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What Does It Mean When You’re Getting Married in a Dream If You’re Single?


When you are single, it can seem like marriage is an impossible goal. You have tried online dating and meeting people through friends. At some point, you may have given up on your dream of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. When you dream that you are getting married in a dream if you’re single, it can seem like an annoying reminder that you have not found love yet. Now, you have to figure out what this dream means before you go nuts about it.

dream about getting married to a stranger

What Does It Mean When You’re Getting Married in a Dream If You’re Single?

Often, dreaming about a wedding shows a new transition or a fresh start in your life. A wedding is one of the most transformative moments that there is. When you get married to someone, you stop being an “I” and become a “we.” Even if it does not seem that way at first, you are making a major commitment that will completely change your life.

You Want to Find Love

This is the most obvious, simple reason. If you have been struggling to find love, then it makes sense that you would get married in a dream. You want to find someone who can be your partner in life. Even if you cannot have this goal in your waking life, your subconscious still wants to provide you with that relationship in your dream. Your dream may mean nothing more than a desire to find true love.

You Have a Crush

Think back to your dream. Was there a particular person that you were marrying in your dream or was it an unknown stranger? If the groom was someone you know, it may show that you have a crush on them. Your subconscious may feel like you would be an excellent match for each other, so you dreamed that you were getting married.

You have to be cautious about this interpretation though. There are times when your subconscious just chooses a spouse as a placeholder. You may not have anyone who would be a good partner in your real life right now, so your subconscious picked someone at random. If you are certain that you do not have any feelings for your groom-to-be in the dream, then he was most likely chosen at random by your subconscious mind.

dream about getting married to my boyfriend

You Are Committing to Something

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments that there is. Because of this, your subconscious mind will often use a wedding to symbolize other commitments in your life. You may be about to sign a new contract at work, or you may have committed yourself to a partnership with a new business partner. Whatever the case, your dream could just symbolize a commitment to something else in your life.


If you’re getting married in a dream if you’re single, it could also represent an aspect of your personality. In traditional Chinese philosophy, we all have a yin and yang nature. Our souls are designed to be a balance of feminine and masculine qualities. A marriage is a good representation of this ideal. Your dream could represent that the feminine and masculine sides of yourself are starting to merge together as one.

Wish Fulfillment

Another basic reason for this type of dream is wish fulfillment. If you just started dating the perfect man or woman, you may be already starting to wonder how things will work out. You may feel like this person has more potential than just being a boyfriend or girlfriend. Your dream may show that you hope for a deeper commitment. You may also have this dream right before you make a deeper commitment with your partner. You may have just moved in together or taken things to the “exclusive” stage. Either way, your dream represents a coming or desired commitment.

dream about getting married to someone you don't know

What If You Married Your Ex?

This is actually quite common. At a basic level, it shows that you loved your ex and had a deep commitment to him. Even though the relationship may still be over, you still have feelings about him and memories of being with him. Because of these memories, you may continue to have dreams like this for a while.

It is also possible that your dream about your ex shows that you have not moved on all the way. Everyone requires a different amount of time to heal and move on. Even though you are trying to move on, a part of you may still wonder what could have happened if you had stayed together. A part of you may also feel like you could have gotten married and lived together forever if your last argument or problem did not happen. While this type of dream can be disconcerting and can continue for quite a while, it will eventually go away as you start to heal and move on completely.


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