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What does P.S. mean?


Definition of the abbreviation P.S

Have you ever wonder what does P.S stands for? Perhaps you have commonly seen this abbreviation at the end of the letters, e-mails and any other written information material. Although nowadays is not “necessary” to even think about it,  It can be used (among other uses) every time a person wants to add something that is not linked with the main nature and purpose of the written letter; they will place a P.S after the signature to immediately let you know that something will be added. It attracts the receptor to specially concentrate in that part just after the main body of the letter just read. But the first thing you would want to know about these two words logically ordered, is their definition. Yes, they stand for two words.

P.S stands for “Post Scriptum,” meaning “after having written” from the word Postscript and from its literally name is the information added in a letter after the signature (the end). When writing a letter, and after writing it you read it again and forgot to write something, you would want to use the “P.S” followed by the information you just thought about. Any part skipped in the main nature of the information that is being told, a small (sole) or even a large portion of information can be added with the notation P.S at the end of the letter’s structure. Perhaps is something you should have written earlier but forgot to include so to spare oneself the chore of rewriting the entire scratch, the abbreviation P.S was added just before the letter finishes. Technology has welcomed this Post Scriptum acknowledging that in the past it was almost impossible to establish something in that the individual had forgotten. Now technology provides an easy (two) step to cut and paste something, but the meaning of P.S will guide our minds among the information. It will attract and tell our minds that the information in this section will grant us a surprise.

P.S is not subject of the nature the information is about. It can be a small line or a large paragraph. The information’s purpose can be about secrets, recreation and any other information you would want to disclose or is being handled towards you. But the abbreviation has to be used just before the piece of the information to be disclosed in the letter after the signature had signed the letter’s end. As for nowadays P.S is mostly used to tell information that does not have a direct connection with the original content.

This will not take away the primal information instead, it will lead the reader to acknowledge more information to be hold and in the end it is part of the communication material to be used for the purpose of learning and teaching. You will like to read P.S if the information is as important as the content above.


Here bellow you will encounter some examples:

– I am starting my new job on Friday. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going to be working as a car designer.

P.S do you still like making clothes?

-I miss you a lot. Want to feel you already. They told me I am going back home on Tuesday.

P.S I love you.

-Happy birthday to you! I’m so glad that you have overcome maturity! It is now time for madness!

P.S I’m bringing the cake.


As you can see postscripts can be any information you want. Here is a guide to follow in the usage of the P.S

For example:

-Dear (name)

-Letter content

-yours sincerely,

-Benjamin Thomson

-P.S followed by the information.


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