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What Does Poke Mean on Facebook?


There’s a lot of interesting and cool things to do on Facebook, and if you’ve been a Facebook user for some period of time you’ve undoubtedly run across the ‘pokes’, whether someone has poked you or you’ve seen the poke option on a friends page; but what exactly does a poke on Facebook mean?

Reasons Why Someone Would Poke You on Facebook

POKE! You’ve just been poked by a friend- or maybe someone who isn’t even on your friends list. You’ve got the notification on your Facebook notifications feed, but you have NO clue what it means. Well, to be honest there’s a number of different reasons why someone may decide to poke you on Facebook.

Simply Saying Hello. Sometimes a poke is nothing more than a friend trying to say a really quick hello. Instead of actually sending you a message, then simply tapping a button to say ‘hey’. Poking back is a simple way to say ‘hey’ back to this person without engaging in a conversation.

Trying to Get Your Attention. Sometimes someone will send a poke to someone else if they are trying to get their attention. Perhaps they’ve sent you a message you haven’t read or responded to yet, and they’re trying to get you to notice their message and reply. They could also simply be trying to get your attention because they want you to notice them and make the first move.

-Let You Know They Are Thinking of You. If someone has you on their mind, they might send a poke your way to let you know they are thinking of you and took the time out of their day to do something to show you that you’re on their mind.

-Flirting. If you have been flirting back and forth with someone, one way to do a silly little flirt is to poke them. It’s kind of like poking someone in real life and giggling about it, possibly engaging in some type of tickle fight or silly flirty conversation.

-Just for Fun. Hey, it’s Facebook, right? And Facebook is supposed to be FUN! So if someone is bored and wants to have a good time on their friends list, they may go around poking people for the fun of it. Poke them back and make it a game!

How to Send Pokes

Poking someone is really quick and easy, only taking a few steps to send the poke. If you want to send your friend a poke, all you need to do is the following steps:

  1. Go to your friend’s timeline (their page).
  2. There is a gear symbol located on the far right, right next to the message and give gift options. Once you find it, proceed to step 3.
  3. Tap on the gear symbol, and a drop down menu will appear. You will notice the ‘poke’ option underneath the see friendship option.
  4. Click the ‘poke’ button. A confirmation window will pop up to confirm your poke. Once confirmed, the poke will automatically be sent to your friend.

On the other hand, if someone has poked you first you will automatically have the option to poke them back. Click the ‘poke back’ button to send a poke immediately. If you do not want to poke the person back, you also have the option to ‘remove poke’. By choosing the remove option, the poke will be gone forever and you will not have a chance to poke this person unless you visit their page and send a poke.

More Information About Pokes

-Always remember that you are unable to poke someone twice. If they poke you back, you may continue the game by poking them back as well. If they remove the poke you will have the option to poke again.

-If someone pokes you, you will be able to find the pokes on your home page.

-Set up your notifications to include ‘pokes’ if you would like pokes to show up in your Facebook notifications.

Poking is just another one of those fun and cool extras when you use Facebook. Poke your friends, your best friends, old friends you want to reconnect with, or even your crush.

Do you like to poke on Facebook?


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