently was a great win! BUT dealer walked away
    and husband left me there. Never found husband and never got paid. We are ages 65 & 73, married 32 years.

    • The dream could be entirely random. Perhaps you feel like some financial goal or plan isn’t working out as you expected to, which may explain some aspects of the dream.

  3. I’m a senior in high school, and I had this dream after the day of a collage audition. I went to an alternate dimension where there were three versions of me. I wasn’t aware of any of the versions of me until leading to the dream. The mother of the children I have been interacting with, with me. She explained to me about the three versions of myself. They were all older than me. She told me about a bad version of myself, one that committed crimes and was addicted to drugs (although dream me came to this conclusion in my head, and the older version of myself I was talking to did not tell me this). She told me of another version of myself, one who started in musical theater (the thing I want to do and major in) and then became a world famous popstar. Then she told me about herself. She told me she had a degree and finances and business, which is my back up, and it was a CEO of a company and had her own family. This specific version of myself also told me that she came from my dimension, got stuck in that dimension and could not return home. So wishy implying that that version was exactly me? I’m not sure what this means and I can’t find it anywhere so I’m hoping toThen she told me about herself. She told me she had a degree and finances and business, which is my back up, and it was a CEO of a company and had her own family. This specific version of myself also told me that she came from my dimension, got stuck in that dimension and could not return home. So wishy implying that that version was exactly me? I’m not sure what this means and I can’t find it anywhere so I’m hoping you can help me interpret?

    • It seems that reflections of yourself have manifested in this dream. Different versions contain different aspects of your feelings about yourself. You may be interested in making a change in your life. If there is a behavioral change that you could make that will bring you benefits in the future, then you should take appropriate action.

  4. I dreamed that I saw myself sitting and laughing with someone perhaps playing cards. My face looked pretty but thought to myself ugh that hair is so bad like that. How silly I looked.

    • The dream may represent that you feel self-conscious about the way you act or your appearance, so you wish that you could change aspects of the way you look and act.

  5. i dreamed about my self (current age) sitting on the couch in some comfy clothes just relaxing at my old house and then as i was looking at myself through whoever’s eyes i just blurted out “you are so pretty ! like you are really pretty wow !” and it made me feel good because i have insecurities but i really got to look at myself and really saw how pretty i felt i looked .

    • It sounds like you want a chance to overcome your insecurities and develop a new sense of self-confidence. Because of this, you dreamed that you were seeing how you actually look to other people instead of how you look through the lenses of your insecurities. It sounds like your dream self may be on to something!

  6. what does it mean to see yourself passing through oneself. I looked to my left and I could see me, except the person was wearing a different colour coat. No words were spoken.

    • Reflections of yourself are indications of your desire to look inward. The coat could be a sign of a desire for change or your knowledge that you could have followed a different path. Take this time for introspection, as this will help you navigate your future.

  7. I had a dream that I was looking for someone (I think my husband) and I knocked on a random houses door and I opened the door. I was shocked to see myself open the door. I don’t remember asking myself if she’s seen my husband but she (myself) said no he’s not here and she was also on the cell phone. She didn’t appear to be shocked looking at me which was strange. I woke up right after that. What could this possibly mean?

    • When you dream about yourself, it is often an indication of your desire to look inward. It is possible that the behaviors of this person were manifestations of you may have behaved at a different point in your life. Make a decision about what positive changes that you can make in your life at this time.

  8. I had a dream that I was laying on a sofa. Felt as if it was my home. The lights were off. I got up to play fight with my son and at first I couldn’t see a face but it threw me to the ground, kept lifting me and shoving me back down, it was me. No words were said. I felt scared because it was me and I could only look at my face for a couple seconds. The other me started to shove me again until it banged the back of my head on the counter and knock me out. I woke up in the dream and the other me was gone. Does this mean anything? Thank you

    • The dream seems to show that you feel some kind of hostility about yourself, and it may involve your family members since it was your son who was present in the dream. The fact that you are injured at the end of the dream may mean you feel as if you are being self-destructive in some way or if your actions are leading to self, unforced errors that you could have avoided.

  9. i am a male, 26 years old. i find it difficult in life trying to do new things for myself, somewhere in my mind i see my my self so higher which i do not know if is good or bad. i have this feeling about my dead father which is so very negative. i think he wasted my and did nothing good for me, and inside my heart i only speak ill of him.
    i am unemployed and also have the fear of working for someone and also a shy person and antisocial.
    i had a dream recently, in the dream , i saw my dead father and he said as i quote “son go out and do something for yourself, i replied, what should i go and do, what did you teach me, what work did you sent me to learn, he was quiet. then i started to ask him a judgmental question, saying WHY DID YOU COME FOR ME FROM MY MOM WHEN I WAS LITTLE, WHY . he went inside, took two canes and starting whipping me the canes all over my body, in the beginning i felt the pains from the whipping so i struggle with him and took one cane from the two canes he brought to whip me, i wanted to whip him with the cane i had struggle and took from him, but deep inside the dream something tells me not to it, so i didn’t fight back but rather i stayed calm and receive his whipping, as he continue whipping i felt the pain no more then i wake up.
    i am pissed at my dad spirit and haven’t shown him respect yet because i do not understand why he was beating me for a question i wanted to know …….

    even when he was alive
    i hated him for taking me from my mom
    ever since i was young i wanted him dead

    • Your father’s behaviors in your life and your feelings of animosity toward him strongly influenced your dream. It is clear that he abused and neglected you during your life, and this weight has been impacting your life and dreams. Turn our energy toward the positive memories of your mother, and honor her memory by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.

  10. I found this because I am afraid of what i saw

    All i know is that i want to stop thinking about my research paper because i got lot of stuff of like work and problems etc. and that i need to sleep because i am tired.
    And from that moment i keep telling myself to stop and then suddenly i yell “my name” you are childish and i know i am looking directlly to my younger self at age 10 and i am on a dark room. No we are in that room and i know there were more people there but i dont know them
    I feel incharge of that room that time
    And as i am writing this all i know is that i hate being childish and now i feel more okay knowing that If i refer myself as a third person i will call him as him
    Im fine that i got separated from that kid

    • It seems that insecurities that you are dealing with in your life colored this dream. You have chosen to treat this previous version of yourself in this manner. This could be a sign of stresses that you were dealing with at that time and perhaps currently in your life. Ensure that your dream guides you to look inward, as this will help you manage future dreams with compassion.

  11. Hi! Im 44 ydars old woman. I dream that myself is waiting for me in the public transportation stop that poeple. Waiting for different public transpo. Its like a big gasoline station. And it alked to myself that she should come back home and wait for me there.(I saw myself with a mid lenght of hair nad in real like, i have longer hair.) She walked and i ride in some trike bcycle at the back. What is the meaning of my dream? Thanks in advance.

    • Reflections of yourself within dreams are often indications of your desire to look inward. She may be a sign of how you may have behaved in a different life. Take this time for introspection, as this will help you figure out her purpose when it comes to choices in your life. If you have a similar dream in the future, then speak with her about your questions.

    • That sounds like a very positive experience. It sounds like your subconscious is confident about your future, and it is trying to tell you that you are already on the right path in life.

  12. I keep having dreams where I see multiple versions of myself like I have straight up comatose. And in the dream I’m the only one who could see them. My mom was worried about me, not just from that but from an incident we all had at school. My friend did some dumbass shit tryna race back to the car. He said fuck it and put my key chain around his neck and jumped down the stairs. He wasn’t hurt but I slapped the shit out of him for it in a concerning way. A teacher was there too tryna stop me from doing it, even though friend was cool with even turning the other cheek. We start to leave and the school try to make us sign these papers. I just start to walk away, well run away as they start trying take pictures with blinding lights to too. My friend went through with signing the papers and stood for 15 sec while I refused to do so. Going back to talking to my mom in the other later part of my dream after this, I seeing another me in the dream just walking around our house. I was cool with it. He was doing stuff like casually talking to while doing housework but my mom didn’t see him/couldn’t see him which I was also cool with. I knew i was the only who could see him like i accepted my own madness. The other me was just walking into the bathroom and doing laundry.

    • These dreams are indications of your desire to look inward. It is certain that you will find benefit in introspection, as this will give you insight into the behaviors of the other people within your dream. You may find that the behaviors of these reflections of yourself are manifestations of aspects of your personality.

    • These dreams are indications of your desire to look inward. It is certain that you will find benefit in introspection, as this will give you insight into the behaviors of the other people within your dream. You may find that the behaviors of these reflections of yourself are manifestations of aspects of your personality.

  13. I had a dream where I saw my other myself sitting on my bed and I walk in she was facing other direction so I didn’t saw her face but it was me and she told me that she’s always on my side no matter what then I hugged myself (her) from her back.

    • That sounds like a wonderful dream to have. It sounds like you have the self-confidence and self-love you need to take risks and go after what you want in life. Nice!

  14. i dreamed of waiting for myself in place i cant remember and then i see my younger age i was walking with myself and talking to her the feeling is so light i felt happy being with myself chatting and walking with her and then i woke up.

    • The dream may mean your subconscious feels like your younger self would be happy to discover who you are today and everything that you have become. You may also want to reconnect with your younger self and who you used to be, which is why this happened in your dream.

  15. I dream that i was coming to my house and have a other person of each of my Family and all of them was awake exept my other self, the other was in the bathroom in a kind of coma and then i have sex with myself and the other just disapear

    • This dream seems to be a manifestation of various aspects of your life. The behaviors that you shared with your other self may be reflections of your feelings regarding yourself. It seems that you need to make a decision about what you feel is appropriate, and behave in a manner that makes you feel pleased.

  16. I dream of visiting my old home and came in contact with myself from the pass. (Year 2008). I was warning my other self about the future but my other self wasn’t listening to me until I mentioned an old friend of hers (who I am married to now) she was quiet and was listening

    • Dreams about yourself from the past are often indications of your desire to look inward. The person that you are married to has clearly been important to you for a long period of time. Take this time for introspection, as this will help you understand the best course of action for the future. Share your positive energy with everyone in your life, as this will draw positive energy into your life.

  17. I had a dream that My other self was sitting on a bench in a old farm with gravel roads and she was in a outfit i do not wear but wish i could. she also had a Golden retriever with her. as i walk within my dream I look at her but feel Afraid, almost threatened by her presence. the Golden retriever is female and a adult. I walk to the porch of the house. all buildings look as they are made of wood and run down and there is also a well that looks to not have been used in years. the sky is pure white and the Sun light is harsh casting solid shadows. I Ask who are you and she looks towards me. she says “I am You” I feel even more scared and I stay on the porch. the scene flickers and 6 zombies are on the ground. I realize im dreaming and try to leave the dream but the more I try to leave the More the dream Attacks me. the Zombies hold me down and I feel a Tingling hot Pressure all over my body and feeling faint. the other me is standing watching me repeating a Sentence over and over as if i must remember it. the sound of her words pierce through me like a sword. her voice like Gold and a ringing that builds up and up…..then all goes quiet and im Awake and On edge not wanting to go back to sleep. I unfortunately dont know what she said.

    • This dream seems to be a manifestation of a wide variety of influences in your life. The reflection of yourself may be an indication of your desire to look inward. The zombies could be a reflection of your thoughts related to the media that you have consumed. Take this time for introspection, as this will help you better understand how this dream should influence your life in the future.

  18. Last night I had a dream that was like an out of body experience at first. I was watching myself sleep and I saw another version of me behind me ready to stab me with a giant knife. I got back into my sleeping body and woke up and looked all around me.

    • This dream seems to be a manifestation of two powerful experiences. First, you had a dream that was related to an out of body experience, and you may find that this will lead you to attempt to better understand the nature of dreaming. Second, a reflection of yourself attempted to harm you within the dream. This is often a sign that you are dealing with stresses in your life, and it is certain that introspection will help you navigate your life at this time.

  19. In my dream I was sitting at a table in an unfamiliar place talking to an old friend. Then a guy walked up and I noticed him. He introduced himself, But I dont remember his name. He sat at the table and started talking to us, but I could take my eyes off him, I thought to myself that he looked just like me. As I continued to look I realized he was me. After I realized he was me my heart dropped as we continued to stare each other down. As I stare at him i see him mouth to me “I’m going to get you” as I sink lower into the floor I think. It scared me so bad, that I feel into a sleep paralysis. What do you think it means?

    • Dreams about reflections of yourself often are similar to what you experienced. These negative dreams could be signs of the stresses that you are navigating at this time. You mentioned sleep paralysis, which is a condition that you may want to address with a medical professional. It is not unusual for these types of dreams to be related to these experiences.

  20. I don’t normally post on this site but my dream freaked me out. I thought I was me until I saw me in a dream. I know in my dream we interacted but I do not remember actually us both interacting in conversation together, I remember just talking to her (me).
    My dream cut to a lot of different scenes, we were in a situation where I was screaming and shaking in my body and her and my father came running over to make sure I was okay, the main scene was us running from a man (not my dad)
    This isn’t my first dream where I’ve been chased but it was the other me the person was after. I saw the man who was chasing us land and we started running and hiding. We went into a public rest room and we were going to hide the other me up in the ceiling. I lifted her up and told her to climb. The main hole was already open when we went in. I didn’t realise until she was almost up in the hole, I went to scream stop and grab her but the man chasing us was hiding up there waiting for us to come. He grabbed her before I could say or do anything. I climbed up scared and he was there holding her against him (in a threatening pose that the bad guy always uses in movies) than we cut to a different scene where she’s gone and I’m now the one being chased by the same man.

    • It seems that this dream is a reflection of many aspects of your life. Being chased is often a sign of a stress or concern that you are dealing with in your life, while reflections of yourself are indications of your desire to look inward. If you have similar dreams in the future, then you will find benefit in addressing whoever is chasing you within the dream regarding their purpose. This will reduce similar dreams from manifesting in the future.

  21. I just had a dream tonight, dreaming about Myself, I was dancing, but when I looked at the mirrors reflection I see also myself dancing but in different action, so I decided to look to the mirror and see another me in human form, not jut reflection and then I grabbed her, and she looks like teasing me, she go to the cabinet and when I opened it, it was like a horror one because she grabbed my wrist and I ran to the next room and asked for help for I am very afraid haha silly me being afraid of myself 😂

    • Dreams that have reflections of you within them are often indications of your desire to look inward. It seems that you feel that the media that you consume has manifested in this dream as well. You will find great benefit in introspection, as this will help you determine what action is appropriate. If you have similar dreams in the future, then address the person who appeared in your dream regarding their purpose.

  22. I had a dream where I was at my old house but then I had decided to go across the road (this is an important place of my childhood.) and my friend (just gonna call him jack) used to live down there, so I went across the road, but then everything changed. I walked around lost, until I saw Jack’s house. It looked exactly the same as when it did when we were younger. So I was walking up the driveway when I walked out of the house. I was confused so I said hi to her and then she said hi back. So I continued walking around the neighborhood when I saw a older version of Jack and some other people I don’t know, I kept on walking, but then noticed me, now I was some type of rabbit thing and I hopped/ran to his house again, I was normal again, but I saw something on the ground, I didn’t know what it was but for some reason, I picked it up, went inside the house. I was looking for a place to set it down, but I heard someone come in so I hid behind the door. I noticed it was me again. She said “what are you doing?” But before I could reply, I woke up.

    • Dreams about yourself are often indications that you are interested in looking inward. It is possible that the rabbit is an indication of your thoughts regarding a journey. Take this time for introspection, as this will help you understand this dream. You will find great benefit in sharing your positive energy with the world.

  23. Just had a dream last night that I saw Myself outside of my house at a window. He (Myself) saw me with an angry face & red eye, but only with 3 or 4 ft high (I am 5 ft high). In that dream, when I saw Myself with that face, I shook out and prayed to GOD. What do you think this dream about ?

    • This dream seems to be a reflection of your concerns about possible behaviors that your reflection may have taken. It also indicates that your religious beliefs influenced this dream. If you have a similar dream in the future, then address your reflection regarding its purpose within your dream. During your waking life, ensure that you share your kindness and compassion at all times.

  24. I just woke up from a dream where I was lying in bed and kissed my husband goodbye (very typical and positive).

    However, we were in my house that I had before I met him. And after he left the room I rolled over to see myself at the age I was when I lived in this house right before I met him, about 10 years ago. This version of myself is standing by my bed facing me. Her eyes were open (not wearing my glasses) but vacant, I called her name, my name, to get her attention and her eyes crossed (I have a medical condition where I can’t cross my eyes), I called her again and we briefly made eye contact, and then her eyes rolled back in her head. She never spoke. I bolted awake at this point.

    Side note, my mother died two years ago today.

    • This was the anniversary of your mother’s death, which certainly had an influence on your dreams. It seems that your behaviors within this dream could be an indication of a concern that you may be managing at this time. It is clear that you care deeply for your husband and that your connection with your mother was strong. Honor her memory by sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life.

  25. I had a dream of me with a bucket of washed cloth and i just ran to him in the dark i dont know I’m in home and grabed his hand he kind of shoked and looked at me with fear,terror

    • Perhaps the bucket of washed clothes represents a desire to purify or improve yourself. The fact that you feel terror when you see yourself in the dream may mean that you don’t really understand or appreciate where you have gone in life. Thankfully, there is still time to change your life and start living the life you had imagined for yourself.

  26. Hi so I had a dream where I was assuming some type of scientist and figured out time travel,something along those lines.I was older too around in my 30s and I appeared in the house I grew up in.I didn’t noticed I went back in time until I got something from the fridge and saw my mom washing dishes.I called out to her.She didn’t respond.I tried to get her attention but I realized she’s couldn’t see me.As I was doing that I saw my younger self around 8,getting something and walking back upstairs.I ran after myself and ran into my moms room.My younger self was in my moms room laying down watching tv,snacking.She saw me and froze.I told her to be quiet and she understood.After that we talked and hanged out but whenever she’s asked what was going to happen in the future and how I decided to know what I wanna do in life and all that.I always told her that would change the future and she would have to figure that on her own.My younger self didn’t question me.We watched movies,played video games and ate.Here and there I’ll slip up and say something like we have the PS7 and stuff.At the end I had this type of flashback of a explosions and I woke up in my childhood house.We hugged and I went into the mist.It was weird.Its even weirder how I remember this dream so vividly.

    • This was a powerful dream. It was a reflection of various instances in your life, and it is possible that you feel that your understanding of the future may be more accurate than you could know at this time. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times. Not only with this honor the memory of your past self, but it will also draw positive people and energy into your life.

  27. I saw myself in the dream, the secondly resembled person way tooo close to me and I was Soo scared, u was telling myself in the dream am deadt

    • Dreams about reflections of yourself are often indications of a desire to look inward. It is common to have the feelings that you had during these dreams. Take this time for introspection, as this will help you better understand the purpose of your dream. If you have similar dreams in the future, then address your reflection regarding its purpose within your dream.


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