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What Finger Does a Promise Ring Go On?


The Promise Ring. The symbol of commitment and love between you and your partner. A ring that holds so much meaning and so much passion. A ring that truly shows how much you mean to your significant other and that they are truly taking a step forward in the relationship, with all eyes on engagement and marriage in the future. Yes, it’s a magical and exciting step in any relationship, but after receiving your little gem you may be wondering: what finger does a promise ring go on? We’re here to help you out so you know EXACTLY what to do with that shimmering diamond the moment you get it.

Left Hand Ring Finger

The most common way to wear a promise ring is to slide it on your ring finger on your left hand- yes, the same finger you would use for an engagement ring and marriage ring. Why is this the most common finger for a promise ring? Well, reasons should be somewhat obvious: a promise ring is a commitment to the relationship and is usually the first (and biggest) step towards engagement. That being said, tossing that ring on your ring finger shows that you’re taken and getting ready for the big leap in the future.

Right Hand Ring Finger

So, it’s not technically a proposal for marriage just yet- it’s just a promise to be committed to each other and work towards spending the rest of your lives together. For that reason, some may choose the ring finger on their right hand. This shows that they take the promise ring seriously, but aren’t getting too ahead of themselves. They’re saving their actual ring finger for the big engagement ring when the time comes.

Any Finger

There are absolutely no rules when it comes to promise rings and their placement. You’re more than welcome to place this ring on any finger that you choose, whether it’s a ring finger, a pinky, the index finger- pretty much anywhere. If it’s comfortable and you like the look of it on your index finger, wear it proudly. If you think it makes an adorable pinky ring, you could tie that in with a ‘pinky promise’ to stay together and call it a day.

On a Necklace or Bracelet

Another unique way to wear your promise ring is to attach it to a bracelet (like a charm) or put a chain through it and wear it around your neck. It’s a tad bit unconventional, but still a lovely way to show off your dazzling jewelry.

How do you wear your promise ring?


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