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What Does Love or Falling in Love Dreams Mean?


You have a dream that you are in love or falling in love in your dreams. Now, you want to know what it means. Everyone wants to find that perfect person in their life, and it is so amazing when you actually do. In your dream, you feel warm and happy. It feels like everything is falling into place. Now, you want to know what does love or falling in love dreams mean.

dream meaning falling in love with a stranger

You are not alone. This is an incredibly common type of dream, and it can mean a variety of things depending on who is in the dream, what happens and how you feel. To find out more, read on.

At a most basic level, this type of dream often represents that you want to find love in your life. It could be a dream about someone you know, a dream about an ex or a dream about a complete stranger. No matter what, it feels good and you are happy that you have found love. When you wake up, you may feel confused because you are not sure if your feelings were actually real. It can be very easy to confuse dream feelings with real feelings, so it is important that you do not act on your dream unless you are certain that you actually like the person in real life.

1. You Are in Love With Your Partner

If you are in a relationship, your dream probably just reflects your relationship. Sometimes, you will dream of being in love with your partner when you are arguing a lot. This could mean that you want to have the same sensation of love. Because you are not feeling that love right now, your subconscious gave you the same feeling in your dreams.

In other cases, everything is already great in your relationship. With these dreams, the love in the dream is just a reflection of how you feel in real life.

2. A Complete Stranger

When you dream about falling in love with a stranger, it can be confusing. Do you actually love that person? Is he or she going to be your future soulmate? Most likely, your dream just shows that you want to find love. You may not have someone who represents this feeling in your current life, so your subconscious mind created a lover as a placeholder for the person that you would like to meet. Don’t wait around for that dream person to show up because your subconscious mind may have made them up completely.

falling in love with someone in a dream meaning

3. A Crush

This type of dream is just a reflection of what you would like to happen. You want to be with your crush, so you dreamed that it happened. What occurs in your dream can reflect a lot about how you feel in real life. If you are in love in the dream and your crush never loves you back, it shows that you are not confident about how they feel about you in real life. If your crush loves you back in your dream, it shows that you feel fairly confident that they could like you back if they really gave you a chance. There is no way of knowing how someone else feels in real life from a dream unless you already know how they feel, so be careful about acting on this dream.

4. An Ex

This type of dream is generally just replaying memories of the past. You once loved your ex greatly, so it makes sense that these memories would replay in your subconscious mind. These dreams are more common if you cannot find love in your current life or if you are having problems in your relationship. Your subconscious is basically trying to give you the love you need in the dream, so it returned to your memories of a time when you were deeply loved.

If you are in a relationship, don’t worry. This type of dream does not mean that you want to cheat or that you love your current partner any less. It only shows your memories of the past. At the very most, it might mean that you want some more passion and love in your current relationship. Plan a romantic getaway or a fun dinner date to spice things up.

5. A Co-Worker or Friend

Sometimes, the focus of your falling in love dreams is someone that you know, but do not have any feelings for. Normally, this type of dream only means that you want to have love and a close relationship. You may not have anyone in your life who would really fit that role, so your subconscious picked someone at random. It is also possible that your subconscious noticed how well you get along with your friend and is trying to nudge you into considering a relationship.


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