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What Does Seeing a Dead Person Alive in My Dream Mean?


When you see someone from your past in the dream, it can be thrilling at first. After a loved one dies, you may fear never seeing them again. First, you start to forget the way their voice sounded or the way they looked when they laughed. Before long, it feels like you are forgetting everything about them. When you finally dream about your loved one, it can be a bit of a relief. Even if it was not a particularly positive dream, it still feels good to be close to your loved one again.

While it may be a relief at times, seeing a dead person alive in your dream can also be quite terrifying. You may be afraid that they have come back to earth to haunt you for a mistake or argument you had together. You may be worried that they have unfinished business or that something is wrong. If you are worried about seeing a dead person alive in your dream, read on to find out why this happens. 


Losing someone is never easy. If you are lucky, you know that they are ill in advance. This gives your loved one time to make amends and say good-bye to everyone. In some cases, the family members do not have enough time to say good-bye. A brutal attack or car crash can take a loved one away before you get to make amends.

When this happens, moving on becomes even harder. As much as you want to heal, you can’t. You know that you never apologized for an argument or an unkind word, so you feel haunted by the past. When this type of situation happens, it can lead you to dream about your loved one. You see them alive in the dream because you want another chance to talk to them. This is your opportunity to make amends. You were unable to in real life, so your subconscious mind gave you another opportunity in your dream.

You Miss Them

Another more obvious answer is that you miss the. You do not get to have that person around you anymore, and you miss having their insight. Because you miss them, they began to appear in your dreams. This is especially common if you think about your loved one a lot. Your subconscious mind tends to pull from your thoughts and memories to create your dreams. If you are thinking about your loved one all the time, then it is more likely that you will ultimately have a dream about them.

You Aren’t Listening

Some mystics believe that the dead return to our dreams to give us advice or share a warning. While this is probably not the case, there is an underlying truth in the argument. Sometimes, there are mistakes that we make in our everyday life that we do not recognize. You may be convinced that you are doing things the right way and are unwilling to listen to anyone else’s advice.

In this type of circumstance, the dead may return to your dreams to give you the advice that you so separately need. Your dead friend is not actually giving you advice. Instead, your subconscious chose their image to be the advice giver. Your subconscious mind may realize that you have a problem, so it chose a friendly, kind person to give you the advice in the dream. Since you were unwilling to take the advice on your own, this dream was basically your mind’s way of tricking you into doing the right thing.

You Do Not Accept the Past

Another common reason for dreaming that a dead person is alive is because you want them to be alive. Even though you logically know that they have passed on into the next world, a part of your mind does not believe it. Your subconscious still feels like your loved one could walk around the corner and sit down for dinner. Since a part of you has not accepted their death, you keep dreaming that they are real and still alive.

Other Interpretations

This type of dream has been dealt with since humanity first began. Depending on where you are in the world, the dream interpretation can vary. In one old book, seeing dead people as alive in your dream was a sign of good events for your family. They thought it was a sign of positive dreams like a wedding or a marriage.

In pagan cultures, the dream was a sign that you should follow the dead person’s request to avoid angering the gods. Another culture says that seeing a dead relative right before a wedding is a warning that the marriage will not work out. There is no general consensus on the dream’s meaning though, so your best bet is to analyze what happens in your dream and figure out the meaning that makes the most sense for your personal situation.

Dream of Dead Mother Being Alive 

A mother is typically a symbol of nurturing, guidance and shelter. In life, they offer comfort and guidance. If you have a dream of your dead mother being alive, it may mean that you miss that part of her. Because of grief or another reason, you may be ignoring the subconscious cues that are telling you that you need those qualities in your waking life.

In most cases, this type of dream means that you either miss your mother or that you want some of the qualities she represents in your waking life. If you are talking to her in the dream, you may be trying to get her input on a problem that is confronting you in your waking life. It is also possible that your subconscious feels like your mother has an important message that you need to wake up and listen to. This could be a message from her spirit, or it may just be advice that your subconscious knows that she would give if she were still alive.

Dreaming of My Dead Father Being Alive

When you are dreaming of your dead father being alive again, it could mean a number of things. In dreams, fathers often represent things like protection, authority, independence and decision making. One basic reason why you might have this kind of dream is that you want these qualities in your own life. You may be struggling to make a decision or to project authority, so your subconscious mind is trying to nudge you into action with a dream about your dead father.

You may also have this type of dream if you just miss your father. Even if it has been years since he passed on, you still have memories of him locked away in your subconscious. These memories may reappear at random in your dreams, or they may show up when you feel in need of extra support in your waking life.

Dream of Dead Brother Being Alive

Fighting with your brother in a dream is said to mean that you may break off a friendship or fight with someone in your waking life. In more positive cases, dreaming about your brother indicates unity, domestic harmony and having a friend who always has your back. When you have a dream of a dead brother being alive, it may mean that you miss having such a friend and family member in your waking life.

To figure out what this dream means, you have to look at exactly what happens. Does he give you a message? Does he argue with you or ignore you? These key details can show you the underlying meaning of the dream and what is going on within your subconscious mind. Sometimes, the simplest answer is that you dreamed about your dead brother being alive because you miss his presence in your life.

Dreaming of Dead Relatives Being Alive

Dreaming of dead relatives being alive may represent that something missing or lost will suddenly return. It can also reflect on qualities that you are missing in your own life. For example, if you had an uncle who always made you feel safe and loved, you may be needing that extra love and security in your real life. Your subconscious may have given you the dream as a way to provide you with your emotional needs.

In other cases, you have this type of dream because you miss the person. You may feel like they have an important message to tell you. If you gave up on one of your goals and your relative used to urge you on toward your dreams, then their appearance in your dream may be a sign that you should return to the true you and focus on what you want out of life again.

Dream of a Dead Friend Being Alive

A good friend may appear in your dreams during a time of struggle or when you are striving to make a difficult decision. The dream of a dead friend being alive may just indicate that you need a little support in making this decision. Often, dreaming about a dead friend also means that you miss having this person in your life.

Sometimes, dreaming about a dead friend being alive again shows that you miss a quality or trait that they represent. If your friend was known for loving life and always having fun, you may dream about them when you are experiencing problems and need someone to lighten the mood again. Pay attention to what they do and say in the dream to interpret the meaning more exactly.

Hugging a Dead Person in Dream

Some cultures say that hugging a dead person in dreams is a sign of longevity if it is a short hug. In Islam dream interpretation, a long hug means that you are embracing your own death. A hug in your dream could show a need to love yourself. You may feel unable to love yourself or to be loved by someone else, so you dreamed that you were hugging a dead person.

The person that appears in your dream can determine what it means. If it is someone you normally hugged in real life, it may just mean that you miss them and want to have their love and support again. This is especially true if you are hugging a relative, parent or friend in your dream. You may just need extra support in your waking life, so your subconscious gave you a memory of a deceased loved one to support you.


  1. Hi, I dream of my lover who was dead a year ago and he appeared in my dreams three times and every time I was seeing him happily alive and in yesterday’s dream, he was asking me to marry him(which he asked many times when he was alive.). It was a suicide and I still regret for not being able to stop him from doing that. Now I am planning to get married as per my family’s decision and I’m afraid if this is a warning message from him.

    • Tornadoes often represent emotional transformations, unexpected changes, anxiety and frustration. The fact that dogs helped your mother out may mean she needs to rely on the loved ones she trusts during difficult times because dogs are often symbolic of loyalty and fidelity. You may also fear that your mother won’t take precautions to protect herself, which is why she didn’t listen to you in the dream and went near the tornado anyway.

  2. Hi . I had this dream on 26March2020.
    I was at work (not sure where) but it was important for me to be there. I remember having a pen(cil) and clipboard.
    I felt like I had purpose. (Something I questioned yesterday)

    I walked up to the counter(reception). Hight was about chest high. It looked more like a kitchen counter top. I was talking to someone (not visible,but I knew there was someone) behind the counter when Nathan appeared to my right. (I remember the place being well lit to my right. The only visible element was the counter.) He was in good spirit,jolly. (He’s currently not in a good space) A man then came walking up from behind me to my right and goes to walk past him to what I perceived to be the man’s office. (also very bright. Didnt see a door. Just light)

    Nathan half grabs his arm as he’s passing him and says “Dad this is Dandy,the woman I love and I’m going to marry her…” and some other things about me/us I dont remember. All the time with a smile and very happy. Glowing with joy . I’m shocked! Thinking WHAT??! His Dad turns (genuinely happy) and extends his hand greeting me and saying “Its really nice to meet you Dandy (and something else about Nathan and love ..I dont remember). I shake his hand , smiling nervously, and saying:” Its nice meeting you too Mr Miller….”

    Mr Miller then comes around Nathan towards me and I notice his wearing a navy blue and white striped shirt (no tie) and black pants and the closer he comes (still smiling) the taller he grows. ( Nathan is very tall in real life but his Dad, whom I’ve met in person, not. ) He continues towards me and reaches ,putting his arms around me in a hug (my head reaching just above his waistline at this point) I look up and he looks so tall I’m unable to see his face clearly. He then steps away, turns to leave saying goodbye to me and (I feel like he said see you soon or something. Like we will socialize soon) and his right arm stays behind around my neck (not in a gross way) still in the blue and white shirt sleeve. I take the arm, look at it, then at him, and he has both arms as he walks away, still smiling, and I put the arm back around my neck…….

    I turn back to the counter, Nathan is still to my right and there’s someone else (think my sister Wilma) to my left. Also in light now. I look at my left hand that’s on the counter( focus on my fingers) and I notice ( with more wonder than shock) that I’m not wearing my wedding ring. I tap it with the pen(cil) quietly saying “where’s my wedding ring? Why am I not wearing it? It’s probably at home”. Both Nathan and the person to my left is looking at me all this time…… (This is when I realise that Nathan’s Dad is no longer with us in real life {still dreaming} and then I wake up singing in my mind Ps121 in Afrikaans by Sune Botha .

    • Your dream seems to be a manifestation of a wide variety of social and emotional influences in your life. It seems that Nathan’s late father was central to this dream. Take this time for introspection and consider the purpose of this dream. You will honor his memory by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times. If there is something that you feel that you should do at this time, then make whatever decision that you feel is appropriate.


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