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What does WYD mean?


WYD while texting

You have just received a text message at any of the platforms available to communicate with people. And the message is WYD? Well, you might want to respond based on your movements.

It is an acronym that stands for the phrase “What are you doing?” While texting you could use this abbreviation to ask someone what are they currently busy on. Used typically in casual conversation (among friends and family) while texting in mobile devices. If you text someone that you are not friends with, they could get offended, due to you are actually questioning what are they currently up to. This will also decrease the time of the information that is being disclosed. Making the interaction faster and quicker by decreasing the keys that the individual has to press to express their mental information and show it as textual information.

Feel free to initialize a text conversation with this letters logically positioned because they will literally mean that you are interested in talking to them by knowing that you are able to without bothering them. Stop wondering what you doing and reply fast because the individual who just sent you the WYD wants to communicate with you!


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