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What Does Kissing Feel Like


It might be a little embarrassing to ask your friends or especially your family what kissing feels like. However, you might find yourself silently questioning. You’re ready for your first kiss, but you are not sure what to expect. You’re asking yourself things like, ‘What is it going to be like? What should I do to prepare?’ And you might be thinking, ‘Oh man, I’m so nervous!

Don’t worry, it’s definitely normal to be nervous about your first time kissing someone or making out with them. Everyone has felt that way once upon a time. The most important thing to remind yourself is that it’s okay if it isn’t perfect! More times than not your first time isn’t going to be absolute perfection. Most of the time it’s going to be a little uncomfortable and weird. But that’s why they say practice makes perfect! What else can you expect your first time kissing? Read below to find out.

It Might Be Messy

The first kiss might be a little all over the place. This could especially be very true if neither of you have much experience doing it. You might not lock lips on the first try and end up on the side of the mouth. One pair of lips might be closed and the other pair might stay open, making it a little awkward to try and find the right fit. These are all totally normal. This will change the more you kiss someone. You will get to a pattern where you are both in the same rhythm. Of course it won’t happen right off the bat. So be patient!

You Might Mash Teeth

Yes, this is definitely as uncomfortable as it sounds. But, once you find that rhythm we talked about before, you will not be likely to make that mistake again. This is more the case if the kissing is started unexpectedly. Like if you go in for a kiss and the person you are aiming for is not quite prepared for it. Or it could happen if you both go in much too quickly at the same time. It hurts for a second, but it’ll pass quickly. You might be red with embarrassment, but remind yourself that this kind of thing happens all the time! This is very common with first kisses between people. Just repeat in your mind to yourself that the  best thing you can do is laugh it off. If your kissing partner likes you, they will do the same.

You Might Get Sweaty

And not in a hot way, sexy, let’s makeout passionately type of way! Nope, instead you might get sweaty palms or a sweaty forehead simply because you are extremely nervous. Being nervous is absolutely normal when it is your first time kissing. Kissing can be overwhelming and, although great, can induce some anxiety in you if you are not sure what you’re doing. Just stay calm and let your fears go! It’s okay to be nervous, but being too nervous can throw everything off. Your partner will most likely feel your nerves and, in turn, it might make them nervous, too! So be cautious about it and try to contain yourself.

Your Partner Might Be Taken Aback

This is really the only case if you surprise them with the kiss. Of course there are those moments where things get so romantic and you just dive in for it! That’s totally fine and always an okay thing to do. In fact, your partner may appreciate the spontaneity. However, they might be caught by surprise and not return the kiss right away. It might take them a minute to register what you are doing. But be sure that once they realize what’s going on, they will surely kiss you back! This could also happen if they are the one that surprises you with a kiss. You might be the one slightly taken aback and need a minute for your brain to register what is happening. You might be worried that your partner finds it offensive, but we assure you that they won’t.

It’s Not Always Passionate

First kisses can range from a simple peck on the lips that ends quickly to a long makeout session that doesn’t seem to ever end. However, it’s best to keep your expectations low. You never know which part of the spectrum it is going to be on. More than likely, there’s no way that it’s going to be immediate french kissing. This doesn’t usually happen the first time. There is a chance that your partner is a little more experienced than you and they will try to make the kiss passionate. But expect it to be a little awkward if that happens, because you probably won’t be sure what to do right away. However, it’s pretty easy to catch on!

You’ll Be Excited or Disappointed Afterwards

The thing about a first kiss with someone is that you are never really sure what to expect. You may like someone a lot, but that does not mean you two are going to be able to physically connect, even if you connect strongly on an emotional level. You might find yourself to be disappointed in the kiss and not feel that magic spark that you’ve pictured in your head for so long.

Or you could be supremely pleased with the kiss and find that it was everything that you had ever dreamed of! Really, it can go either way. It depends on the person you are kissing and if you are truly feeling it at the time.

Atmosphere has a lot to do with it, too. You might want to try and set up the perfect situation to make the kiss more comfortable. That really only works if you have pre planned the kiss. It doesn’t really work if it happens out of nowhere.

If you have pre planned it, it’s best to make sure that the two of you are somewhere quiet. A movie theater, a park or even at one of your homes is the best place to do this. You don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of people. That will only put more pressure on the kiss!

All in all, kissing feels amazing once you find the balance that you need when it comes down to actually doing it. It might not be that way the first time or even the first few times, but now you have a little more of an idea of what to expect.

We hope it’s everything you imagined it to be!


  1. The best feeling is when a girl kisses me on the cheek, and it’s a lip-to-cheek kiss. I just love that feeling of a girl’s lips brushing against my cheeks. It is very meaningful, and it communicates to me that she thinks positively of me, feels comfortable around me. Therefore, it brings a smile on my face.


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